Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,600

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I have been on this site for months now trying to figure out what doctor to go to for my bbl. I'm 5'2 and weight 135 pounds. I've had a bbl before but i'm unsatisfied with my results. I'm very large in my upper body and wanted to get lipo on my entire back and flanks and then the more I thought... READ MORE

Hi Im 39 years old and I live in atlanta . I have already done my consultation with Jimerson and he is charging me $14k not including massages , nurse ect. Just one garment only comes with his price. The only reason why i like him because of the projection that he gives and he is closest to me... READ MORE

Before I had a baby I was a stick, literately not a curve on my body! Post-baby I gained a lot of weight - talking about 35 lbs! Yet no one really noticed because it all went to my belly, and some to my butt (no complains here) and still no curves! Finally after losing some weight I decided that... READ MORE

I have yet to have a nice shape. I wear a squeem daily and every one thinks that I am curvy but I am shaped like a square. I am fitness nut so I squat all the time only to have hurt knees. I have given up on squats and it is time to do something for me. This is my first time getting anything... READ MORE

Seriously considering doing lipo and bbl this coming new year some time in April or May. I would like to do it with Dra. Yily de los santos. If anyone is planning on going around this time let me know, please share your experiences if you already had the procedure done. Thank you ;)................ READ MORE

Don't see to many males on this site but hey more reason to leave a review. So I am very familiar with Santo Domingo. I Travel there from NY about 6 times a year. 2 sisters, cousins, and a handful of friends later, (All touched by the hands of Dr Cabral) I decided to take a little trip this... READ MORE

Obviously Ive had my first consultation with Dr Eppley here in Indy. He was careful to make me fully aware that the stretch marks could indicate a lack of elasticity and that the better procedure might be a tummy tuck. I declined this procedure and I am willing to take my chances due to the many... READ MORE

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as big booty Rhonda..... what happened to my butt i have no clue. This depresses me and makes me feel very unattractive. I have tried all kinds of exercises and simply put this crap aint working.. lol and besides i be tired after doin all those damn... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, first off I would like to say that I enjoy looking at the photos of these beautiful transformations, and it gives me so much hope and inspiration to go ahead and maximize my life with a BBL. I'm hoping I could have it done in March of 2015 in Miami by Dr Hasan. All my life I have... READ MORE

Let me start by saying I love RS. I have been stalking this website for years. So I have been thinking about getting the bbl procedure done for about 5 years now. I was geeking so bad to have a nice shape and big butt that I was almost amongst the many women who got them butt shots in them hotel... READ MORE

Earlier this month I had a phone interview with Dr Salzhaur on having a bbl done. I am 5'3 170 pounds. I am beyond excited for this experience! He was very professional and answerd every question I had PLUS MORE! I told him exactly what I want to achieve and he gave me his opinion honestly and I... READ MORE

Hey Beautiful BBL ladies, I'm Ronelle, 21 years young :p && 5'7 200 lbs Well I've been wanting this BBL for a very long time. Since I was like in middle school people would talk so much s*** about me having a flat booty because I guess where I live if your black having an ass is expected! :( ... READ MORE

Just starting to reseach this proceedure , I have had a MM in July 2011 I plan to finish up my dreams of perfect body by getting this BBL in April 2013 any tips or advice please share. I am mother of two little girls 6 &3 and I work and go to school my biggest concern will be them in my... READ MORE

I'm 5"11 235 lbs :(I hope liposuction will give me the waistline and flat stomach I once had. And why not round my ass out. I've always been obsessed with having a big ol booty! I'm ready to get back to loving me and have a boost in confidence too. After having a abusive relationship with... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a mom of four and of course I'm on a mission to get my pre-baby body back! I'm still in the research phase of it all....but I'm leaning towards Dr.Yily in DR. She comes highly recommended! I try not to talk about my plans of surgery too much because people can be a bit negative. I'm... READ MORE

I'm doing a whole lot of research and I'm for sure I want to go to DR to have my procedures done. I want to get a tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift and a breast lift. I've contacted a few doctors already. I have quotes pending. I can't wait....I see that everyone is going to Dominican Republic to... READ MORE

Hello Guys I need to get a liposuction and BBL done. I have red so many reviews about Dr Fatima Almonte, but she is impossible to be reached, i have tried everything, phone calls, emails, no response??? is she still in business? have you had any procedure done by her recently? please help, I... READ MORE

Well im 29, a mother of two, i been thinking about this surgery my entire life, I have no booty at all, my shape is a square. My husband is not convinced but im doing this for me. My surgery is scheduled for june 5/2014. Im so excited i cannot stop thinking about it. The location is in... READ MORE

So my coordinator at Vanity sounds like today was here first day at work, and while she is sweet she barely speaks english, she talks to me half english half spanish. She could not understand the word thighs and kept asking me to repeat it.. I dont want to ask for a different coordinator... READ MORE

Looking to get a bbl by march 2013. I've been on this website for a while and I'm looking to get my procedure done before my 27th bday.I'm a mother of 3girls,weighing 175, Nd I'm 5'3. Funds are low but ill get there. I'm going with Dr.gabay in Philadelphia recommended by my primary care... READ MORE

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