Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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After all my googling and asking around on RS I found out about Dr. Yily I'm 22 with 2 beautiful kids. Don't get me wrong I'm well endowed my mama blessed me with bty hips and thighs. But after 2 c sections my poor Lil shape not the same. My mom calls me lazy and brags about how she bounced... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I'm a newbie to RealSelf. I'm 31 year old female and I am so ready to get the body I've dreamed of my entire life. I decided after Googling for months that I want Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran in the Dominican Republic to do my surgery. Her results are AMAZING! I'm hanging a hard... READ MORE

24 yr old , 1 child, 5"4 , 160 lbs... I'm so nervous my procedure is in 4 days, I'm not so much nervous about the procedure itself but about hiding it from my significant other . I'm excited and happy to be doing this for myself but I'm still kind if embarrassed ... So we shall see about keeping... READ MORE

Hi there! Like many, i've dreamt of getting lipo and bigger butt n boobs but looking to just do butt (for now at least). I use to have a pretty nice shape because i knew how to wear clothes that hid my problem areas like that "second hip" which is what i call it. It hasn't been easy getting... READ MORE

I had my second child not so long ago and even if I've always done gym (without intensity though), always been slim, this last pregnancy left me with nothing. I mean I've lost all my shape (and shapes), my muscles are gone and my all body is flat. Even my confidence is gone and I can't stop... READ MORE

Okay, ladies, I'm getting my new butt! I'm so excited that I finally decided to do this! After months and months of research I decided to fly to Miami and have the procedure with Dr. Jonathan Fisher. I'm fluctuate between a 34D and 34DD. I usually work out. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my... READ MORE

Here it goes (Deep breath)....I am ready to begin this journey. This is something that I have thought long and hard about. This is something that I have shed tears and laughed about. I am ready to make the change of a lifetime. All my life I have never felt comfortable with my booty (or lack... READ MORE

Hello! Having lurked on the site for a very long time, I was pretty confident I wanted Yily to transform me into one of her doll. I contacted her office on Tuesday evening (3 days ago), got a response the following day, replied with all the requested medical information and pictures, and... READ MORE

Hi there ladies, I am totally new to the whole Brazilian butt lift and I am just getting started! I was actually referred by a friend so I'll be going with Dr. Hasan for sure. Have made contact and now just awaiting more information. I can't wait to get this going and finished so I can enjoy my... READ MORE

So I am contemplative about choosing a surgeon- plus whether or not to get a BBL & TT together? Or Stager… Some doctors support this method, others don't. I have communicated w/ many AMAZING board certified surgeons, all w/ different opinions & different price tags. I have spent hours on... READ MORE

Has anyone used dr. Kenneth huges i see lots of florida doctors and not enough cali. Doctors. Im beyond excited and nervous. I want to know what do i need before the procedure.? And also do i need to buy other garmets? From my understanding the facility provides it . I asked them but they said... READ MORE

Hello ladies in gents....I've been driving myself insane with questions I want a bbl ..I'm 5'3 156 pounds I'm 25 years of age I'm pretty much already curvy I just want my love handles gone in added to my booty. ..I've seen good reviews done in the DR but I really don't feel comfortable traveling... READ MORE

Hi dolls!!! I'm so excited to start my story to my "new me"journey Okay like many of you ladies I've been stalking this site and doing research on the doctors. I've been stuck on if I want to stay local or travel for my future sugery. I've decided that I will be a future DRA Almonte doll!!!!... READ MORE

I'm personally kind of new to this site. But I love how everyone has shared their experiences and opinions about their surgery, as well how people support one another! I've been wanting a bbl since June 2014. I've seen a lot of good reviews for dr mel ortega so that's who I'm going with. I... READ MORE

Wow. Just booked my surgery date and so now it's real. The journey really begins. I owe alot to this site for helping me to get the information I need to make a healthy and informed choice and I am comfortable with my decision. My journey started several months ago as I was hawking the site.... READ MORE

Like so many others, I've been stalking real self for quite some time. lol I've been considering a lil' nip and/or tuck for quite some time and finally decided after almost 20 years of doing for everyone else, it's time to do something for ME! I'm emailing back and forth with Dr. Cortes now to... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for DEC 2nd! So excited yet scared at the same time. Doc told me to gain 10-15 lbs and I have exactly a month to gain... I also heard doctor can only take out 4 liters of fat which amounts to about 10 lbs of fat? Would that even be enough for a big booty? I am 5'7 145lbs right... READ MORE

GOSH... OK.. Hmmm.. Where do I begin ?? WeLLL to start off, I've "stalked" this site since Dec 2013 and have finally mustard up the courage to represent for the VOLUPTUOUS BBW :-) I just would like to let you all know that I am one of the realest, funnest and most sincere chicks you will ever... READ MORE

I am 8.5 months post op from having the gastric sleeve surgery with dr. illan in Tijuana, Mexico. I have nothing but race reviews of my experience there. Upscale, for star, beautiful are all common words that I use to describe my experiences. my surgery weight/ highest weight was 246 and I am... READ MORE

Well let me first start with I'm a mother of two, 28 years old. I do plan on having one more child but that will be in about 5 years or more and I really do not want to wait that long. I have been lurking on real self for about 2 years now and I've seen so much good work done.  I initially had... READ MORE

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