Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello everyone, What a great site. Sorry my English is not so well, I'm from Amsterdam. I'm having my BBL done end of this month. Here in my country getting a BBL done is not really often done yet. So my surgery will be followed by national tv (omg!). Hope I'll have such as nice results you... READ MORE

OK so I have been following all the brave ladies on the site and i finally started looking for the doctor of choice. I'm 43 year old female who is ready to claim the confidence I was had. Although I'm in the medical profession, u ladies have taught me a great deal about how to go about this... READ MORE

Hello all this is my first time on here and my first time doing this but I'm getting a bbl tummy tuck and lipo. I am going alone I was trying to see if any one else will be there and need a buddy. I'm a lil scared but I kno the out come will be great and god is on my side. In my price the... READ MORE

Hi, .. I live in Miami, FL where the your body is your 1st impression. I have been researching the Brazilian Butt Lift for about 14months now and I am READY! lol. My current measurements are 5'2 170lbs (yikes) 36C-27-40 and I am 24years old. I want to be 34C-24-43 (maybe 44?) 160lbs :-D I... READ MORE

Hey guys, I am 23 years old, 5'5", 140lbs. I have gained weight with these past few years from birth control and stress, and have decided to do some liposculpture and add some fat to my hips. I am new to real self, and plastic surgery. I have always considered surgery just didn't know how to go... READ MORE

I've been a Rs member for a little over a year now. I'am been addicted to this site. I' m a mother of 5 and really need this makeover. I'm currently 5"5 192 and currently a size 14. I've done my research, and going with Dr. Fisher I love his work n hope to get the result I truly desire. I... READ MORE

I wanted to have a more voluptuous body and feel sexier. The final outcome of my procedures, Brazilian butt lift and breast implants, was well worth it. Dr. Schulman was able to sculpt my body into a more curvier figure. Despite the difficult recovery process and required innovative... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I had a mommy makeover in 2010 in the us and am not thrilled with my results. I mean my breasts are great but the doctor didn't do any muscle repair or lipo so I feel like I have no waist. I joke around all the time and say I look like spongebob square so I decided to get... READ MORE

This is my first time posting anything! But why not... It was so worth it! I'm a dr.cortez doll :) I decided to do this bc after having. A child I felt like my body wasn't the same and I lost my butt! so I made a consultation with dr.cortez through email (which was very easy) and it went well I... READ MORE

Hi ladies. I've been on this site for the past 6 months and doing research on many doctors. I am hoping to receive a BBL in May 2015. However I am still hesitant on doctors to choose from. I Am located In the Bay Area, California. Since I am 20 yrs old and a full time college student, money is... READ MORE

Well this part isn't new to me, introduction in which I'm referencing too. I'm 25 with only one son whose my whole wide world. I'm interested an getting lipo to full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist with BBL and fat gathering to hips/lateral this year. Thereafter, I would like to get a breast... READ MORE

I scheduled my procedure with Dr. Omeed Memar today. I want the doctor to curve out my hips and give me a mute feminine, sleek, rounder hips and fill out my backside. The doctor said he will take care of all that cottage cheese back there, but we shall see. Seeing my own body pics makes me crave... READ MORE

So far all I have done is spoken with the people at Vanity! They seem really excited to get people into their facility and have been willing to answer all of my questions that I have had so far. Just have to save up money for this deposit because I refuse to pay in cash for it. I can't wait... READ MORE

Good evening Ladies! As you know, I originally looked into having a BBL in DR, but after careful review and tons of research, I have decided to go with Dr.Fisher!! For those of you that dk anything about me, I am 25 years old, NO kids, I am 5'1 & 175lb. I have decided that it would be best to... READ MORE

So today marks the beginning of my journey to that "perfect body" I have in mind. I have long been a fan of plastic surgery....mainly for the body (I am absolutely happy with every part of my face LOL) and I never had the $$$ or had the money but wanted to use it for other things like BILLS!!... READ MORE

I've only considered this since November 2012 and I just want a big ass booty. My goal is to have it and get on with my life as far as working. I'm really scared about getting it done but the end results is all I'm in it for. I just moved to Georgia on January 29,2012. I asked for the procedure... READ MORE

I am so excited I am 2yrs post gastric sleeve with a fair share of sagging skin. I have researched and I am so excited for Dra. Robles to do my surgery. I have looked at plenty of pictures and read so many reviews and I think she will give me the look I am looking for....I am having ... READ MORE

I guess when your cute, smart and funny something has to be missing and mine is a butt. I'm 4 days away..a lil nervous but excited..I know this won't be easy after surgery with not being able to sit and all not to mention the soreness but I feel I am prepared as much as possible, I have my... READ MORE

So after an under impressive lipo procedure, I have decided to get another procedure. Since I'll be having lipo again I decided that I might as well put that fat to great use. I have chosen Dr. Ortega and will be travelling to Miami on 1/23 with my cousin, who is also getting a BBL. Vivian has... READ MORE

Ok, I am scheduled to have my bbl with Dr. Ortega on Wednesday, 1/14/15! I am getting nervous. I want a small bubble butt. I do not want hips or a get to booty, lol. I thought about cancelling this surgery a couple of times but my husband and Dr. Ortega talked me back into it. Dr. Ortega is... READ MORE

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