Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,625

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Hello dolls and barbies. So after multiple tries to get in contact with Dr. Duran, I decided to go with Dr. Cabral. I call the 973 magic jack line to try and get in contact with his assitant Maria, but she was busy so one of the other gals asked me when I would like to come in and she took my... READ MORE

OK put a down payment on bbl surgery today, so I'm in it for the long hual. I want to set the date for sometime in March hopefully if everything go OK. I am very happy, excited and can not wait to be one of Dr. Fisher Dolls. I am very happy with the work I have seen from Dr. Fisher and it made... READ MORE

Hey everyone!! I'm looking into getting the brazilian butt lift with dr cortes, most Likly in December. However I just got on here and saw some reviews from his patients and now I'm second guessing myself if he's the one. Anyway a little about me I'm 24. Really healthy... I started eating... READ MORE

So I'm 22 years Old with a 4 year old son that was birthed by C-section . So all my mommys who've had C-sections should know the little tummy pouch you get due to the cut that you just can not get rid of ! No matter how slim you get . After I had my son I was still a size 1 in jeans and still... READ MORE

Hello Diazdolls... I have been searching for yrs for the perfect do me DR.. Right away when I seen Diaz wrk it caught my attention, didnt have to look any further. . YES,,, out of curiosity I've ask for different quotes but knw what my intentions were.. ( DIAZDOLL).. Im schedule for January 9 n... READ MORE

So I have finally made my decision on a doctor and I will be going with Dr.Hasan at vanity. I called today and they offered me a really got price. So I put some money down to lock in the price. I will be paying the rest of my deposit to lock in my date next Friday on the 6th. oh yea I'm 24 years... READ MORE

So I'm 29 years old and since I can remember I've had a decent small booty, but that's all it was decent. I was born and majorily raised in Brazil where the butts are big and beautiful (for the most part) haha. So after many years of deliberating I finally decided to start researching the bbl... READ MORE

My journey began last year but due to poor eating habits, I went from weighing 175 to 210 pounds. How so ever, i'm now back on track and more determined than ever. I am looking into a surgery date of February 9, 2015. This date will give me enough time to save up and prepare myself both... READ MORE

I am 24 years old, 5'8 and currently 165lbs. My surgery date is Jan 15, I am so nervous and excited because the date is getting closer! This is my first surgery ever and dont know what to expect. I know everyone is different based on body size and recovery. I have found myself on RS more and... READ MORE

After researching for a year now I have finally decided to go with Dra Walkiris Robles. Love her work. I had breast lift and augmentation 2 years ago at the same clinic she is at CECIP but by a different surgeon. Im not satisfied and now that I will do Lipo on abdomen, back, flanks and BBL I... READ MORE

Hey world! sooo... like many of you ive been stalking this site for some time now. I'm from new York ,24 years old now and I wanted a bbl ever since after I had my daughter back in 2009 . Before I got pregnant I had the perfect shape! I even did some "booty modeling" lol. I delivered my child... READ MORE

I am getting my procedure done by Dr. Dan Del Vecchio MD, I am beyond excited but so scared at the same time, i have never in my life been put to sleep so I am hoping for a smooth recovery!!! I have been reading everyones worth it and not worth its so I'm hoping I'm on the worth it side!....The... READ MORE

Hi everyone, Ive been doing research for the past couple weeks now. I have decided to get a brazilian butt lift. I will be leaving the NYC/NY area on March 13 and my surgery will be March 14. I have already sent my deposit and set the date. As of now Ive been getting so frustrated looking for... READ MORE

I was originally planning on getting butt implants & never considered a BBL because i thought i didn't have enough fat. Im 5'2'' 118 lb and have no shape at all!!! I got discouraged on getting implants due to many real self members getting complications and also being quoted $9500 that after... READ MORE

I am 40 with 3 wonderful beautiful girls... I am 5'7 and weigh 183 I like to workout and I try to do lots of squats for the booty but it's not working so I decided it's me time... Time for a bbl I'm so excited I can't wait. CG Cosmetic Surgery has been great so far... Can't wait to meet them. I... READ MORE

I had tt in 6/21/2014 in Mexico The Dr. in MX did fat transfer to butt w/no results he said there was not enough fat to make a noticeable change and I was disappointed this time I'll be getting lipo on flaks w/fat transfer to buttocks and tt scar revision hopefully I can finally see the change I... READ MORE

Hello Real Self Dolls!!!!! After a few weeks on the site I am finally ready to dive in and share my journey (as much of a step by step as possible). I'm a 30 yr old, black, wife and mommy of 3. I'm 5'6 and 225lbs seeking to become a Salama Doll by the end of 2015!!! I'm super pumped about it all... READ MORE

I've been secretly stalking the website for months and I've finally made the decision to go through with it. I narrowed it down to Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran & Dr. Diaz. I emailed all 3 with my info, before pictures and wish picture. I also have Dr. Fisher (Miami) on standby list incase I don't hear... READ MORE

I'm so excited about my bbl procedure with Dr. Mel Ortega!!! I've been dreaming of having this surgery for YEARSSSSSS! Lol! A coworker and I are traveling to Miami on 3/9 to have our bbl's together. I need suggestions on good recovery houses in Miami. Also, if any of you guys can share your... READ MORE

Hey everyone, Like most people here, I've been stalking this site for about 10 months now. I was torn between getting just the BBL or get a tummy tuck plus the BBL. My current height is 5'2 and my current weight is 185 lb. I'm in the process of trying lose about 20 lbs before my sx hoping to... READ MORE

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