Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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So I've been looking to do this for a while and I was just chickening out be cause of the pain..but I'm ready to do this . Already paid in full pretty much right away I had the money in hand..bought my flight there I just need to find a revovery home...I have heard really bad things about vanity... READ MORE

Hey lovely peeps, after stocking this site for over a year and waiting for my financial situation to change, I finally was able to book surgery! I am from California so I will be embarking on a long journey, I plan to stay for 5 days. I know the recommended is 7 but I can't and my coordinator... READ MORE

I have surgery with DR O on the 18th. I paid in full today, booked my flight, and I'm nervous as hell. I've weighed as much as 210 pounds and got down to 140 simply working out and I looked good no extra skin. But I didn't have a BODY where I could walk around naked because my butt is deformed... READ MORE

Been doing a lot of research and I've finally y decided to go to Dr. Del Vecchio for my BBL. I am so excited. I'm logged on to this site 24/7 looking at everyone pics and reviews! I am certain I will get the look I want. So my current height is 5'1 My weight is 132 (checked today) 120 in... READ MORE

Hello to my "Secret Society Sisters". Well here is my much awaited review. I am now 1 month post op and in love with my new body. Dr. Fisher is a master sculptor, he did exactly what I asked for. I wanted a tiny waist, nice rounded hips and booty projection. I told him I wanted aggressive lipo... READ MORE

Hi, I am 21 years old and getting a bbl. I have be overweight since I was 12 years old. After years of bullying and being teased I decided to lose weight. I've lost a lot of weight in my late teen years but I gained it back. I now weigh almost 200 pounds, and I'm still stuck with stubborn fat... READ MORE

So I have spent most of my younger years as a tom boy so the lack of booty and hips never really bothered me, but as years went on and life changed I really started to hate the nickname duck arse and wearing dresses looking like a rectangle with something that would resemble a mosquito bite... READ MORE

I am 5 ft 9 inches weighing in at 194lbs wearing size 15 sometimes 16... I often find myself looking at my body and noticed how pregnancy put a wear and tear on my body. I exercised and went on diets starving myself just to get get rid of belly fat and love handles but nothing seem to work. My... READ MORE

Hello Dolls I've been wanting to get a BBL done since 2012 finally financial and emotionally ready :-) not to mention im also very nervous.. I was going to first go with Dr.Fisher after so many great reviews but what lead me to change my mind is the bad reviews of Vanity many things... READ MORE

Earlier this month I had a phone interview with Dr Salzhaur on having a bbl done. I am 5'3 170 pounds. I am beyond excited for this experience! He was very professional and answerd every question I had PLUS MORE! I told him exactly what I want to achieve and he gave me his opinion honestly and I... READ MORE

Ok I started looking into surgery 3 years ago and was getting hight quoted from the US doctors. I was introduced to realself this year and started looking into the Dr I reached out to 3 doctors. First doctor was Almonte second doctor was I forgot lol anyways. The last Dr was JOSE Leon who I... READ MORE

I hope to have a slim waist, round hips, a fat shapely butt, and a thigh gap. When I walked into his office over a year ago I was struck by its beauty. When I went back in August 2014 they did some upgrades and it wasn't as glamorous a place but the people who greeted me were quite nice. I met... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm soooo excited, my surgery date is tomorrow, having lipo/bbl with PS Michael Salzhauer. He did my breast augmentation two years ago and I'm happy with my breast, I trust him he will do a great change on me (= I will be posting after 1 week to keep you up to date !!! wish me a... READ MORE

I went to Dr Hedden had consult and received a quote. I went for cellulaze quote and was convinced I needed more. After reviewing 3 seep rate quotes I decided on a BBL with cellulaze for 5000$ I sent 1000$ to hold surgery date. I received a call 2 weeks later with them asking for 1000 more... READ MORE

So, I have done all the extreme dieting and working out that I want to do for the moment. I've been wanting lipo & the BBL for a couple of years but I figured I'd try some discipline to get my ideal results first by exercising/dieting, it worked and didn't work so now I am finally financial and... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so I've been asking a few questions here and there. I'm committed to getting this BBL done. I have some more homework to do. ( I over analyze everything ! so I have to research research lol ). So here I am. I wanted to share my story since I realize that reading the stories from the... READ MORE

It really was depressing looking at my body everyday all I see was a stomach I wish it could of just disappear. I was uncomfortable about how I look I needed to do something quick started dieting and the gym but it wasn't working fast enough for me .on my 32 birthday October 21 ????? a good... READ MORE

Hi ladys! Like most of you I have been stalking this wonderful website for a month now. I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of different patients of Drs. A little about me, i am 21 yrs old, I am 5'3 and my current weight is 119 lbs, I will explain my weight gaining issues on another post,... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site for about a month and have made my mind up!!! going to vanity miami for BBL with Dr. Hassan. I've seen his results and i'm absolutely in LOVE!! Nervous and Excited at the same time.. I know he has had someone to die on his table but the way my faith is set up with my... READ MORE

Hi I'm just joining. Been wanting a bbl since 2008. Finally getting financially stable enough to afford it and I'm ready but I also have patience. Will be 30 next December(2015). So I'm planning for my bbl to be at the end of July or early August 2015. I have chosen Dr. Salama in Fl. His... READ MORE

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