Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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Have my consult set up with Dr. Cortes on September 3rd! Excited :) I'm 5'2" 126lbs (gained 5 lbs once i decided on getting BBL ) Really hoping I'm at okay weight for my dream booty. Hoping I don't have to gain much more. Want a small waist. Right now I'm 34inches and like 39hips. Hoping to get... READ MORE

I was so excited to get this procedure done. throughout the years being on birth control I gained weight and I really want my size back down like I was a few years ago so I decided lipo and to also transfer the fat to my buttocks because I wanted my but round and it look the same just wide and... READ MORE

I, like all the other dolls, have been stalking RH for months and I have finally decided to post. I am 5'4" 168lbs looking to have lipo, BBL and TT for the first round and go back later for a breast lift/reduction. I also want to lose 20lbs before my procedure...think I will get better results... READ MORE

I am 34yrs old 5'7 and I weigh 170lbs. I have been looking at this site for a while now, and actually I am not sure if I am even typin this info in the right area??? I am scheduled for surgery with Dr Jimerson on 07-02-14, I am a little nervous about recovery, but I am excited to get everything... READ MORE

I Am 26 yrs Old I have No kids in Dallas Tx. I Don't even no where to begin I am 5'6 220 Ibs I Know i will have to loose way more weight which I can do since I've lost almost 20 Ibs since April of this year. I have huge boobs and want to offset them with a Big ol booty lol If any one can let me... READ MORE

Im very excited for my procedure on May 15th. Ive been so busy with school I havent bought any supplies yet for my trip. Ive enjoyed reading about everyone's experiences. I wish you all well! If I dont reply to something I work part time and am in a graduate program full time. Thanks for all the... READ MORE

Hi all I am getting butt lift/ fatt transfer in Miami coral gables cosmetic center with dr Freiman. I am 5'3 about 170lbs I heard nothing but good things about him and I also plan todo a tummy tuck in another 3 months there. I think I'm ready anyone has any suggestions for recovery? 2 days and... READ MORE

Lot stress in the biggining but everything worked out just fine. Love it his job. My body look sick. Beautiful curves. Scheduling he is not good at all. But very professional. And funny too. Wasnot happy with my body. I have to kids. Lot fat around my stomach so I decide to do it. My first... READ MORE

Just booked my appointment after 2 1/2 months of researching and glued to RealSelf. I booked with Alexandria who is so damn fabulous she was fun and easy to talk to no question went unanswered. If you are having your procedure around that time and will be at their RecoveryHouse let me know I'm... READ MORE

I have never met Dr. Cortes and i'm undergoing surgery for a bbl and lipo on Sept. 11 (how ironic) . I wish i could have met him in person but because I am out of state he couldn't meet with me . I have browsed over a few peoples reviews of Dr. Cortes and I absolutely LOVE most of the comments... READ MORE

I want to have a nice full and sexy butt now that I'm getting ready to turn 30 on 9/28. I'm tired of my jeans sagging in the back. I don't feel comfortable wearing tight fitted pants. Don't get me wrong I love me !! I just want a nice round butt. I plan on going to Dr. Wilberto Cortes in Houston... READ MORE

Hi guys this is my very first post and I'm excited to connect with u ladies. So after so much research and decision making I've decided to go with walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic. Her work is awesome and my friend who has work done by her told me she gives her an A+. Now I'm not gonna... READ MORE

After stalking Real Self for almost a year I have decided to go through with getting a Brazillian Butt Lift in the Dominican Republic. I have done extensive research here in the states and the determining factor were the final results and cost. I have decided to go with Dra. Australia Fragoso... READ MORE

Hello all. I just started my journey and I am loving every minute of it. Just booked my surgery with Dr. Schulman. I'm trusting that he's gonna give this square some soft lady curves. Never really had an issue with projection, but the hips are pretty non existent. GIVE ME CURVES AND GIVE ME... READ MORE

I am crossing the 40year old barrier and at this time, I have tried exercise and have not obtained the results I have been working so hard toward. I am pear shaped, 5'2 and my weight ranges between 150-160. I have been longing for smaller thighs that aren't fighting when I walk. I just want a... READ MORE

I'm looking these wish pics. I seen this pic on another profile and I just love these hips. I hope to get some hips like this. All the wish pics that I see may not be good for me ( 5"6 ) but I'm going to suggest it and hoping she can do it for me. Looking forward on getting my quotes so I can... READ MORE

Hi, I am completely new here, just recently decided to go for plastic surgery, through a friend heard that Costa Rica is a good cheap place to get things done. So I kind of just did some research , found a place called" medical group of Costa Rica ", got a response and a quote for bbl, lipo and... READ MORE

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Schulman for being nominated New York super doctor 2014 in the NY times magazine. That's kind of cool. There are a few other plastic surgeons listed as well. I will start to post my review and experience once my surgery date with him gets closer. I'm scheduled... READ MORE

Howdy my RealSelf loves!!! I've been researching (stalking lol) this website for the past 2 years. Finally, I have decided to make moves and get this show on the road. I originally wanted to go through Dra. Duran, but she didn't have the date that I wanted availible. Sooooo I turned to Dra.... READ MORE

Soooo... I'm 22 yrs old, 5'1, 110lbs at the moment. Dr said it's basically pointless to gain weight since fat cells only get larger. But yet I'm trying to gain about 2-4 pounds before the surgery :) I have buttimplants, small once tho, only 200cc's. The reason I'm getting this surgery is... READ MORE

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