Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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HELP ME PICK A SURGEON!!!! I have researched and flown in for 3 consultations Georgia- Dr. Andrew Jimerson New York- Dr. Matthew Schulman Florida- Dr. Moises Salama. Dr. Jimerson- Georgia PROs - LOVE THE WAY HE SHAPES HIS BOOTYS TO GIVE THEM THAT BUBBLE BUTT APPEAL - He spent an hour and... READ MORE

I have officially paid for my surgery and now am counting down the days. 37 DAYS! i need more preparation, not sure what to buy or prepare for, HELP? I have a few things in mind/ - Maderma - Go Girl [ already ordered ] - BBL Pillow - Epi Foam? is this reccommended? - a whole bunch of camis for... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and I'm ready to do some changes after one child. My butt is pretty average but I would like to add a little bit more back there and of course some lipo to give me those nice curves. I'm nervous, sometimes I'm up all night thinking about having this done but then sometimes I'm... READ MORE

So my journey begins!!!!...I've done my research an Im very happy to say Ill soon be a Medina Doll!!!!...Im so excited an a bit nervous at the same time. I research Dr.Augustina Baez also but no response. I sent my deposit to Dr.Medina my SX will happen in January 2016. Im looking into RH... READ MORE

So I'm getting a BBL the 28th, just four days away. I'm having it done with Dr Arnaldo Valls. I was wondering if any of you ladies have had any procedures done by this doctor? I'm 5'6 weighing 180 wanting to have a tight stomach and a bigger booty. I'm nervous due to no reviews on this... READ MORE

I'm in Love With RS... THE BEST experience Ever. Finally Some where you can come in make life decision without been criticized… #Support For other is amazing Yayyyy So Tomorrow I Will be taken a step forward to pay my deposit to have my #BBL I'm a Lil afraid.I still have a lot of Questions... READ MORE

I finally decided on a plastic surgeon to perform my BBL procedure Awesome Dr. Newall :) after consulting with 4 doctors. 3 here in Houston and one in MiamiFL. It has been though to decide but I hope to God, I made the right choice. Can't wait. I will post before and after pictures later.... READ MORE

I have the figure already I just want it a little more intense. I have the bootayyy I just want that 27'' waist.. Although I workout hard and weight train my body doesnt drop weight like others. I build muscle, and what most don't understand is that muscle weighs more than fat. I'm a size 10 in... READ MORE

Been doing a lot of research and I've finally y decided to go to Dr. Del Vecchio for my BBL. I am so excited. I'm logged on to this site 24/7 looking at everyone pics and reviews! I am certain I will get the look I want. So my current height is 5'1 My weight is 132 (checked today) 120 in... READ MORE

Hey everyone I went to yily 2 yrs ago but am finally ready for a round 2. One of my cheeks are bigger then the other, i have uneven lipo and need my hips evened out. Although I get compliments on my shape daily u know how us women are lol. Im between hasan, salama, schulman and well anybody who... READ MORE

Hello, I'm 27 years old, I have 2 kids!! I currently weight 175 and I'm 5"0 tall. Doctor Duran told me to lose 15 pounds before my procedure. I had left 20 emails and I finally called and told them about it. They gave me a quote that same day! I will be traveling in October and have not... READ MORE

Ive always wanted a flat stomach but after my first born i found it impossible . No time for exercise full time working mom :( so now I'm actually ready for this journey after years of wanting to do either a tummy tuck or lipo but I'm now sold on more of a tummy tuck because of my stretched skin... READ MORE

Finally ready to get started w my mommy makeover. After having consultations with dr.fisher, pazmino & cg cosmetic surgery (never did get to meet a dr. At cg cosmetic just the nurse smh) I decided to go with Dr. Fisher even tho, vanity seems kinda messy. Trust i read tons of reviews. I have... READ MORE

I'm so excited! She replies promptly! I think by April-May I will be on my way to get my surgery! I live in North Carolina USA so I'm super nervous about going to Dominican Republic but I want to be a Medina Doll! I want my booty Omgosh! I was suppose to go this year but due to issues I... READ MORE

Hello everyone!! I have been on this site for a while looking at everyone reviews and progress ? every one looking good. So things just got real really fast Lol I just booked my date ! I decided to go with Dr.Hasan at Vanity because a reletive of mine had him as well and her body looks... READ MORE

First started watching fat transfers on you tube until a friend told me he knew a girl who got the work done and to check out real self which I then became obsessed .There were two things I was obsessed with were Groupon and real self .I started my journey back in March 2015 and was stuck on one... READ MORE

Ok a little about me, I am 20 years old and I am a full time college student. My mom is super supportive of me getting this surgery so she is giving me this as a gift for my b day my dad isn't however which I'm just not going to tell him( father is very dingy). I honestly do not know what I... READ MORE

Didn't think I would write a review but it seems helpful and encouraging from others so I decided to go ahead an join in! Lol plus I realize the most people with reviews before they have their procedure, comes out with some of the better results (my opinion)---it's like "they're watching" lol... READ MORE

I have now been "realselfing" for some time and now start my own diary. thanks girls for all your stories and pics which have made this possible for me. I have put down my deposit and set my date , I just had my online consultation with my surgeon. I am going with dr a because de does great... READ MORE

Hello RealSelf World, Guess I'll start this post off with a physical description. I am in my mid 20's, 6'0" & about 230 pounds. Current measurements before surgery are: 44DD - 38 - 45 (Before & after photos will be avaliable on a later post.) My consult was in April 2014, out of curiosity.... READ MORE

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