Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Had my consult yesterday. Dr Vogel was very professional, my patient coordinator made me feel really comfortable. They took pics and used the computer imaging to show me what to expect after surgery so that was really helpful. I was also able to look at other peoples photos as well. I feel... READ MORE

I have wanted/needed a tummy tuck since I can remember. After three kids, it's definitely time. I also want the BBL to get a nicer shape to my booty. I would like fat transfer on my breasts too, but that's not priority. I have had a couple of consults. The first was with a surgeon re. the TT.... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I was wondering if anyone has went to Dra. Duran without sending a deposit? I messaged her on 2/2/14 and got a reply within the next 5 minutes. She then told me to send a deposit if I wanted to secure my date and I tried to go to citibank like she asked but they wouldn't let me... READ MORE

I am form Russia but have lived in Spain many years. This will not be easy surgery for me I have had cosmetic surgery tummy tuck) and not had very good experience. I am very unhappy with my buttocks. Next week I will have Brazilian butt surgery, the doctor will do fat transfer and silicone since... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I too have been prowling on RS for a week now and decided to join! I'm planning to become a Cortez Doll at the end of the year and it is killing me softly to have to wait so long! All my life I have been known as the pretty girl with no booty and it has caused me to have a complex... READ MORE

Hi bbl girls I am about to have surgery August 12 with doctor rami Ghraib I am so excited not really nervous just very worried about the pain but I guess I'll get through it because this is something I really been wanting for a long about 3 years I'm going to keep this short so I will be staying... READ MORE

Looking for a PS has become very streesful. My husband is totally against me going out of the US, so that's a no go for me. I have received quotes from Hughes, Bruno, Cortes, Vanity (Fisher), Perry, and Salzhauer. The quote I received from Vanity is very good, but their reviews on RS are... READ MORE

Hey all past, present, and future dolls! I'm from the East Coast but wanting to get liposuction with fat transfer to my hips and butt. I lost like 150 pounds a few years ago, and since then have gotten a tummy tuck and breast lift. Not 100% satisfied with either, but I am wayyyyyy better now... READ MORE

It’s official .. I’ve booked my surgery for 6/10/15, with Dr. Salzhauer. God willing he will be performing a Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo of upper/lower back, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Back of Arms and Tummy Tuck!! Whoa I’m 38 years old, and I thought having a baby at 18 years old and then... READ MORE

I've been researching for about 3 years now. Met with several of the best Doctors in So Cal and saw patients from each of the Doctors. I wanted to go to Miami and get it done from Dr. Mendieta originally, but I don't want to make the trip back while I'm healing. I suck at healing. I'm a big fat... READ MORE

I used to be pretty satisfied with my body but after I had my son, my body never went back to the same shape. I always had a nice perky round bootay... but after my son was born, it has more of a square droopy look. Not attractive at all. I also lost 30 lbs after the baby but I am stuck with... READ MORE

I've been on this website for at least 2 months reading everyone’s experiences, so I decided to finally get on and put mine on here... I am so excited in a little over a month I will finally have some curves and get rid of this stubborn fat!! I work out almost every day and I am still chunky!!... READ MORE

I am 33 years old, my family is from La Vega Dominican Republic and I am looking to have Lipo on back and mid section and buttock enhancement (something like a BBL). After doing an extensive research on doctors in DR, I came down to 2 doctors that come highly recommended. First I emailed... READ MORE

Thanks to RS, I will finally get the bootay I've been searching for. I had no idea that a Brazillian Butt Lift sx existed until I stumbled onto this site. I thought it was just a butt exercise (silly me). Ever since then, I have been doing research on this newlly found secret. I've made up my... READ MORE

I am 34yrs old 5'7 and I weigh 170lbs. I have been looking at this site for a while now, and actually I am not sure if I am even typin this info in the right area??? I am scheduled for surgery with Dr Jimerson on 07-02-14, I am a little nervous about recovery, but I am excited to get everything... READ MORE

I have always since I can remember wanted a bigger butt. However, it has always just been a wish and nothing more. About two years ago I decided to start researching and stop moping around and try to actually do something about it. So I started to research and research different ways to get a... READ MORE

Hey dolls my name Markeida and I'm 22 years old and I'm read to turn myself into a Barbie yes I said it Barbie, I'm sick of looking like ken lol I want a body like a brick house lol so will be updating every week maybe me more so were am I ? Im getting a brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck yes... READ MORE

After reading the reviews i have chosen to go with Dr Alsani not a difficult choice at all. Sent an enquiry email had a response in 24 hrs from jenny, sent my pictures, another response that day from jenny and an agreement made as to the date i want and what day ill pay my deposit,not spoken... READ MORE

Certainly has been a battle. Went through so many doctors. In the end I want the BBL and tummy tuck done in the same procedure. Some doctors do it others wont. Even considered a doctor that does both under local anesthesia. OMG!! Not without a few Xanex, LOL . Went through Jimerson, booked until... READ MORE

I have been on this blog like crazy! I dream about ass looking at so many. I FINALLY got quote from Duran I feel like I can get this ball rolling now. I know I have 9 mos but I'm so anxious. I am 5'6 143lbs. Trying to gain at least 10 before my BIG day! It's so hard for me because I have a very... READ MORE

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