Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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My coordinator at Cirumed told me about this forum, I had only been aware of Spanish forums before. I had consulted dr.aslani at Quiron malaga originally for a breast uplift about a year ago but somehow never went ahead. still I kept this in mind and surfing in their page I saw their before and... READ MORE

I've been on realself for about a month now and i finnally put a down payment down today. im so excited, Time to do something for my self! I spoke with Vivian who was very sweet and helpful in answering all of my questions. everyone on here has been so helpful with there reviews and helping me... READ MORE

Ok so I'm 28 years old with a 1 yr old. I'm about 5'3 and I just did my physical today so I'm 181. I've wanted a big ass since I can remember I jus didn't know how to get it. So I stumbled upon realself and did all my research I decided to go with duran. So I contacted her in October got my... READ MORE

Hello ladies. I have been researching on rs for awhile & finally decided to make a step & post pictures. I don't know what doctor I want to go with though. I'm 20 135 lbs maybe 5 7. I live in Virginia so I would like to find a doctor close by maybe in Washington, D.C. or near that area... READ MORE

Hello divas I'm super excited to finally have a sexy behind and small waist. I'm 5'2 and 136. I gained 11 pounds for this, enjoyed eating for two but I'm so ready to be back to my normal self. Working out and eating healthy. No more happy hours:( thank you so much to all the brave ladies that... READ MORE

41 w/ 1 adult son, have always had a muscular body to die being an athlete. Now that my son is gone and it's time for me to do and have the body I've always wanted. Curvalicious!!!!!! Been stalking RS FOR QUITE some time and getting in all my research, initially wanted Fisher but he didn't work... READ MORE

The commencement of my quest started 7yrs ago. I went 3yrs into stealth mode, secluded and depressed with what I had became. For years I was-125lbs, became So ! involved with education and lust, I gained an excess amount of weight-183lbs. I made every attempt to lose the weight, and tried many... READ MORE

I have a strange behind, I have quite a bit up top in a sort of shelf! Then my butt caves in at the bottom. It's weird, and has always driven me crazy. It looks decent in certain underwear, but when I'm nude you can really tell how disproportionate it is. I've wanted to do something about it as... READ MORE

Ive wanted a bbl for a while now and now have the courage to get it done ...Ive had a couple of doctors in mind yily being the first but there are so many bad review about her ..thinking about duran but it seems theres no way to get in contact with her ..can someone tell me how i can get in... READ MORE

Anyone have any experience with having TT and BBL performed together? I was first looking at Dr. Salama in Forida but he is booked until May 2013! Yikes! I then saw Dr. Jimmerson in ATL my consultation is in October and my consultation with Salama is in September. Any advice is appreciated! I'm... READ MORE

Hi ladies, im 25 5'3 and weight 128 currently. Although im usually 125 and dont go lower or more than 128. Last november i had a breast lift with saline augmentation. And i waaant a matching booty. I want to have curves! Im thinking doctor hasan from vanity, or going to new lofe with llorente... READ MORE

Didn't think I would write a review but it seems helpful and encouraging from others so I decided to go ahead an join in! Lol plus I realize the most people with reviews before they have their procedure, comes out with some of the better results (my opinion)---it's like "they're watching" lol... READ MORE

I was planning on waiting until I had after pics to post but I can't sleep (too anxious). Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm so excited!! I've been so busy this last week I've hardly had time to get excited but now that work is taken care of and family is taken care of it's starting to hit me that my... READ MORE

Hi everyone! First of all thank you so much for all the posts, reviews, and info. It's been so helpful to follow so many different stories that answered my questions, and raised questions I didn't think to ask. I'm stuck between two surgeons: Daniel Del Vecchio and Matthew Schulman They both... READ MORE

I'm having a consultation with Dr. Fisher on July 31st while on vacation . I'm coming from really far away and I don't want to go all the way to Miami for my procedure and I don't want it to get the run around that I've read about with vanity. What are some tips and advice so that I don't run... READ MORE

Hello everyone!! I have been wanting to get a brazilian butt lift for a long time. Now that im older I realized it is time to do it. Let me say this is strictly for me. ALL ABOUT ME. Its not for no damn man and definitely not for anyone's liking but myself. I have been through a lot of issues in... READ MORE

So I've just recently gotten interested in going to the DR for surgery. Seems like they curve women way better than here in the U.S. I'm still undecided on a surgeon. I love Dr. Durans work and have reached out to her but I hear getting her is like finding a needle in a haystack. I was able to... READ MORE

Hi my fellow BBL dolls....So a little about me...My name is Jenn or J-Lo or J-Lok more recently but funny thing I have no Jlo butt. LOL. I first saw a Brazilian butt lift procedure in 1999 and asked my hubby at time if I could get it...he said if you find it nearby yes. Of course it wasnt a big... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a 25 yr old female from the UK and have always always had a huge complex about my butt/hips or lack of them! I have unfortunate genes and was blessed with a flat chest & no butt or curves what so ever.. After years of research I finally decided to bite the bullet last March and get a... READ MORE

Hello ladies. I learned about Brazilian butt lifts about 7 years ago and found real self about 3 years ago. Before learning about this procedure I was caught up in a couple other communities online where women were getting butt injections in hotels. I was excited to know that one of my big... READ MORE

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