Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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I'm looking for a fuller Buttocks and a smaller waist. I have had three kids and want to look and feel sexy again. I have looked at a lot of doctors websites and photo gallery I leaning towards Dr. Ortega he has some really good reviews and his work looks great. I don't want to travel out of the... READ MORE

Hello ladies I am ready to begin this huge change in my life. As many of you ladies are and have. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I am done having kids and to make sure of that I got my tubes tied when I had my last child some years back. I am ready to start this journey in my life and I... READ MORE

After having such an incredible experience and magnificent results with Dr Franco when he did my breast augmentation back in July I wondered if there was anything that could be done to fill in my very flat rear end. After consulting with Dr. Franco, he suggested doing a fat transfer to my hips... READ MORE

My experience with Dr Salama and his staff has been a long one...second schedule surgery(1st didnt happened b/c of cbc) but now im finally set for october 21 and I CANT WAIT!!!! The staff has been so patient and caring and just as eager i am to get me in surgery but not at the expense of my... READ MORE

So, I have been on here for quite awhile and just now getting to my journey story... (couldn't figure it out). So I have wanted a bigger behind since I can remember. My hubby is super supportive although he thinks I look fine now. (19 years together) I am 5'3 162. Not sure of all my measurements... READ MORE

I just had my surgery on May 5 on Monday it's four days post op and I'm still in extreme pain. The pain consist mostly in my back l, my lower back where fat grafting was done not where the Liposuction was done. I must admit the toughest day was the second day after surgery. Now the pain is... READ MORE

Let's be honest... I have NEVER had much butt to begin with... but since having my kids the little bump I did have has long been overshadowed by a huge ring of fat that sits perfectly on my waist... oh yeah and the kids took the boobs too... what once were perky C's quickly resolved to Barely... READ MORE

I'm in my mid-thirties and have 3 children. I met with Dr Gartner once a year ago for a BBL consult. It was my first time meeting with a plastic surgeon regarding this procedure. I didn't have many questions because I was still in the process of researching. So now a year later I meet with him... READ MORE

Hello Everyone Im 28 years old 2 kids 13 and 10 heright 5'1 weight 135 Im very ready to make this change , Im very excited yet scared for my BBL I plan to fly out to CD.Juarez With DR. Alvarez Regil in a week for consultation lab work and to schedule surgery date , Does anyone have any... READ MORE

I'm about 2 weeks new to this site and love all of the reviews! I am looking for a Dr. In Northern California who is experienced in BBL... Can anyone make recommendations. I feel like all of the experienced, great Dr.s are in Florida. I would consider it, but not sure if I can stay on the... READ MORE

Hello chicas! I'm so excited because I have officially decided to to get a BBL! I've wanted that full back side since I was in middle school. What really sucked was a lot of my relatives had big booties. Since I'm Dominican and I've been there numerous times for family vacations I've decided... READ MORE

I am form Russia but have lived in Spain many years. This will not be easy surgery for me I have had cosmetic surgery tummy tuck) and not had very good experience. I am very unhappy with my buttocks. Next week I will have Brazilian butt surgery, the doctor will do fat transfer and silicone since... READ MORE

Hello BBL Ladies!! I've been on this site for a few years and I've finally made the decision to have my BBL. My surgery is scheduled for 14 October 2014. I'm 5'8 165 pounds. I've always had hips but I don't have any booty. I really want a natural nice looking booty. I decided to just pay for... READ MORE

I am bbl post op. I have to say I was worried I couldn't gain weight for this surgery. I put on about 15lbs and he was able to get 1050ccs on each side. I was hoping for more but I'm very tiny even with the weight gain. Dr. Salama is very personable and jokes with you a lot. He made me feel so... READ MORE

Tomorrow I am going in to Dr Alkon's offince in Linden, NJ to pay for my bbl and schedule my massages following my surgery. I am so very excited for many reasons. Firstly, I found a local Board Certified Doctor that was personable, understanding of my desire to change my body and didn't try to... READ MORE

To read about my whole journey, please first read my BBL part 1 and BBL part 2 pages. Since the BBL part 1 and 2 pages were getting so full and unusable, all updates will now be on this page. Please leave a comment on this page to ensure you're notified each time I update. At the mere... READ MORE

Well let me first start with I'm a mother of two, 28 years old. I do plan on having one more child but that will be in about 5 years or more and I really do not want to wait that long. I have been lurking on real self for about 2 years now and I've seen so much good work done.  I initially had... READ MORE

Hello Real self Ladies, I'm Monique I've been reading the reviews for about 2 years now. And thank God for this site its so helpful. I'm a single mom of a 5 year old son. And he his something serious. I wanted to get a BBL when I was 22 but things started getting to bad. Now that I'm 25 I want... READ MORE

Appointment at Vanity made for November 20, 2014 blood work, & 21st sx, got the time approved off work. Price i was quoted 4800 for bbl, back, & tt, $1000.00 for arms. Recovery home for a week is $1200.00. I'm looking for some one to split recovery expenses for the week. My greatest challenge... READ MORE

Short and sweet, I have been lurking on this site for I will say close to a year and have always said I wanted a BBL but never realized how much until just recently. I went to Texas with my 10 year old I bought a bathing suit that I loved but when I tried it on the tears just started gushing. ... READ MORE

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