Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Going to Yily June 2 to get my waist snatch and big ol bootie. Anybody else going around that time? Previous Yily dolls where did you stay? I am 39 yrs young with two kids. I am done with having kids so I am ready for my mommy make over. My husband is supporting my surgery. I am so excited and... READ MORE

To read about my whole journey, please first read my BBL part 1 and BBL part 2 pages. Since the BBL part 1 and 2 pages were getting so full and unusable, all updates will now be on this page. Please leave a comment on this page to ensure you're notified each time I update. At the mere... READ MORE

Hi all, I am from Spain and I am five days post Brazilian butt lift. Had my operation in Marbella with Dr.aslani, Originally I only wanted to do the liposuction to me love handles, back and abdomen, a bit of the inner thighs too, but Aslani suggested that extra butt tightening would be a good... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I've been on this site looking at BBL reviews for a few months now and finally decided to tell my story. About Me: I'm 23, no kids, college graduate thats always had somewhat of a shape. My hips are pretty wide and it gives an illusion that i have a big ol bubble booty, but I... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! I am so excited! Aziza from Dr. Jimerson's office called me today to tell me they had an opening come available on October 21, 2014 and asked if I wanted to take it. Um………YES!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I am so excited! I have so many things to do though to get ready for this. I... READ MORE

I had my surgery with Jaime Campos Leon. The reason why I decided to get surgery was because I had no waist/hips/ass at all! (As you can see in my pictures) I was recommended to Campos by a friend. After my consultation I was given a date of surgery 12 days later which was super fast, but the... READ MORE

Hi BBL Ladies, My name is Amber and after two kids and working hard to buy a house I desperately need a body make over. Im really not too bad; however, I have fat rolls going up my back, and my belly has gotten fat too! Bottom line is I'm ready to be sexy agian. I'm not looking for a huge butt,... READ MORE

I'm 150 lbs I'm 5'6 my twin sister got hers done with Dr. Anthony Hasan in Miami Florida and her results are amazing. She has a very small waist which is what I want and not too big of a booty but it looks good. But she is five 5 41/2 and was 145 pounds. She keeps telling me to lose 5 pounds so... READ MORE

I'm 5'5 and 185lbs I've never had a big butt but I naturally have a small waist big hips and full breasts. Been trying to shed weight but I think I've plateaued would like a bigger butt and a smaller waist and to just be a little leaner. I am looking into Dr. Lima and would love to hear stories... READ MORE

I have not had BBL done yet, but so looking forward to it with the great results i see. Wow!! so happy for all of "US" knowing that we can do this. I have to also say that my man has been behind me ,no pun intended Just keeping it 100. I am so hooked on on this site because i look forward... READ MORE

I've researched bbl for 10 years. I've had 2 lipo's because the cost of what I wanted was over $20k at the time. Now I'm looking for the body that I need to build my confidence and not cry when I look in the mirror. I live in stl but the drs here won't give me that HUGE butt!! I set an appt... READ MORE

Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small for a BBL. My story would be different due to me being really petite so I'm unable to just get a BBL alone. I have no type of ass at all :( I've been creeping on RS for quite some time now and I must say I learn something new every time. I just... READ MORE

Hi BBL sisters... I've been stucking this site for months now, and I must say thanks to all those that post their stories for people like I to gain knowledge from. It's because of YOU ALL I finally decided I can do this. I've been on a hunt for the master of BBL and I truly think that I've... READ MORE

Hello girls, Finally decided to introduce myself on this thing lol. I haven't been lurking on RS for a long time but came across it at the right time. I've been looking into BBL since forever without knowing it actually existed until 2009. I was really considering it around Fall 2009.... READ MORE

Hi ladies!!!!!!! im lala ill be visiting dr baez for a bbl and tt with hips and full body lipo. in 45 days! i waited till i was close to my surgery date to write my review because doing it when your soooo far away from time can be annoying and some what a tease lol. ive been stalkin this site... READ MORE

I am currently residing in ga, definitely won't be getting the procedure done here since Atlanta is the"fake ass" capitol and all the prices are jacked up. I am at my dr research stage and I'll probably get my procedure done in Florida. I just got approved for a care credit card last night with... READ MORE

Hello all, I'm a 30 yo mother of 3. 5 5' and 170 lbs. Aiming for 160 prior to surgery. Was initially only scheduled for a TT with Lipo on 2/1 but decided to get the fat transferred to my hips which has dents on the sides, as well as the upper portion of my butt. My PS doesn't perform those... READ MORE

I'm looking these wish pics. I seen this pic on another profile and I just love these hips. I hope to get some hips like this. All the wish pics that I see may not be good for me ( 5"6 ) but I'm going to suggest it and hoping she can do it for me. Looking forward on getting my quotes so I can... READ MORE

I expect for my doctor remove as much fat as possible. Not too much protrusion; but I would like a flat stomach , no love handles and a fuller buttocks. Really really excited to have the body I want! A Beyoncé type figure would be great. Post surgery, I plan to work to build muscle in my legs... READ MORE

Hey you, who ever is reading this.. Well today I start documenting my experience with trying to get scheduled, and ultimately Duran Dolled up :). First lemme tell u a little a bout myself. I'm Mexican n Puertorican, 5'6 and about 175-180. So far here are the things I have got done.. Boobs...... READ MORE

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