Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (otherwise known as a BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment the butt. The plastic surgeon performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs) and transfers it to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,675

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I had a consultation with Dr. Lane (I like that name). I had questions for him based on what I read on this website. He told me not to gain weight so that no fat would be wasted, (I doing know there was a legal limit!) and the leaner I am the more the illusion and sexy curvature. I work out... READ MORE

Hello RS, I've been browsing this site for about two years and decided to write a post. I was born with Noazzitall because it was inherited from my mothers side (white side) of the family. I've always wanted a butt like my dads side but now I'm going to buy me one. I have no children,35/ 5'6/235... READ MORE

Hello I'm a newbie to this site, looking to feel good about my outward appearance. I'm 36 yrs young with a daughter 5'7 @ 175lbs. I've always had confidence about my appearance but over the years and after having my daughter had my bottom running south of the looking forward to... READ MORE

I just began my search for a Dr. & I think I am going to Go with Dr. Fisher In Miami (Vanity) & stay at the recovery house. I called and spoke with Anna she is now my coordinator. She was very nice and helpful. Some time next week I will put my down deposit of 1000$ & The price she gave me was... READ MORE

Hi I have been reading everyone else's reviews for about a month and finally decided to write my own review. I am 24 years old I'm 5'5 and currently weight 175pounds. I had breast implants with Dr.Bruno 4 years ago 8 months after I had my baby and Dr. Bruno listened to what I wanted and I... READ MORE

Hello, RS I feel like this is long overdue, but it's finally here and I didn't want to be one of those girls who go on and on about my journey and I don't have anything of value to say lol. That gets old. So, anyway I've already got my quote and surgery date. I stalked Duran one Sunday because... READ MORE

Wow. Just booked my surgery date and so now it's real. The journey really begins. I owe alot to this site for helping me to get the information I need to make a healthy and informed choice and I am comfortable with my decision. My journey started several months ago as I was hawking the site.... READ MORE

Hello everyone, It has taken me some time and some courage to get to this stage. I have confidence inside as a person, but I have always struggled with my body and the way I look. The way I feel inside does not reflect in my body. I weigh 135 pounds, stand at 5'3 inches. I do not look fat by... READ MORE

I don't even know where to start man-there's just so much to address. So I guess I'll just start with a little about me and how I got here. So I'm 25 yo, no kids, approx 5ft 6inches tall and as of this morning,164 lbs lol. Some Background. when I was a young lil tiny tot( round 12 yo) , I... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I am so happy I found this page, you all have helped me sooo much in this process, so thank you. I have recently decided to go with Dr.Salzhauer for my brazilian butt lift which is scheduled for December 9, 2014. I previously met with another doctor but I wasn't too impressed and his... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old, no children. I'm just not happy with my body.. I've gained alot of weight over the past two years. I live in SC but I'm in Iowa at the time with my husband for work. I have been to Miami back in March for breast implants and I was going to do a bbl at the same time but my blood... READ MORE

My motivation is to fix the eneven butt implants that were done by a cheap Dr. I have wanted this for years but decided I would not chance another surgery unless I found the perfect doctor, believe me I have done my research! I feel so horrible about my self because it's discussing, this surgeon... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I am scheduled to see Dr. Hasan on December 9, 2014. Never thought I would write a review because I was fine reading about everyone else. I had a breast augmentation doneon August 3, at Coral Gables and my ps was Dr. Jacob Frieman. So far, I love my results. In regards to a... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have this procedure for about 1 year now. I always had a flat butt but I never thought that I could pay to get the butt i want lol. I am going with Duran on December 22 2014 and I plan on bringing my aunt for half of my stay and my mom for the other half. They can't do 10... READ MORE

I'm 150 lbs I'm 5'6 my twin sister got hers done with Dr. Anthony Hasan in Miami Florida and her results are amazing. She has a very small waist which is what I want and not too big of a booty but it looks good. But she is five 5 41/2 and was 145 pounds. She keeps telling me to lose 5 pounds so... READ MORE

Well hello ladies this is my first post. I have been stalking of you here for a while and you guys has helped me with your journeys to take the decision of go ahead and get a bbl. I am so so nervous just by the thought of doing it. I have been through 3 c-sections and one surgery to remove a... READ MORE

Hello RS ladies, 29 yr old mother of 4, seeking a body make-over. Ive always wanted a rounder and perkie butt. I wouldnt say that i have a flatt butt but i seek more prejection. I would really love to go to Dr Matthew Schulman in NY its not far from me and i love his work. I'm seeing that he... READ MORE

I would like a more shapelier body. I would like to enhance my body... I want bigger and perkier breasts, and also a flat tummy. When I gain weight, most of it goes to my butt and stomach. I would like to have a BBL. I will be getting a breast lift, implants (silimed), and lipo and bbl. My... READ MORE

Hopefully this goes well I have chosen Dra. Baez. I like her, I was going to choose Yily but had the hardest time trying to get into contact with her and I just thought that was a tad too unprofessional to me. Baez has been easy to communicate with, she quoted me a good price. I'm getting back,... READ MORE

Nervous about the procedure! Not sure if I should gain more weight or stay the weight that I am to get a big ol booty! If I gain too much I'm afraid I'll have rolls under my neck or something! Lol but if I stay the same I'm afraid my butt won't be big enough?! Only 6 more weeks!! Soo excited for... READ MORE

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