Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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OK!!!! HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!! LOL! I have just began my journey to a voluptuous bottom. Been researching for quite some time now and I have came down to the nitty gritty of who I am choosing. I am trying to choose between Salzhauer, Salama, and Fisher. All are amazing, but I have to choose one.... READ MORE

I'm 5'9 168lbs BMI 24, measurements 38 33 42. My wish is to obtain the waist to hip ratio with some projection & a small waistline. I've had 4 back surgery an over the years my abdominal area has grown. I've never been over weight but I have some stubborn fat in my abdominal that I just... READ MORE

Hello beautiful ladies! I'm still planning to go to DR to have my procedures. I have not a clue as to where I will be staying during my recovery. I just don't want to think about all that right now because it gets overwhelming. I'm just trying to take things a day at a time. I wish there was an... READ MORE

Dr. Hassan is very recommended... Hope it turns out nice!!! We're leaving Tuesday morning!!! I'm so nervous!!!! I haven't packed... Wheww!!! I gotta get it together! Lol Packed and ready! Vanitys' customer service sucks Butt I hope Dr. Hassan has his shit together!!! Wish me... READ MORE

A couple of years ago I lost a ton of weight on the HCG Diet and my skin was soo saggy. So, I went to the best plastic surgeon in Houston and got a tummy tuck. Even though my results were phenomenal, I still found myself LACKING CURVES IN ALL OF THE RIGHT PLACES!! lol. Having that said, I... READ MORE

Finally doing this can't believe it. I weight 171 for three years I been weighing 168 after my breastreduction and tummy tuck now doing my bbl I am really happy and nervous haven't drive more than 4 hours but my daughters father it's driving and going to take care of me I hope you all are... READ MORE

So it is official my RealSelf Sisters! May 7th is my procedure date for BBL and Lipo!! I am so excited. I will be in DR from May 5th-May 14th, maybe a day later? I haven't confirmed my return flight info yet but my arrival flight to DR is booked. Dr. P and his assistant Laura responded very... READ MORE

Ok so I got my quote from Dr.Baez, and Im looking towards June 1st around that time and Im looking for a buddy to travel with!!! Anybody coming at that time? I am looking forward to chatting with you guys. are there any tips and prices that ppl cangive me. I want a bbl and lipo to my abdomen,... READ MORE

This is my first time writing something on here but happy to say i have joined the Real self team! I can say i am excited for a change and the new me!! -For my procedure i am going to Florida - With Dr. Salama at Elite Plastic Surgery -I expect for a sexy shape and to gain my confidence back to... READ MORE

I have my date set for April 9th 2013 i am looking for a partner I already have a curvy body as you can see in my pics but i have trouble areas i cant seem to loose ans also my but is big but to sloppy lol hopefully yily can shape it up for me ..... I'm so excited today is my surgery date... READ MORE

I am so excited I am 24 a mother of one and have been trying to get my groove back. So far so good Margeret at vanity has been great but there was some misunderstanding about my date and fisher having jury duty . Other than that it's been a smooth process thus far. I just they don't try and... READ MORE

So I am new to this site and I have been reading many reviews searching for a good surgeon I've read the good the bad and the ugly so many mixed feelings I'm happy nervous anxious and scared at the same time :) I tried all the working out eating right and got in good shape but my booty went... READ MORE

So I picked Dr yily de Los santos because her work is Amazinggggggg. I get so happy just looking at other peoples outcome can't wait for It to be me already ... I've been contacting yily for quotes for about 2 years now so I think it's time to really make the move. She quoted me for $4500 for... READ MORE

I have been researching and stalking this site for a while now. When I was younger and thinner I had a fairly ok body, but after a couple of years of eating and drinking with no exercise, it has took on a new shape of its own (without my permission might I add). So now im trying to change that.... READ MORE

I'm a 21 year old college student. I've always had big breast and always wanted a big butt. My mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and even my brother has a big butt, somehow I lucked out. I came across Dr. Jimerson during a Google search and his artwork amazed me. After viewing his work I... READ MORE

Hello there :). im new to this site and looking for tips and fellow bbl sisters. I am a 23 year old female. 5'6, 153. Ive always wanted a bigger butt. I've done squats, diets, and nothing seems to work. ive been following Dr. Jimerson on instagram for awhile and knew I wanted him as a doctor.... READ MORE

I've wanted to get a butt implant with fat grafting into my thighs/hips and also liposuction around my midsection, waistline, and back. But I've heard fat transforming is safer than implants. The size of the implants that I want, I don't think fat transforming would meet to the size that I want... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not... READ MORE

Im new to real self. I wish I would've found out about it sooner . I love my results but I'm still confused about what to do now... My experience with apss and dr jimerson was wonderful. My only regret is paying Rodney bowling 2500.00 for after care nursing. Was a total rip off. I'm just glad... READ MORE

I Am 26 yrs Old I have No kids in Dallas Tx. I Don't even no where to begin I am 5'6 220 Ibs I Know i will have to loose way more weight which I can do since I've lost almost 20 Ibs since April of this year. I have huge boobs and want to offset them with a Big ol booty lol If any one can let me... READ MORE

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