Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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I am new to this site. I have heard and read numerous reviews about it and I am excited to start my journey. I really want a bbl, lipo on flanks, a little on my back and maybe a little on my arms. I am most interested in the fat transfer method of bbl. I work out about 3-4 times a week,... READ MORE

First of all sorry for my English, I'm French. I'm 38 and got 3 kids. My baby is now 8months. Got my quote from Yily. What I expect is--> Brazilian butt lift : very round and bouncing and a Liposucion to harmonize my shape. See attached my pics...I gained some pounds during my last 10 days... READ MORE

I am 32 years old and a ps virgin. I received quotes from many different surgeons and initially went with Dr. Baez. I love her work and she was very responsive to my emails. While doing my research I came across Dr. Cabrals work and fell in love with it. I have read all the stories about his... READ MORE

So this is my first post. I am starting my journey to find the right surgeon to help me achieve the look I always wanted. A little about me, I am a 24 yr old web developer who is just not happy looking in the mirror. I will post my current body images soon but I really want to get myself... READ MORE

I used to be pretty satisfied with my body but after I had my son, my body never went back to the same shape. I always had a nice perky round bootay... but after my son was born, it has more of a square droopy look. Not attractive at all. I also lost 30 lbs after the baby but I am stuck with... READ MORE

Hello realself girls! Okay, so I've been looking into this procedure since March of this year (2014). I've been so undecided whether or not to do this procedure. Not because I can't afford it or because I don't think it will work, but because I'm such a punk! I have never been put to sleep... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Shahine's Brooklyn office. He wasn't there but the staff was very friendly and helpful. I was quoted what I thought was a good price and booked my surgery. I was told I could meet the doctor anytime. I went back to the office 3 times and he was never there. But there were... READ MORE

I'm 43, 5'1, and weigh 140 lbs. I'm getting the BBL and TT. I carry most of my weight in my mid section. I can't wear the shirts and dresses that I like. I decided since I needed a change. I want the hour glass shape and a nice butt. I'm a single parent of a 16, 18, and 23... READ MORE

Hey ladies, here's a small peak into my BBL story. I have been wanting a fat transfer ever since I turned 19, I live in Miami and even though I am Cuban I am on the thinner side and was never blessed with a big ol' butt or hips. I looked into it at first but was always turned down since the... READ MORE

Hi ladies!!!!!!! im lala ill be visiting dr baez for a bbl and tt with hips and full body lipo. in 45 days! i waited till i was close to my surgery date to write my review because doing it when your soooo far away from time can be annoying and some what a tease lol. ive been stalkin this site... READ MORE

Hello lady's my name is B and I'm from NYC. I am 25 and weigh 125 now. My norm is usually around 100-105lbs being that I'm ONLY 4'11.. But I was on prednisone for 8 months and that BLEW me up.. I was actually 156 at my worse. So I'm doing pretty good but it has DESTROYED my body nothing is tight... READ MORE

Ok, ladies I have finally put my mind to losing weight. Today is August 03, 2014 I have started taking Lipozene the weight lose pills. My current weight is 210. Speaking with Ms. Lucy she stated that I need to lose spme pounds before sx. I'm thinking of having the sx next year in March 2015.... READ MORE

I have been stalking real self on my preparation for my bbl with Dr. Gutierrez. Thank you vets who helped us prepare. Now about my doc he is the best so happy with my results so far even though it's only been one day. The driver from Gutierrez office picked me up from the San Diego airport and... READ MORE

I've become obsessed with having the fat transfer to buttocks. I'm 33, have 2 children and I have NEVER been happy with my weight. I'm 5'10" and weigh 255. Every one thinks I weigh less bcuz I'm tall so it doesn't look as bad. But naked... I see all the flaws. My size is starting to interfere in... READ MORE

I cannot decide which to chose, either Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hasan. I originally was interested in having the surgery done in DR with Duran but I'm getting annoyed with the lack of communication. I'm also taking it as a sign since I was already hesitant. So surgery in DR is not for me... (even... READ MORE

Hey ladies, I'm a newbie to the site! I've been lurkin for months and today had the nerve to post my 1st review... l've been readin hundreds of posts, and is still undecided on the surgeon I want to give the ass I've always wanted. I will post pics and update as much as possible. So if u come... READ MORE

Hi :) ! Omg I've legit been creeping / a fan of this site for years & I finally deemed it time to make an account because I'll be undergoing my procedure soon . HERstory: I was born with 0 cheeks & knew from early butt augmentation was my only option . Around '10 or so I began researching... READ MORE

Hello RS! I have been stalking this website and the reviews are VERY helpful ! I have been following DR. Duran in DR for quite some time now and I am impressed !!! She does fabulous work and I am ready for her hands to bless my body ! I have 2 kids, I'm 5'3 and about 178 pounds ! I don't think I... READ MORE

Hello my real self sisters After reading several reviews here of you lovely lady's I decided to proceed with my surgery... Am 21 years old, no kids (as yet ) . And am dying to get a bbl and small lipo . I've spoken to several doctors like ,cabral, Robles, Baez ... And let me start by saying... READ MORE

So last night I emailed Vanity clinic to see about how I should about this process. A lady named Lia called me around 11am the next day to talk to me about what it was that I was looking for. I told her I wanted to get a BBL around December that way I could heal and go back to school the... READ MORE

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