Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Ok so i have frequently been on this website looking for the perfect doctor and searching for the perfect procedure since my best friend went to doctor salama her results were amazing but we had both agreed that she should have researched a little bit more on doing so ik found what i think to be... READ MORE

My oh my has it been a journey but I'm beyond ready as well as excited. Time has flew by and my day is here ... Ima make this one short but just to start off and say hello but I will be posting very detailed starting Friday April 10th which is 4 days before my surgery. stay tuned Wish Pics Below... READ MORE

So...I have paid my $500 deposit and I have my sx date booked, and my plan ticket has been purchased. My email quote price is $3800. I have been reading everyone's stories and of course I am nervous!!! I live in Texas and will be flying into San Diego to have a BBL. Dr. Pantoja will liposuction... READ MORE

Ok, so I've been following this site for a few months now. I finally decided after much back and forth to follow through. To be clear I'm not insecure, and I have no problem trying to lose weight. In fact I've lost and gained weight at least 3 to 4 times since 2007. I'm usually very... READ MORE

Hello everyone. So I'm going with dr ghavami in California for my s curve procedure also known as bbl. I researched many doctors and many were a lot cheaper but I love dr ghavami's pics and videos. I feel like he is a real artist. My surgery is on April 29,2015. I'm so nervous. I even thought... READ MORE

Can't wait to fly to Miami (never been before) to get my nu nu booty! I put my deposit down today. Now tis time to prepare. 2 months will go by b4 I know it! Tubes tied so no more kiddos. Time to get my body back. Starting with the BBL, and hopefully the boobs end of year or next year. Wish... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I have been stocking this site for about 3 months and I have been thinking about getting a BBL for almost 2 years now. I am in a toss up of doctors Dr. Cortes, Salama and Hasan. I have been reading a lot of ladies reviews about their experiences and outcomes. Dr. Hasan and Salama... READ MORE

This is my first post so Im excited and nervous all at the same time! Ive been stalking this site for a month or so and decided maybe I should say something #creeplife Lol..Well Im a 38 year old mother of a 1year old and a 6 year old! I always thought i was cute but after having 2 children,my... READ MORE

So I've booked my bbl surgery with doctor salama it will be in September 17 but since having a wedding to attend that month I feel it's best to push my surgery to February which will leave me time to save and prepare for my big day. I'm so excited can't wait. Lady's dr salama is suppose to be... READ MORE

Hi everybody on RS:) this is my first post so im not exactly sure what to write so im jus gunna wing it lol..I'm a 21 year old female living in Toronto Canada..I have been researching doctors in the Dominican because im DYING to get Lipo and fat transfer to my booty..this procedure won't be... READ MORE

Hi. I'm a fist timer here. I decide that I wanna get a liposculture with fat transfer. I want it because I really need to change my body ASAP. I don't wanna do my breast because I wanna be a mommy in the next two years, so I will leave it for a future procedure. The doctor said that I need to... READ MORE

Im scheduled for my sx on the 20th of May 2015. yeah this time I gotta do it. Please Lord with y our blessing. I went last year and had to turn right back with an emergency. SMH. O' well that's old news but I had to tell you because I will post some current pix of my before... Im crazy I don't... READ MORE

Hello, here I am...and it's my turn!!;-) The final surgery will be next month and I'm very excited. I've decided for Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I'm sure to be in very good hands with him. He and his lovely team answer all my questions so fast (...and I had a lot of questions :-D ) ... READ MORE

Hi realself!!!! ive been reaching this procedure for sometime now... I wanna say about 8 years!!! and im FINALLY going to do it while I have time!!! so AUGUST 2015 I will be getting my bbl!!!!!! ive done a lot of research on DR HASAN and I hear and see nothing but good results!!! I need a... READ MORE

I have no butt at all! I have been wanting a BBL for some time now. I recently underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery and have lost 60 pounds I am 32 lbs away from my goal weight. I had a tummy tuck in 2010, and I will need another and a few more procedures after I reach my ideal weight. I am... READ MORE

Getting a BBL and tummy lipo next week with Dr. Matthew Schulman. His staff is so professional and kind, but they tell you straight what to expect. Schulman is great to talk with and I know he is amazing at what he does. I'm just nervous nellie, because I know I'm not 23 doing this so its a... READ MORE

I want this body fixed!!!!i have been researching bbl for over 2 years and finally hVe decided to get it done !!! I hate my stomach and have always had a flat butt!! Hoping fisher can fix my stomach , I might have to get a TT. To achieve the looks I ma going for. I also dont. Want a square butt... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so I've been asking a few questions here and there. I'm committed to getting this BBL done. I have some more homework to do. ( I over analyze everything ! so I have to research research lol ). So here I am. I wanted to share my story since I realize that reading the stories from the... READ MORE

Hi Real Selfers! I've been stalking and stalking and stalking this site for months now and I'm finally committing myself to making this change that I want so badly. I'm nothing but boobs and back, with shoulders(so I've been teased about). I have a slight curve to my back but I have no hips and... READ MORE

I would like a little more volume in the upper part of my butt. And I have stubborn fat in my back and love handles. Don't want to go too big just needs a little help. Also I want my hips to project more. Im 30 5 ft 9 160 want to be about 140 lbs. I am trying to find out more about this... READ MORE

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