Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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I'm 150 lbs I'm 5'6 my twin sister got hers done with Dr. Anthony Hasan in Miami Florida and her results are amazing. She has a very small waist which is what I want and not too big of a booty but it looks good. But she is five 5 41/2 and was 145 pounds. She keeps telling me to lose 5 pounds so... READ MORE

Hello everyone. My journey starts here. I'm so scared. Finally put down my deposit with Md Johnathan Fisher. I didn't really have the funds to do so but when I spoke to one of the reps @ Vanity Cosmetics she said that in order for me to get the special I would need to put down at least $200.00... READ MORE

Hello Ladies I'm new to the forum, and I am very excited I'm having surgery on September 11th 2014 which is in 2 days!!!!!! I am so excited and scared, even though I have had surgery before but I still get scared like it where the first time....anyway I had a Tummy tuck and Liposuction and... READ MORE

After reviewing the background of different surgeons and viewing before and after pics of patients, I have decided to have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson here in Atlanta. The consultation is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2014. My husband thinks that i want to get a tummy tuck but actually I am going... READ MORE

11 days till surgery! I'm new to Realself and have had so much help from this website so I decided to help others on their journey. This will be my first time getting any type of plastic surgery so I'm a little nervous but I feel confident in Dr. Quiroz. In choosing a Dr. and facility the... READ MORE

I am currently conducting some research on getting a Brazilian butt lift with lipo sculpture. My interested in getting my procedure done in Dominican Republic being that I have family there it will be easier and a little cheaper on my budget to get a place to stay for my recovery. After reading... READ MORE

Finally taking my chances……I will change the sad ,flat thing below my back for a full round and perky piece of butt. My research has been circling around implants for most of the time, and then I bumped into BBL, a thing which I was not aware was possible !! It is not an easy operation to... READ MORE

Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small for a BBL. My story would be different due to me being really petite so I'm unable to just get a BBL alone. I have no type of ass at all :( I've been creeping on RS for quite some time now and I must say I learn something new every time. I just... READ MORE

So this is the big news girls! I will be having a bbl with liposculture (fat transfer) THIS OCTOBER! Totally went with my gut feeling and decided to push back my mommy makeover with Dr. Freiman to February 2015 instead of this December (too close to bbl) I AM STILL GOING TO FREIMAN FOR MY MOMMY... READ MORE

I knew I had a flat butt at the age of 12. I'm African and although I have seen ladies with less butt than I have, I have always wanted a bigger one. My expectations? Oh, wow! I would like to have an hourglass figure and a bubble butt!! I will post some wish pics later. When do I want this??... READ MORE

I bought my plane ticket Friday night and I already have my passport. I'm flying out of JFK. READ MORE

I've been wanting to do a BBL and BA since I can remember but I always chicken out and think is it worth it? Everyone thinks I look fine but, I dont. By joining this site I am making a commitment to this process and to me. I want to look FAB by 40 I'm only 37 now but I want to get a jump start!... READ MORE

In February 2013 I made a decision to become more fit. I worked out, meal prepped, and ate as clean as diets! I lost over 40 lbs and my stomach looked great! but my butt lost all of its roundness and volume. I stopped doing cardio to stop loosing weight and began weight lifting. I... READ MORE

Have an appointment with Dr. Schulman October. 26,2014.... how all goes well and I'm Ashlee to share post pics soon.... My BF insist I go to him... He's the only one that charges for an appointment.. Consultation... But since he's rated 5stars and near me _____I'll see how all goes as pan if... READ MORE

I just got in contact with Dr. Baez she's so sweet and professional. I'm scheduled for Feb. 2015 but I'm getting everything done early. I have my doctors apt. coming up this week and also my apt. for my cardiologist next week. Based on those results I will proceed to get everything else. I'm so... READ MORE

I had my surgery with Jaime Campos Leon. The reason why I decided to get surgery was because I had no waist/hips/ass at all! (As you can see in my pictures) I was recommended to Campos by a friend. After my consultation I was given a date of surgery 12 days later which was super fast, but the... READ MORE

Hello beautiful ladies! I am so excited to be apart of this incredible community here on RealSelf. I wanted to share my journey as I have not yet read a review that was similar to mine. I am 28 years old with a 7yr old handsome young boy and a wonderful and supporting hubby. I lost much of my... READ MORE

Hi All, I used to be in the itty bitty titty committee and then it seems that I grew double D’s somewhat overnight, and in the years that followed the girlz kept growing. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I figured the same would happen to my hips and butt, but no dice. So I’ve joke... READ MORE

Okay so I've been lurking on here for about a year now and I finally decided I am going to go through with this procedure! I am 21, 4'I1 140 I have one kid and I am a dancer but I recently just quit at my club due to trying to move as well, so I have def packed on some pounds really not happy... READ MORE

I figured why not share my story to possibly be able to help someone else in my position. So, I am around 150 pounds and height of 5'4. This Thursday i went in for my consultation with my Tampa Surgeon, Dr. Castor. I found out about his work via this website, and i couldn't be more happy with... READ MORE

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