Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,575

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Like many others, I have been looking at reviews and posts for a while and have been gathering data along the way. I have not yet determined a date since I plan on taking this journey cautiously but I have decided that Dr.Salzhauer is the surgeon for me; after careful consideration of several... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Schulman and am scheduled for surgery in mid-January. I am nervous and so excited at the same time! I can't wait to have a perky bottom!! LOL. I have always disliked the way my bottom looked. Even when I ran marathons and was a size zero, if I put a pencil at the... READ MORE

I have been researching and stalking this site for a while now. When I was younger and thinner I had a fairly ok body, but after a couple of years of eating and drinking with no exercise, it has took on a new shape of its own (without my permission might I add). So now im trying to change that.... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! I am kind of new here. Have always wanted to get a fat transfer done but haven't had the time to even get a consultation. There are 3 doctors that I have been interested in: Dr. Jimerson, Dr. Okoro, and Dr. Salama. Because I am in school right now and do not have transportation,... READ MORE

Hi RS I'm 24yr old with no kids. I'm 5'2 and 159lbs. I have decided to go with Dr Fisher and my date is set for June 15. I was quoted 5200 for bbl and extra 500 for arm lipo. I already have hips so I'm looking for lots of booty and a small waist! I'm excited and nervous. I hope Fisher can give... READ MORE

I have been researching BBL for almost a year now. I live in Louisiana and sadly to say but there is no surgeon that's worth bragging about. I went to two consultations and neither surgeon had pictures to back up their work. Doing a google search I came across 3 possible in... READ MORE

Hey everyone. I'm 23 years young, and have a beautiful little girl. Growing up, I always got compliments on my body and my coke bottle shape, however, my butt was never as big as I would like it to be. After having my daughter, my body really changed. I still have a fairly nice shape, but the... READ MORE

Like so many I have been on this website day and night once I got the idea I wanted to get a BBL. I have been driving myself crazy thinking of what doctor to choose and saw some good results from Dr. Salama, Jimerson, Duran, Yily, and Ghurani. Because I have children I had to put the idea of... READ MORE

Dr. Macias is a true artist to say the least! I was looking back at old photos of me from high school and was thinking "WOW, I would love to have the body I did then! (Thin with a perfect bubble butt), but with age I noticed my butt wasn't as pronounced anymore and I had some stubborn fat in my... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op! I am 29 years old with no kids. I had surgery w Dr. Cortes on 02/06/15 & had a lollipop breast lift, silicone implants & a Brazilian butt lift. My weight at the time of surgery was 200lbs and my normal weight fluctuates from 160-1750lbs and I am 5’6. My surgery was about... READ MORE

I'm looking into getting a bbl. I've gained weight, lost weight and my butt left with the fat I lost. I just want to look good in my clothes and out mg clothes again. I miss my booty and I hope to find a great doctor to give it back to me. The with I've seen from both of these PS has been great.... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so I've been asking a few questions here and there. I'm committed to getting this BBL done. I have some more homework to do. ( I over analyze everything ! so I have to research research lol ). So here I am. I wanted to share my story since I realize that reading the stories from the... READ MORE

I really want a bbl! I've been following many patients journeys on this site & really want this to be me lol I'm obsessed with cabrals results, I have NOOOOO butt (genetics ????)..... I'm 5'5, 18 years old, latina, just want a big booty!!!! Although I want a drastic change from what I'm working... READ MORE

I've been stalking RS for the past few months and the questions and reviews here have been so helpful. I've been begging for a tummy tuck for almost 10 years. My body bounced back after I had my first kid 13 years ago but not so much after the last two were born. I'm not big on dieting and... READ MORE

Hello RS sisters! This is my very first post and i'm sooo excited about this journey. Finally decided I wanted to do this and I don't care what nobody thinks. It's my body nobody else's. I'm done looking at girls pictures on Instagram wishing it could be me. Well it will be in a few months God... READ MORE

So I've paid a deposit to hold price for surgery. A new me!!! I have been researching this for 4yrs. It's time for me to stop been scared and get my dream body. My birthday ON 03/15/14 Hope I look great and feel well to enjoy my 30th bday. If anyone can give me any update on their... READ MORE

I'm looking for a nice dramatic look. At least 900ccs. Also wanting to add just a little to my hips, since I have none at all. I will be posting pictures very soon. I am new here on RS. I will also be posting all the info I have on my Dr. After my Lyon and fat transfer, I know I will need a... READ MORE

I'm going with Dr.Ortega in Miami fl I live in Tampa fl and was looking at some doctors here but One I'm my friends had the full make over and I loved the was it came out So she told me about coral gables in Miami and contacted them through email and Yadira all me back the next day And sent... READ MORE

Hello Real Self family! I am a 24 year old AA woman looking to see if I should travel abroad for this procedure or stay in the US. I'm a bit afraid to travel to DR with just my husband. We don't speak the language, nor do we know anyone there. Could you guys please give me some feedback on... READ MORE

On February 11th I got a BBL procedure done with Lipo. I was a little nervous but I flew in the night before expecting to get the surgery done but the doctor had me last on the list so I rescheduled to the 11th, I didn't want to be tired and neither did I want him tired. So the next day my... READ MORE

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