Brazilian Butt Lift

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WORTH IT RATING based on 6,830 reviews
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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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Hello, here I am...and it's my turn!!;-) The final surgery will be next month and I'm very excited. I've decided for Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I'm sure to be in very good hands with him. He and his lovely team answer all my questions so fast (...and I had a lot of questions :-D ) ... READ MORE

Hey ladies.... I am not new to RS, I was on here about a year ago saying i was going to go ahead with the bbl procedure, but never did...But i am please to tell you all today that I have scheduled my flight to miami, and have paid to move on with this new transition in my life! Yayyyy me (: Ok... READ MORE

Wow. Just booked my surgery date and so now it's real. The journey really begins. I owe alot to this site for helping me to get the information I need to make a healthy and informed choice and I am comfortable with my decision. My journey started several months ago as I was hawking the site.... READ MORE

Hi everyone! My bbl is scheduled & paid in full with Dr Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics for Friday, Oct 10th so it's only 9 days away! I'm from Maryland so I'll be flying down the day before, staying in a recovery house, & flying home on Monday, Oct 13th! I'm super excited & can't wait to see my... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not... READ MORE

So I'm a 26 year old mother of two boys and I had smart lipo last year with American Lipo Center In Alexandria Virginia. Even though the DOC said I was a good candidate for Lipo I'm still not satisfied. AND I had a follow up procedure and didn't get the desired results. I should of got the TT... READ MORE

Hi beautiful people my name is BBJ, well at least I think that's my name lol (not there yet). I want to start off by saying never have I every been so obsessed with a booty until this many wonderful reviews. I am 23 years old one baby girl (2years) and a boyfriend. I am starting my... READ MORE

I called Dr. Jimerson's office to schedule a phone consultation, and the receptionist was so informative and helpful. I am so nervous to do this procedure, but I feel that I am gonna do it. I am just nervous about going back out to work, and travel back to New York from Atlanta after the surgery... READ MORE

So finally Im going through with these procedures. My name is Annalisa and Im 27 years old with 3 beautiful kids. Im 5' 3" and 157 pounds. When i started out my surgery journey i was only interested in BL then i came across the BBL procedure. I've been hooked ever since. I contacted Duran a year... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has recently been to Dr.P? I am going October 15, 2014. I have paid all of my deposits and I am staying at clubmed, any advice on what to pack and do I need arm garments? I want to know how was the pain also. Will I be able to walk? And do I get a... READ MORE

Hey, Im not new to this Real Self Site but this is my first real profile and I must say I am loving the energy from some of you ladies, this site seems to be very helpful with almost every thing. Well, I want to start off by saying that I originally started off wanting liposuction for my stomach... READ MORE

Hi ladies. I'm not exactly new to this site but this is my first review. So I've been stalking this site for some time now. I've been going back and forth for some time now and trying to decide if whether or not I wanted to write a review. I've decided so here I am. The reason being is because I... READ MORE

Today I am getting my blood work done. I am exactly one month out before my SX date I'm beyond exited. My doctor is Dr. Jimerson and I have only heard great reviews from his patients. I hope nothing goes wrong from this point on. I worry I won't have enough fat to get the results I want so I am... READ MORE

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been reading post from everyone for the past 6 months, this website has really helped me to make a decision to go through this , thank you ladies for taking your time to advise and tell your experience, the ugly, the bad, and the good. My height is 5.1 120... READ MORE

Ok Never thought I would be here writing my own review but I realized it would only be fair. I will always be brief and straight to the point. I want to share my own experience to both receive advice, encouragement and also help other ladies like me. I have never had a surgery EVER. I live... READ MORE

Hi ladies :) Like most i have been stalking realself for a long time. Im from Manchester in the UK. I perviously had surgery i wasnt happy with which left me £9000 out of pocket and unhappy! I looked into getting my implants exchanged as iv had 2 children and toyed with the idea of lipo as i... READ MORE

Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small for a BBL. My story would be different due to me being really petite so I'm unable to just get a BBL alone. I have no type of ass at all :( I've been creeping on RS for quite some time now and I must say I learn something new every time. I just... READ MORE

I'm 39 yrs old..5 ft 5 inches and 70kgs and had my one and only child (now 21) when I was 17 and I think because of my young age my stretch marks were severe. I have never felt happy with my body as very prone to cellulite and weight gain and now before I hit 40 I want a better looking body and... READ MORE

I have done a lot of research these past months for the BBL. To be honest I am already happy with my shape. I'm quite active and fit but I have always wanted a bigger butt. I have stopped working out a few weeks ago to gain a few pounds as I do not have enough fat for the procedure. First I... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I am 30 5'3 and 154 lbs. I have 4 wonderful children and I'm in need of a mommy makeover. I really want a BA and a BBL but I don't think I can handle all the pain at once. My wish is to have a butt lift with a small waist:). I've been stalking rs for some time now... READ MORE

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