Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I have been reading a lot of your reviews. And it's been very helpful. I'm so excited. I will be going to Dr. Boris in Culver City CA. I met his staff and him also. Well I had my lab work done on Monday the 28. I told him I want an hourglass shape. After having 5 kids. I lost my shape. ???? so... READ MORE

GETTING THINGS TOGETHER EARLY... Something like this will be Very Nice... Getting my body healthy and ready... Take these until 1month pre op... then start the Make me Heal Pre/Post Meds and add liver to my diet!!! SO A LITTLE ABOUT MYSELF: IM 152LBS... IN MUCH NEED OF SOME... READ MORE

I am about 3 weeks pre op and I'm reading everything I can to prepare! I've seen good and bad/reviews stories about doctors or aftercare and I'm super nervous. I have two kids , a teenager and a toddler and I'm just ready to know something for myself for a change! I will be going to Dr. Jimerson... READ MORE

I am 5'8 and weigh 135lbs. I've always been considered beautiful, although I've only recently started enjoying the way I look. My weight is very stable and I've been eating junk for the past 3 months. (I moved and started going to school fulltime and I'm a mother of a two year old so I reverted... READ MORE

I'm anxious surgery day is scheduled for October 6th, Next week !!! I'm doing more research which is not helping the overwhelming fear I'm feeling. I decided to do the surgery with Dr. Romero after doing research on this page, YouTube, and everything I can find. After many attempts of meeting... READ MORE

Going with fisher , he his to fix what dr. Omutepu messed up!! All this money and dromutepu is making girl boxy with flat asses! One month post op my ass started looking like a square box and now six months later its flatter then a slice a bread !! So I will see what fisher gone do! All I know... READ MORE

Hi I have my date book for October 9th 2014 with Dra Duran. Would anyone like to exchange their date with me? I am looking for a earlier date. This post is for the individual who may not be sure or needs more time. Please keep in mind that I not willing to pay for your date. Just a simple... READ MORE

I have a BBL scheduled with Dr. Ortega on October 7th. I am SO nervous, and haven't even reached my goal weight yet. I have ten more lbs to lose by the 7th to get my BMI under 32%. I already have my plane tickets as well, what do you guys recommend for the plane ride home? The BBL and booty... READ MORE

Hello Guys.After years of sniffing around this sight I have made up my mind this is going to happen. I have sat and done tons of research and at this point I am going with Dr. Duran. I luv her heart shaped bubble butts and The straight seem of her Tummy tucks and think I have found my match. I... READ MORE

Hi I'm going in mid dec for a BBL AND BREAST AUG/lift I can't wait. I talked to Dr Salz (dr Miami) for a phone consult. he is the nicest man. I feel really compfortable so far. He answered all my questions. I'm coming from Upstate NY. I'm so excited and can't wait to lose this square look. I... READ MORE

Hey lovely peeps, after stocking this site for over a year and waiting for my financial situation to change, I finally was able to book surgery! I am from California so I will be embarking on a long journey, I plan to stay for 5 days. I know the recommended is 7 but I can't and my coordinator... READ MORE

I have been staking this site for a while..n now can't believe is going to happen my schedule surgery is for Nov. 9 n I can't wait...I'm 36 four kids now ready to do me now...I haven't met dr. Fisher but his reviews seem very good.. just made my first deposit today n I'm so excited in a couple... READ MORE

Currently doing research on BBL and lipo surgeons. I am saving $$$ to afford this venture. I really want a doctor who understands what I want but can give me realistic expectations and results. Im very top heavy. I currently weigh 285 and started at a weight loss clinic so I can live a healthier... READ MORE

Hello dolls, I have been contemplating the idea of a BBL for the past 2 years. After reading all the great reviews and looking at all the amazing boitys, I'm 100% convinced it's time to get my BBL. I called Vanity yesterday and spoke to Yesi my coordinator who booked my sx for October 16th.... READ MORE

So Yilly quoted me 3500 for BBL and Fat transfer. Duran has yet to respond, its been over a month:( I want a natural looking body and enhanced booty not a donkey butt. I hear Yilly is doing over 10 ppl a day and letting her students/staff help her that bothers the hell out of me so I emailed... READ MORE

Hello All! First of all THANK YOU for your posts, pics, and advice. I have been stalking all of you prior to opening my very own profile! I felt the need to open my very own profile as I need my own personal advice. I am 5'9, 150lbs, and I weight trained for a year intensely. I don't have much... READ MORE

So I decided on the BBL... Mainly because she wants that waist snatched!!!!! AND.... Not too much volume on the butt, but definitely nice and round! Right now I'm scheduled with Dr. Oska Omelpu in MIA October 15. My guy is in Iraq right now and will be home in NOVEMBER. I'm thinking that I... READ MORE

I have now been "realselfing" for some time and now start my own diary. thanks girls for all your stories and pics which have made this possible for me. I have put down my deposit and set my date , I just had my online consultation with my surgeon. I am going with dr a because de does great... READ MORE

Well so far ive just been preparing paid surgry off the staff have been good with info now just waiting and trying to lose weight before bbl im 5,9 very busty and 204 pounds....trying to get to about 195 before bbl will be getting bbl done by dr salama i have been wanting surgery with him since... READ MORE

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