Brazilian Butt Lift

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WORTH IT RATING based on 6,130 reviews
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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Hey dolls this is my 1st post. I made the decision to get surgery now just in the process of getting scheduled. I want Dr Manuel Diaz and hope he has an opening soon. I'm between jobs and figured this would be the perfect time to do it so I don't have to take off or have to answering a bunch of... READ MORE

My journey began last year but due to poor eating habits, I went from weighing 175 to 210 pounds. How so ever, i'm now back on track and more determined than ever. I am looking into a surgery date of February 9, 2015. This date will give me enough time to save up and prepare myself both... READ MORE

Hey Ladies, this is my part 2 BBL review. If you first want to read my part 1, please click here. I took my latest measurements and I am now at: Waist -32 inches Mid waist/ hips -32 Bootay-43 annnnnd HOLDING!!! (Loss 2 inches only since sx!) Weight- 180 lbs To my page.... Things that... READ MORE

I had a child two years ago and I could never get rid of some of my fat after the birth. I am swedish but we have a apartment in Marbella and Dr. Aslanis has a clinic in Marbella so I went to see him on tuesday and he said I am a good candidate for this surgery!!! :) In my research in internet... READ MORE

Well I had my BBL procedure done on May 16th. I was very scared once a got to the clinic. I meet with the dr and staff right away. I was then placed in a pre op room. When I woke up I noticed the results right away. I went to tj to have this done. I have a follow up on Saturday. So far I'm very... READ MORE

Well I've been dancing around this surgery since March and I've rescheduled a few times. I've been in contact with jessica and she seems to be very nice and upfront with me. I've read all the reviews about vanity some not very good but my surgery Cordinator has been very professional and I'll... READ MORE

Hello ladies!!! I'm so glad I found this site I can't even explain the happiness lol I'm new to this and I need help finding the best doctor in Dominican Republic because I plan on going there for winter I seen many girls in New York mostly club starlet all the girls have work done in DR even... READ MORE

Hey all! After snooping here on RealSelf for a few months i've finally decided to make a profile and take the first step into changing my body. After a lot of research and practically reading every story on Real Self from Dr. Campos, Dr. Cardenas, Dr. Pantojas and some other doc ( i forgot his... READ MORE

Well, i'm gonna give this a a try...Never did this before so be patient with me. I myself has been wanting to have a Big Booty as early as my 20s.I always wore booty pads, my problem with them were at the end of the nite they came off too!! About a few months ago i was introduced to Realself. My... READ MORE

Super excited about getting a new figure. I've never had a butt but now I get a chance to c what its like to look like a "brick house" in some jeans! Lol. Dr. Cortes is highly experienced in BBL according to all da reviews I've read and videos I've seen. I luv seeing da pics that a lot of u... READ MORE

Hello ladies. This is my very first post. I have been anxiously wanting to get a BBL since I had my son almost 7 years ago. I had my daughter a year and 4 months ago and I am very unhappy with my body. I am gathering the money to book a flight to DR possibly to do my sx with Dr. Duran. I need a... READ MORE

First let me tell you a little about myself... I am 25 years young with no kids. I was a little hesitant about going thru with the surgery because I have not had any kids yet and I plan to have them in the future and I don't want my 'Investment' to go to waste. But then I realized that my body... READ MORE

Hello ladies I have been on the site since December and stalking your profiles - this butt is driving me mad it's all I think about, I think about it when I go to bed and when I wake up - I can't help looking at other women's butts in the supermarket lol! Now that I am 4 weeks away from my... READ MORE

Okay ... as most of you I've been on this site for the last 2 yrs lurking till I have decided to finally do it. I am 5'1 and weight 140 (the fattest i have been)... i also gain a lot of fat in my arms i look like a boxer lol.My boyfriend finally is getting use to me wanting surgery and is going... READ MORE

Hi, I am new to this site and haven't had any surgery done yet. Recently contacted a doctor but have not heard from them yet so still waiting. Interested in a BBL but sceptical about what can be achieved for me! I am tall 5'11 with absolutely no butt at all! Not even sure if a doctor could make... READ MORE

Hello to all my BBL chicas. I have been following a lot of you beautiful ladies but finally decided to post my own review.. Finally!!! I am a 29 year African American woman with no kids. I live in Atlanta **theheartofbigbooties** now it's my turn. Lol.. I have wanted this surgery for the last... READ MORE

Im currently 5'4 146lbs looking to gain about 10 lbs before my surgery. I looked into other Drs but in the end I felt like Dr. Salama can give me the results I want. I'm really looking forward to my BBL and keeping all you ladies informed on my experience. I'll be sure to update as much as... READ MORE

Two minths is a good moment to post results I guess, I have found reading experiences very inspiring so I give my share. I have been wanting this surgery desperately for years, it is difficult to find a surgeon in spain. I chose dr.aslani and his team because the are the only ones in spain who... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I too have been prowling on RS for a week now and decided to join! I'm planning to become a Cortez Doll at the end of the year and it is killing me softly to have to wait so long! All my life I have been known as the pretty girl with no booty and it has caused me to have a complex... READ MORE

Looking for a PS has become very streesful. My husband is totally against me going out of the US, so that's a no go for me. I have received quotes from Hughes, Bruno, Cortes, Vanity (Fisher), Perry, and Salzhauer. The quote I received from Vanity is very good, but their reviews on RS are... READ MORE

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