Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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Hello, I'm considering a bbl with Dr Ortega or dr Hughes. At this point I don't really know how to chose between them cause it looks like both have good reviews and their works look amazing. Di Hughes is a bit pricier than Dr Ortega but I really want opinion from people who have been their... READ MORE

Hello RS. So I have officially been Fishered. I'm not too sure how I feel about it. I had surgery on 8/6 and waiting to see these amazing results I read so much about. I have a shelf and I hate it. Fat up high nothing in the middle. I will share my whole experience but will start with all... READ MORE

I am 21 creeping up on 22. I have no kids and I want to do this for me. I have always been top heavy and in school people always make fun of me and I was shaped like the letter "P." Well lets just say when they see me in 2015 their mouths will drop. I am 5 ft 2 and I weigh 140 pounds. My... READ MORE

Just wanted to put up some present pics of myself before I get my WONDERFUL makeover! I already received my quote from Dr. Almonte, just waiting on quote from Yily. A little more about me, I'm 33 yrs old 5'2 and 145lbs. I have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. I had gastric sleeve surgery Sept 2012... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for December 12, 2014 with Dr. Yily. ($300.00 international bank transfer to secure date) I will be flying to the DR the day before. I will be staying at Real Armonia Recovery ($100.00 deposit made to secure date). The procedures are a bbl, tummy tuck, lipo of arms, back and... READ MORE

After several other procedures I am still interested in getting a BBL. I've done coolsculpting and laser lipo. I've tried pills and all types of creams to increase my hip and buttock size. My previous doctor told me that I just needed to make my waist smaller, lose stomach fat, and work out at... READ MORE

Hi!! Ive been on RS for a few weeks researching doctors and Ive finally decided to share my journey. 2 years ago I had a bbl with lipo in Mexico. My results were great but I didnt get the big butt and curvy figured that I always dreamed of. Now Im ready for Round 2!! After going back and forth... READ MORE

I bought my plane ticket Friday night and I already have my passport. I'm flying out of JFK. READ MORE

Hello loves!!! I'm so excited about the journey that I am about to embark on. I have been doing my research for time now and I finally have the balls to go through with it. I am getting a bbl that will be preformed by Dr. Fisher. I am in love with his work. He really gives women a good hourglass... READ MORE

I have scheduled a much desired tumescent Brazilian butt lift with a Harvard Med School Grad/Residency Doctor in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been a doctor for 30 years, and yelp reviews are about 5 star average. . He did Lipo on my mom and results are as expected (she was very large, so the... READ MORE

Hi there ladies, I am totally new to the whole Brazilian butt lift and I am just getting started! I was actually referred by a friend so I'll be going with Dr. Hasan for sure. Have made contact and now just awaiting more information. I can't wait to get this going and finished so I can enjoy my... READ MORE

Hello chicas! I'm so excited because I have officially decided to to get a BBL! I've wanted that full back side since I was in middle school. What really sucked was a lot of my relatives had big booties. Since I'm Dominican and I've been there numerous times for family vacations I've decided... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not... READ MORE

I'm 40 yrs old with 4 kids..I'm ready to get that booty right..I'm ready to start living and has some fun in my life..Better late then never.. so confused on who and where I want to hAve the bbl's between duran,baez,hasan& Ortega half is in DR other half I'm miami and other one is Dr... READ MORE

I'm leaving to the Dominican Republic to meet with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez-P on 3/31/14. I'm excited but also nervous. I'm going to do a Brazilian butt lift. I would like to know if anyone had any experience with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. I have done my research and all I found it wonderful... READ MORE

Hey Yall, I kid you not, I learned of the BBL procedure 3 months ago . Its a blessing that so many of you have took the time to write your experiences about the BBL journey. There would not have been any other way for me to have been prepared for something like this w/o YEARS of researching... READ MORE

RealSelf Well I have finally begun my documentation of my BBL journey. So here goes.... I have been interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift since forever! I had a breast augmentation done in 2004 and at that time I asked my doctor about increasing my butt size but he said I was fine. I... READ MORE

After years of being discontent with myself, I've actually decided to do something about it. I'm cute, yes. I'm short, with thick thighs, no hips, and sadly, no a$$....which is a HUGE downfall. Sure, looks can only take you so far and granted, I could work out. I've been 100 lbs and STILL no... READ MORE

Hi guys! I`ve been wanting a brazilian buttlift for years now, I always felt like my butt was just way to small, ive always had the curves... just no butt. I was in the fitness world since I was 13years old, and recently put on about 10-20 pounds being a college student, and having no time to... READ MORE

Hi! can someone please help me and my sister... i keep reading really good reviews about villalobos body work but has anyone done or met someone that has done rhinoplasty surgery with him? i would love just to do everything at once...i also see really good reviews about hernando florez but i... READ MORE

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