Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello Everyone, I am flying to Miami tomorrow and staying in the Recovery Center at Vanity Cosmetics. My surgery date for BBL is August 6, 2015 and my pre op is August 5, 2015. I caught a special where the bbl was 4k but with the recovery center I'm spending close to 6k. Stats: 116 lbs (gained... READ MORE

Ive wanted to get Bbl for years now but life always got in the way... No more excuses though! After a year of research I've decided to go with Dr. Fisher because his work is just fantabulous!! I love the silhouettes he gives. I have high hip bones, perhaps because I'm tall (shrugs) and they've... READ MORE

Hello RS. Like most, I've been a stalker of the site for years. I'm a mother of 2, and hv had several failed pregnancies so my body is all out of shape (To me atleast). I did a consultaton in January and scheduled my surgery in February 2015. I chose Dr Salama because of how he sculpts the... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! I'm original from Ft. Lauderdale relocate to Tampa,FL in 2011. I love going to go shopping in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Okay , let me start l had tummy tuck last year 9-16-14, am happy with the problem now l need a booty to go with my tummy and a ? shape to match. I'm 34 weight 162... READ MORE

HI DOLLS I'M SCHEDULED TO BE A YILY DOLL On August 31st. I'm super excited. My process was fairly easy. I too stalked the sight for almost a year. Of course I considered in the US first, but everyone wanted an arm and a leg. One of my friends is a two time Yily doll. My plane leaves Atlanta on... READ MORE

I have been researching BBL for years and finally decided to go for it ! I Did my 1st consult on 10/2013 and then 2nd on 9/30/14. I decided to do a fat transfer which includes (abdomen, lower back, love handles) for $10,300. I added hips for $1150 and 3 additional sites at $950/ea (Bra roll,... READ MORE

Hello fellow dolls I have finally bit the bullet and scheduled my bbl with Dr. O for August 5th as soon as I booked it I got nervous and anxious all at the same time lol.. A little background I have been wanting to do this since I was about 18 yrs old but the timing has never been right. I am so... READ MORE

Ive wanted a bbl for a while now and now have the courage to get it done ...Ive had a couple of doctors in mind yily being the first but there are so many bad review about her ..thinking about duran but it seems theres no way to get in contact with her ..can someone tell me how i can get in... READ MORE

Hello there :). im new to this site and looking for tips and fellow bbl sisters. I am a 23 year old female. 5'6, 153. Ive always wanted a bigger butt. I've done squats, diets, and nothing seems to work. ive been following Dr. Jimerson on instagram for awhile and knew I wanted him as a doctor.... READ MORE


So, I received a consultation from Dr. Bruno for a brazilian butt lift. I've wanted a huge butt for quite awhile now and just recently ran into some money in order to finally get the butt I want! Im turning 21 on August 15th and I think this is the best birthday present for myself. I've always... READ MORE

Hello, I recently went in to LA center in Hollywood for a consultation. The doctor asked me a few questions, including more children (I already have 2) I told him I wasn't done having kids I want at least one more way later in life I'm 22! Lol He made me feel a little discouraged about the... READ MORE

So I am 23 years old and I'm 165 lbs. I have had one child. I had a tummy tuck, BBL, and BREAST lift about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I did it when I was 190 and I lost weight so now I'm trying to get another BBL from Dr. Pantoja. I had my priors from dr campos though. I am currently just... READ MORE

Finally made the decision to get this done. But from who? Dr Jimerson or Salama? I need to make a choice because I want it done by July!!! Help!?!?!? Also I do plan on having kids later in life, should I be worried? Lol oh and are do you use the bathroom once the surgery is done?! I will be... READ MORE

So far my experience with Dr. Ortega and Spectrum Aesthetics has been awesome! I am local so many of the frustrations that out of town patients experience (not being able to reach their coordinator by phone) I have not had. I work about 10 minutes from the clinic so if I absolutely have to take... READ MORE

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to write on here.. Anywhom I'm 30 and I have 3 kids and I'm not planning on pushing anymore out.. lol Plus my wife doesn't really want any kids.. I want A bigger ass, Lipo to my stomach, back, arms, under chin, and thighs not sure about a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I am so excited and nervous to be starting this journey. Reading all of the different experiences really helped me in my decision making. I am 5'2 and 142Ibs, after having 3 children. I was originally torn between Dr. Hassan and Dr. Fisher until I read about the death of a women on... READ MORE

I've made my 500$ deposit I'm sloppily excited if my dude can't come you guys are welcomed I want this to be a vacation spoiling so the only thing instead of holiday inn I would prefer Hotel CORONA only because I ddo like BINGO I'm looking to stay for Two weeks oto really enjoy myself recovery... READ MORE

Hi dolls, I'm scheduled to have my BBL on October 9th with Dr. Salzhauer and I'm so confused. I don't know what I need to have pre op. These fajas, how do I know which one to buy? I'm completely lost :( can any post op ladies give me some advice. I don't want to wait til the last minute.... READ MORE

Hi Big Booty Team (lmao)! I'm 35 with a square body shape now that I gained 40 pounds since having my 10 pounder via c section (almost 4 years ago). It's very hard to get my previous body back and even when I was a size 2, I had no butt or hips. All I had was some nice size boobs. Anyway, my... READ MORE

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