Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hoping to look perfect! After years of reckless candy eating and a diabetes diagnosis in 2011, I decided to get my health in order and loose some weight. About 2 months ago, i researched the brazilian butt lift and went to a consultation here in Chicago. After being told that all the lipo and... READ MORE

I am 25 years old 5'2 weight 165 will be traveling from New York to the Dominican Republic to get that Barbie shape from Dra Yily De Los Santos. Yily has been very helpful although Through her emails always receiving a response from her definitely makes things easier. She quoted me 4,900 for 15... READ MORE

I am 21 years old with no kids. I've wanted a BBL and a BL for years now and I have finally saved enough money to get it done. I am 5'2'' and 125 lbs. For me I am a little overweight and am currently working on losing weight. I just send my before pictures to Vanity in Miami. I have researched... READ MORE

I've been wanting this for ever since I was 18 but never had the money now that I have a good job and can afford it im so ready im pretty skinny but all my fat seems to go straight to my belly and love handles sucks I don't like the way certain clothes looks on me and aside from that I have no... READ MORE

Had my bbl on August 13 by dr omulepu and I'm satisfied as of now just hope it stays this way and doesn't go back down like some girls I've read about I'm 8 days out so far and feeling better by the day the lipo pain ain't no joke shiiiit and I've just been laying on my sides and stomach trying... READ MORE

I am 5 ft 9 inches weighing in at 194lbs wearing size 15 sometimes 16... I often find myself looking at my body and noticed how pregnancy put a wear and tear on my body. I exercised and went on diets starving myself just to get get rid of belly fat and love handles but nothing seem to work. My... READ MORE

Hi will be going to see doctor daniel correa in Columbia mid September, just booked my ticket. Going for bbl and fat transfer. Still looking for a recovery house but speaking to tabatinga consultants and they have assured me of a good recovery house. Very excited but scared at the same time as I... READ MORE

I love Dra Medina. She is so helpful. Had to change my date to March 9, 2016. And Im so ready for her to work on me. I follow her on snap chat. I love seeing how she transforms ppls body. I'm not staying at a recovery house. We are using airbnb to rent an apartment for two weeks. I'm so... READ MORE

Hello Realself After endlessly stalking everyone's page for years, I decided it's time I start my own. Anyways ,we went to the beach in florida a couple of weeks ago. While I was going through my photos today, I decided that enough is enough. My backside is overdue for a serious upgrade. I am... READ MORE

Hi dolls I'm so excited for my first ever review. I'm 23 two kids weighing 165 I use to be 190 I lost weight in one month time. No I'm ready for my bbl I been contemplating for two years now and I'm finally ready I plan to have the surgery in December I've look at a few places between ga and fla... READ MORE

Hi guys, 6months to go! So scary as I'm flying 10hours from London alone! This is something I've wanted for so long and just so happy I've finally got the money and old enough to actually do it. Just want to be happy in a tight dress! Feel so welcome here too! Need to know how much I should... READ MORE

Hey girls! I am 5ft tall & 145lbs. I'm planning on going to Dr. Schulman for my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I've been stalking this site for quite awhile now, I feel so grateful to have found this surgeon. I have really high hopes for him, tomorrow morning I will be calling him to set up a... READ MORE

Good day. Beauties. I've also been stalking this site. Looking over post ops pics n reviews on customer satisfaction. I'm 25 yes old 5'9 1/2 164lbs with one beautiful child. After I had my child. I didn't get the harsh physically side effects from my pregnancy. My body went back to its normal... READ MORE

I've had a breast reduction 7 months ago in Miami. Now I cant wait to get my BBL from either Dr. Yily or Duran. Here to research, plan ahead and have support so I don't feel like i'm in the Dominican Republic alone. Once I set my mind on something its accomplish. New body im coming for you.... READ MORE

I googled for surgeons doing bbl and found cirumed clinic and dr.aslani. I loved the results of his work I have seen. My research encouraged me that dr.a would give me the kind of curves I am looking for. I found his results just amazing! What I want primarily is shape No doubt this is great... READ MORE

Hey there! Like so many others, I have wanted a BBL for a while now. I have been non stop reading reviews on several dr.'s in between work, taking care of my family, and school. Now, I have made a decision on who I wanted as a dr, and will be posting pics/my journey towards my goal look. I will... READ MORE

Hi all! I've been stalking this website on the daily for the past 6 months. I decided last year I was going to have a bbl because that's the only thing that would change quickly and effectively my square, too heavy, body shape. I considered dr. Mendieta and and ultimately went with dr... READ MORE

Scheduled with Dr. Osak Omulepu but dont know if thats happening. His patients are getting Staph infections left to right soooo hopefully I can switch to Ortega because I dont know who the untrained staff are that are working for Omulepu but the equiptment isnt being sterlized properly so beware... READ MORE

So I have been researching BBL for over a year now and I'm finally going through with it! I will be getting my BBL with Dr.Hasan August 19th and I'm so excited, anxious, and scared but this is definetly something I've been wanting to do. Living in Atlanta you see all these big butts everywhere,... READ MORE

Going with fisher , he his to fix what dr. Omutepu messed up!! All this money and dromutepu is making girl boxy with flat asses! One month post op my ass started looking like a square box and now six months later its flatter then a slice a bread !! So I will see what fisher gone do! All I know... READ MORE

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