Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Ok I started looking into surgery 3 years ago and was getting hight quoted from the US doctors. I was introduced to realself this year and started looking into the Dr I reached out to 3 doctors. First doctor was Almonte second doctor was I forgot lol anyways. The last Dr was JOSE Leon who I... READ MORE

I am going to Dr. Shifrin on July 27, 2015 for my bbl. I had my consultation on May 29, 2015 and the doctor was so nice. He answered all of my questions. Since I live out of state I have been calling their office everyday to get everything in order. Adrian is wonderful each time I call she... READ MORE

Went for consultation with Dr. Shifrin that went well. He listened to every detail of what I want to be achieved and made his suggestions on what was needed and what I could do without. In college I worked out religiously and had the body to show for it. After kids and marriage I lost that drive... READ MORE

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to write on here.. Anywhom I'm 30 and I have 3 kids and I'm not planning on pushing anymore out.. lol Plus my wife doesn't really want any kids.. I want A bigger ass, Lipo to my stomach, back, arms, under chin, and thighs not sure about a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Hi. Im a 37 yr old mom to two boys. Im 5'0 ft 137lbs, trying to decide if I should get BBL with lipo to full back, flanks or a tummy tuck with lipo to full back and flanks or do if the cost is reasonable. I had one phone consult with Lucy with Dr. Cortes, the cost was reasonable... READ MORE

Hello from Los Angeles. I've been on real self since 2013 but "officially" joined (that is put in my email to view you sexy ladies progress) a couple of months ago. I've been stalking for the longest. I've been stalking most of you females progress & I must say I had my mind kind of set on going... READ MORE

So I decided on the BBL... Mainly because she wants that waist snatched!!!!! AND.... Not too much volume on the butt, but definitely nice and round! Right now I'm scheduled with Dr. Oska Omelpu in MIA October 15. My guy is in Iraq right now and will be home in NOVEMBER. I'm thinking that I... READ MORE

Here i go starting a new journey! I just sent my email and pictures to angie to get a date to go in the office to get a Quote I was told its much cheaper in person. I plan on bbl tt and ba! Believe me I NEED IT! But its a waiting game now, lets see how long it takes. Hope not too long im so... READ MORE

I've hated my shape since I gave birth. I'm very top heavy, and my bottom half leaves a lot to be desired. I've been doing research on this procedure for years, but always put it off until the right time. Well I finally decided that the right time is right now. I made a decision, and I booked... READ MORE

Hey ladies like so many that have written before I too want to tell you thank you so much your reviews and previews have a really really inspired me to go ahead and do this most people would ridicule me ...because they would say girl just go to the gym or some people would think that I'm... READ MORE

I'm getting a BBL I know the doctor will lipo my abdomen but do you think I NEED a mini TT? Especially, if I'm thinking of family planning in 3-5 years? Is a TT required for an hourglass shape? Perhaps, the BBL alone will give me a shapely hourglass figure? I don't want to spend the extra $$ on... READ MORE

I have been looking at result pictures and reading reviews. I know people who went to Ortega but, I love Omulepu's results? Any suggestions or advice? My frame is that of an inverted triangle with measurements being 36-30-38. I feel like Ortegas office rushes me when I call.... I'll call... READ MORE

So I went for my consultation yesterday before surgery today and I felt right at home when I got there. Everyone was so nice and answered all of the questions I had! Dr salama was extremely realistic in what my outcome would be and was really personal. I feel like I've made the right decision so... READ MORE

Hello everyone. My name is Tiffany and I have been wanting to get a bbl for about 2 years now. I have finally decided on going through with the procedure and will be going to dr Salama on March 4th 2016. I am currently 5'3 and need to lose about 60 pounds for the surgery. I will be traveling... READ MORE

I'm in Love With RS... THE BEST experience Ever. Finally Some where you can come in make life decision without been criticized… #Support For other is amazing Yayyyy So Tomorrow I Will be taken a step forward to pay my deposit to have my #BBL I'm a Lil afraid.I still have a lot of Questions... READ MORE

I have officially paid for my surgery and now am counting down the days. 37 DAYS! i need more preparation, not sure what to buy or prepare for, HELP? I have a few things in mind/ - Maderma - Go Girl [ already ordered ] - BBL Pillow - Epi Foam? is this reccommended? - a whole bunch of camis for... READ MORE

Im a gym rat mixed with a church girl. LOL~ I been tryna build a booty & I failed. lol .. Anyhow, I had a consultation w/ Dr Hazani last month in July and he was super sweet & Michelle and Sarah (his assistants) are awesome. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift in 2010 so Dr Hazani agreed to fix... READ MORE

Hello ladies, Im going to the Dominican Republic and getting a Brazilian Butt lift from Dr. Duran. Im planning on staying at a recovery house, but Im looking for a travel buddy, Im putting the $250 deposit down today, and Getting a surgery date tomorrow. If anyone is going the end of September... READ MORE

I have been stalking everyone on this site. I am so glad there is an avenue for us to discuss, support and relate with each other. I am determined to have surgery next year, I am between Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hasan both are Miami and I believe are at Vanity Cosmetics. I am concerned about the low... READ MORE

I'm 5'9 168lbs BMI 24, measurements 38 33 42. My wish is to obtain the waist to hip ratio with some projection & a small waistline. I've had 4 back surgery an over the years my abdominal area has grown. I've never been over weight but I have some stubborn fat in my abdominal that I just... READ MORE

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