Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm 5'9" 155lbs currently,actually I'm 135lbs usually. Because this surgery I've gained weight 20lbs. My surgery was arranged at September with Dr.Fisher.but I still think my fat isn't enough to enhance my butt and give me a happy result though.I really don't want to have a round 2 procedure.I... READ MORE

So I contacted Dr. Kenneth Hughes and was immediately impressed with his immediate response. I vowed to use his services, flying 5+ hours, as his web page showed true before and after pics, that were not only aggressive but dramatic. I didn't want a doc that was gonna have me go back for... READ MORE

Hey my name is Holly it's exactly 6:07 am and I can't sleep I'm tossing an turning cause I can't stop think ok what will this experience be like I spoke with jess from vanity in Miami and she assured me I would be a good candidate after showing Hassan my before pics I'm sooooooo freaking... READ MORE

I decided to write a review so far for Dr. Salama so far. I haven't had the procedure yet but my surg date is approaching in 6 days. I'M ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE PACKING!!! I'm 165lbs, 5'4 in height. Willing to share my experience thus far... I have been planning this for 4 years now. And I'm... READ MORE

Ladies, DO NOT LET THEM RUSH YOU! Ask questions !! 1. What are the doctors qualifications? Is he Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?2. Ask why are prices less expensive ? 3. What are the potential risks and complications? 4. Does he have Malpractice insurance? 5. Will the... READ MORE

I'm new to this site so I hope I'm doing everything right, but I really need help. I have narrowed it down to two doctors and I'm having an impossible time choosing. Dr. Hilario Duran and Dr. Micheal Salzhauer. Can anyone help me out or shine some light on one of these doctors to help me make a... READ MORE

Hey guys Ive been looking to get a bbl But have been very nervous, I wanted to get it done by drO in Miami. A few friends of mine got it done and it looks and feels amazing. I should have all the money by July but I wanted to know details of the surgery such as the pain is it unbearable or... READ MORE

So I went to my preop and its has me kind of excited. I paid my remaining balance, spoke with Dr. Davoudi a second time and did my lab work. Although I am slightly nervous, they made it seem as if it would be a piece of cake. Based on the reviews I've read I don't think it will be. I received... READ MORE

30 year old wanting a little more... I'm 5'4". Weight 157. Measurement 36, 31, 42. I'm having my surgery on 7/17 with Dr Duran and I am staying 8 days. I will being staying at High Class Recovery. Plus while I'm there I will be doing dental work. I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time... READ MORE

41 w/ 1 adult son, have always had a muscular body to die being an athlete. Now that my son is gone and it's time for me to do and have the body I've always wanted. Curvalicious!!!!!! Been stalking RS FOR QUITE some time and getting in all my research, initially wanted Fisher but he didn't work... READ MORE

I always wanted Lipo done but haven't push hard enough ,since I recover this site the ladies have really inspired me with their Jenny.Thanks to everyone for sharing your story. Four years ago I went to Dr Ayman Shahine And Deposit $4,000.00 out of $10,000.00 .They schedule consultation... READ MORE

Hello ladies and gents! I just got my bbl done on march 13th 2015. I would like to share my experience with you all and answer questions that I didnt get answered. I will tell you the ups and downs and things that you should and shouldnt do. So first things first I decided last year that I would... READ MORE

Hey dolls ! I was wondering if anyone has gotten work done by DR. Johemy Maldonado? I've seen a review on here and the work that he did was horrible, but I've seen 3 women in person + some of his pics online and his work looks great ! I have previously gotten lipo..I got it done last year in... READ MORE

Hi guys well I'll start with saying I'm from England and Ive been searching for a doc to create a new me.. After hours of research I found a doctor at vanity.. I emailed them and did get a response however I felt like all they wanted was my deposit. I did some research and the reviews was awful.... READ MORE

After long research and consideration, I am now due to have my bbl surgery in marbella with cirumed clinic. I am very anxious about the sx but also looking forward to it very much - very inspired by cirumed galleries with all those nice bums. .......having said that this is also my concern:we... READ MORE

I did not know this site until a few days ago. It is incredible how much information you can find here. I have researched many doctors, my favourites were dr fisher and dr perry, although I have seen great results from many, currently the top of my list is dr.aslani, I love his work and it I... READ MORE

Single mom hoping to have a thinner waist and a bigger butt for herself . My procedure is scheduled for July 20th. Excited and very nervous all bundled together. The staff has been really nice about answering all my questions and Angela the surgical coordinator is very approachable and easy to... READ MORE

So after careful consideration, research and friends that have received great results from this doctor I have decided to go with Dr Diaz!!! He is very responsive and answered all my questions! I put down my deposit and I am ready for next February ???????? I'm super excited! Wish I could go... READ MORE

I would like to be more proportioned, be able to buy clothing that fit, my confidence level isn't all that great. I need this to make me not only feel better but look better. I have a set of 40G's and no ass, those will be deceased later this summer. But a BBL is right on time!!! Choosing... READ MORE

I want a nice perky lemon drop booty. I have gotten a lot of negative feedback from my family and friends about my desire to get the surgery but I say "Fuck Them" lol I really want to do it. I love my body of course but I have a put on some pounds since my freshman year of college and I am... READ MORE

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