Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Im 27 a mother of one i weight 150 im 5'3 im from houston tx i was wondering if anyone is going with dr hassan in may 2nd or so maybe we can room mate in a hotel i got my cousin who will take care of me while out there if interested please let me know asap thank u cant wait to be a doll in the... READ MORE

Was told more would happen. was told and marked in pre-op under bra strap would be done , it wasn't touched. and 50 - 60 % + underdone. Side shape done somewhat. fat transfer to butt, ZERO results. He doesn't treat fat prior to putting it back in. I went over procedures in total detail in all 3... READ MORE

I am 31, never had any kind of shape. Didn't really think I needed one cause I have a pretty face. I have been blessed with two kids, 13/3. Yes ten year apart. And since my last child I just haven't been feeling my self. I was refered by a friend who has heard only great things about Dr. Hasan.... READ MORE

Hello everyone.. I have been a member for a little while now but have yet to post anything.. So here it goes.. I am 24 years old and a mother of two. My decision to get my bbl done is mine alone. I have been uncomfortable with my butt ever since I can remember. I have broad shoulders (runs in my... READ MORE

So I am not new to RS, but have had a couple of procedures done..I have wrote reviews on those, I am have been stalking peoples pages and can officially say I am ready for my BBL!!! It seems like DR Salama, and DR Jimmerson have had really the best results for the BBL.. Can someone post any... READ MORE

Hi surgery sisters ok sooooo after stalking realself for years literally since I was about 18 I finally decided to go ahead and put my deposit down for the bbl and lipo. I decided to do with doctor Omulepu in Miami florida k originally wanted to go to doctor fisher at vanity but after... READ MORE

Hey real self sistas, so yes like everyone else I've been stalking your reviews and journeys. I've got to say I'm so happy and envious off all off your post op pictures.. Dang ladies work those hour glass figures ;) I'm from Australia and I've been on this site since 2011 stalking & creepin,... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op! I am 29 years old with no kids. I had surgery w Dr. Cortes on 02/06/15 & had a lollipop breast lift, silicone implants & a Brazilian butt lift. My weight at the time of surgery was 200lbs and my normal weight fluctuates from 160-1750lbs and I am 5’6. My surgery was about... READ MORE

I had an in person consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio. He was very nice, he said i should expect to see great results and he could probably get 1600cc into each cheeks. My problem with my shape is that i gain my weight in my arms and waist. I would like him to take as much fat as he could from my... READ MORE

Hello I'm 30yrs Old plan to have a BBL Done With Dr.Omulepu on July 1st .I'm 5'4 153 I Just Previously had A Tummy Tuck Done on September 19th with Hollie Hickman in Jacksonville Fl. With No Lipo which I Regret so I decided I want a Bbl done to get The Waist and Butt I want . My plan is to fly... READ MORE

Been wanting a bbl since 2012 and I really really really want a big booty, some hips with a slim waist.. No back fat, no more big arms, no more lateral tails(side of breast and under arm) already a 44.5 in the bottom. Married, 27 with 4 kids now it's time for a upgrade!!! Booked and ready Happy... READ MORE

Hey RS! I guess I'm official now that I'm finally posting my story. So here are my latest stats: 185 lbs / 5'6 / 44-34-47 and I'm 33 with children. This time last year I was at a wedding and noticed how much I really stopped taking care of myself....I was 215+ and my body ached and I was... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Dr. Robbins in early April. He is extremely personable, down-to-earth, and understood exactly what I wanted. Everything about him put me at ease. In my heart, I knew that I would choose him as my surgeon. I paid my deposit today, and booked my appointment for... READ MORE

I was once just a reader I been on RS for years with two different profiles just reading about bbl post bbl pre and bbl dreams I never would have thought I'd be A doll one day due to financial issues but I fixed that very fast lol , so happy to be making a profile of an official bbl patient... READ MORE

Initially I started on this website about my plans on having a TT and BBL with Dr Hardaway in Michigan in June...I have a consultation with her on April 22..I have been stalking this website and it lead me to Dr Ortega in Miami he is running at special so I called this morning and talk to Vivian... READ MORE

I have not had my surgery yet with Dr.Osak Omulepul.So far the staff has been great with getting back with me.I love Marget over at Vanity she is a 50 year old women full of life. I nerves and hope I get the body I want or looking for.If any one has pictures of theirs please share,I want to know... READ MORE

Ok, so I've been contemplating sx for some years now. I'm 38 years old, 5'2" & 191lbs. I want lipo on my tummy (don't let pic fool you. I'm wearing a girdle), back, arms and inner thighs and a BBL. I used to have a small waist. Always had hips and butt just need some definition. I'm anxious &... READ MORE

Hi luvz Ive decided I want to get Liposcpulture /BBL in DR but Im having the hardest time deciding between doctors. i know each has their own pros and cons but im truely 'sstuck Cabral, Contreas, Duran or Diaz. The C's or the D's teheh. Looking to get this done sometime before June so im not... READ MORE

Just received my date, cant wait to get this new body. Need a surgery buddy for May 22. Ready to start this new journey. I found it easier to communicate with Baez on whats app in spanish. It was hard getting a date in May since she is filling up until July already. Her results i have seen have... READ MORE

I'm been stalking these site for two years ????... I had my consultation with Dr Daniel Del Deviccho and have decided if I go through with the sx he will be my doctor... Can any ladies who went to him share their stories... My fear is complications that's all I'm scared of.... I know the risk is... READ MORE

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