Brazilian Butt Lift

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WORTH IT RATING based on 6,124 reviews
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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Well ladies two weeks two days ago i had a breast lift along with breast augmentation in miami fl. and so far i am pleased. right now i wish i would a cup size bigger. but when all is said and done i should have a 38 E=F. now my journey begins with getting a brazilian butt lift! super excited. i... READ MORE

Finally got a QUOTE from Dr Duran for Bbl and Tt just haven't set a date yet so if anybody wants to buddy up let me know. I am super excited about becoming a Duran Doll but nervous as well due to some of the things I have read on here so that has me looking to get quotes from other doctors. ... READ MORE

I have wanted/needed a tummy tuck since I can remember. After three kids, it's definitely time. I also want the BBL to get a nicer shape to my booty. I would like fat transfer on my breasts too, but that's not priority. I have had a couple of consults. The first was with a surgeon re. the TT.... READ MORE

I googled and youtubed him soo much, he did amazing procedures, I called and right away they answered, I called other places and no one ever picked up. I will write my review once I get my consultation its later this month im soo excited! Im looking forward to actually meeting him so we can both... READ MORE

Countdown to be #diazdoll ...excited...nervous..Today is OFFICIALLY the beginning of my journey! I am getting a Brazilian Butt Lift I am too excited! I've been wanting this for some time now! Start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate (Iron), folic acid & vitamin C and my hemoglobin is... READ MORE

I'm excited for my BBL and lipo but I just might be a little more excited to join RS. I have been stalking the site for some time now and after reading every veteran's post (just about) I had to join. I have picked my doctor for a bbl and aggressive lipo (yay dr cortes). However since I am... READ MORE

Hello RealSelf Dolls! Here I am starting my new year off as planned with my makeover journey. I am unbelievably excited!!! My plan is to be "madeover" by the beginning of December 2014. I am a mother of three beautiful children 17, 12 & 11. I had my first child at 17 and by me being so young,... READ MORE

Hello chicas! I'm so excited because I have officially decided to to get a BBL! I've wanted that full back side since I was in middle school. What really sucked was a lot of my relatives had big booties. Since I'm Dominican and I've been there numerous times for family vacations I've decided... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I've decided that I should finally start a review on my journey to joining the BBL crew! I've read so many reviews and I've become so much more confident with this procedure with the help of all you beautiful women. I have 3 gorgeous children and I'm now focusing on getting my... READ MORE

After seeing the results of Dr. Fisher's patients daily for the past year, I was hooked! I couldn't be any happier with my results. Going into surgery I weighed 140lbs and I was 5'0", now, 10 weeks post op I'm weighing 128lbs, my dress size is down a few sizes, and I'm loving what I see when I... READ MORE

Hello, I recently put half down on my procedure with Dr Fisher to lock in my date. Im anxiously awaiting for December to come around. Im 5'7 127lbs. Im 23 and attend school in California. Thank you for all the very imformative/helpful reviews! it has been so helpful with choosing a PS! I hope I... READ MORE

So I'm a 26 year old mother of two boys and I had smart lipo last year with American Lipo Center In Alexandria Virginia. Even though the DOC said I was a good candidate for Lipo I'm still not satisfied. AND I had a follow up procedure and didn't get the desired results. I should of got the TT... READ MORE

This is a continuation of my part 1 BBL blog. To first read part 1, please click here. So dolls I'm shooting for rd 2 at vanity or elite plastic surgery.. I've any dr salama my pics.. The $ is steep ($9000) vs vanity's $4500 and by the looks of it I'll be paying 4 this by myself this time ,... READ MORE

Hello ladiesssss! It's my first post!! I have been on this site non-stop, you'd swear I worked for Real Self lol Anywhoo I've been doing a lot of research and I have my heart set on Dra. Duran. I want to be a Duran Doll 2015! My bday is in January so I'm hoping this procedure will be my... READ MORE

New to realself! After years of wanting this procedure done, I've finally found and settled for a good doctor. My surgerys a while away but I'm prepared to wait. Gives me time to save up and put in a bit of weight intime for the surgery. I'm from London in the UK so anyone from there, tips... READ MORE

Hi, I am 30 years old, 5'6", very slim and fit African american woman. I am very happy with my shape but I want a bigger booty. I can usually achieve my results with exercise, but as soon as the workout regimen is over, I lose all my gains every time. I just want to be able to have the curves... READ MORE

So I'm still waiting on my quotes from Duran n yily so I downloaded the app whatsapp bkuz of my new RS friend Mrz.alston luv her by the way!! Mwahz mamma!! I'm really pulling for Yily anyway I luv the way she sculpts n makes the nice bubble butts so I can wait!! I WANA B A YILY DOLL!! I can't... READ MORE

Hello, everyone I've been reading reviews for about 4 days straight.. Lol this is addicting and very informational!! I'm glad I got to read so much juicy info before I decide to get mines done. I went to a consultation yesterday at Athenix in Pasadena, the receptionist was ok not too friendly.... READ MORE

Hello All! I've been on this page for months deciding if I should share/document my experience or not. I decided I would (I don't know how dedicated I will be to this though lol). I'm 31 5'2 and I have one daughter. I decided to have a BBL because to be honest I want my body back! After I had my... READ MORE

Hey dolls this is my 1st post. I made the decision to get surgery now just in the process of getting scheduled. I want Dr Manuel Diaz and hope he has an opening soon. I'm between jobs and figured this would be the perfect time to do it so I don't have to take off or have to answering a bunch of... READ MORE

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