Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,625

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{first 4 pics of me now (pre-op) & the rest are wish pics and things I lifted from the site for what to buy prior, etc} I have researched this site for a year and have decided that I like Yily's work the very best. I got a quote recently for $3500 but then they just made a totally inclusive... READ MORE

I want to get a BBL but not really interested in a TT. I know I'm going to be told I can use one. Has anyone ever done a Brazilian Butt Lift without a TT ? And what are the results? Is the lose skin really bad looking ?? Really need to know .., I need some advice so I can decide if it's doable... READ MORE

35 and ready let me start off by saying I love this site it gives a lot of information where do I start I am going to have my procedure in May hopefully that is not spring break in Miami but I have a couple concerns I thought I had my consultation with one doctor at the office but it end up... READ MORE

I've been wanting this for a few years now, and finally I've decided to do this for myself. I'm excited and after reading all the many reviews and seeing your inspiring photos I've decided to go ahead and do the dang thang! I chose Dr. Fisher because I like his skills and it seems that he... READ MORE

Hey Ladies!!! I've been commenting on everyone else's page I guess its about time I start my own. I've never been satisfied with my body. I've been working out off and on for 30+ years and was never able to get the body I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I've looked good but I was never really... READ MORE

Excited about going to dr hasan on the 20th of Januaty. A little nervous but this is something I really wanted to do ! Many think I just need Lipo but I don't feel the need to throw all of my fat away! I have been thinking about Duran and Medina but finally decided to stay in the states... READ MORE

I am booked and counting down to my lipo/body contouring and fat transfer to butt procedure with Dr. Mendieta. I would love to hear from other patients who have done this surgery with Dr. M and happy to share their photos and experience with me. I will be updating my results including photos... READ MORE

Hi RS/BBL sisters I have scheduled my BBL with Dr. Salama and I'm very nervous but also super excited. About me my background… I'm 26, 5'3 and 1/2, weight 209 lbs. I have a feminine shape, thick thighs and a nice size butt but have always wanted it bigger, round and more projected. Over the... READ MORE

Hello everyone, after thinking about the bbl for so long I decided to take a step into getting the booty I always wanted. After having my 3 kids And very happy I did, now at age 33 I want that body I have been dreaming of. Since I've found this real self, I spent hours reading other reviews. So... READ MORE

Hello ladies I've been on here due to my BA with Dr. Ortega (click here to read my review), in march I went to miami got a BA done with him. I had a great experience not to mention beautiful breast I now am going in june for a BBL! In 124 pounds with some butt already but I want more to... READ MORE

I'm about 3 months post-op and I am unsure if I'm happy with the results. Everything with the surgery went fine, no complications, but I wish that the liposuction was done more aggressively because I don't look that much different and I received liposuction on my upper back, abdomen, love... READ MORE

Got an consultation tomorrow with dr.mcadoo hope I hear some good news .ready to get this butt pumped lol. Appointment at 9am really early I know my bmi is above 30 but they said that's ok, going with my husband heard good news from people about mcadoo sooooooo got my fingers crossed for the... READ MORE

Okay so my names Stephanie , I'm 18 and I'm from jersey . After hours and hours and hours of researching I've basicly narrowed down to Duran , cabral , and robles . Originally I was going to go to dr . Shulman in New York however the more I thought about it , $19,000 for bbl and ba would just... READ MORE

I'm aware my first photo might not be an accurate side by side comparisonas I'm in different positions but I think the two pictures togetherexemplify the startling change you can look forward to with this procedure.From a loathsome self-image, heavy and hidden, into someone who's assetsare sexy... READ MORE

So I have decided to go with CG cosmetics with Dr Ortega for 2 reasons : The staff shows more interest in the patient than in Spectrum and the price is $1,000 cheaper with the same DR same procedure. I met with Dr O in Dec and I was at 134 lbs 5'0 ft ( I had gained 15 lbs prior meeting with... READ MORE

I am hoping this is how I begin my journaling. I am a Puerto Rican and Black, and looking to get my curves back.I work out hard and want everything to be right,tight and looking good. I have been on Realself for two years researching,reading and decided to make a profile . I want to get the... READ MORE

I'm looking for anyone that has done a brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck at the same time? I'm a mother of 3, in my 40s My weight right now is up to 164lbs after I've gained. I am 5'6". I I'm scheduling in to get mine done in Miami with Dr Mendieta in October but am unsure if I will be happy... READ MORE

Hi I been wanted to post since January when I originally booked surgery to 4/14 to be a Salamadoll. Me and a friend booked together. Unfortunately had to postpone due to not feeling mentally ready. After meeting him and actually meeting the staff it gave me at least confident that we are in good... READ MORE

So today I've decided to contact Dr. Manuel Diaz for a consultation. Anyways a little bit about me I'm 19yrs old fromChicago IL just had a baby boy 4 months ago thru emergency c-section. I'm 5'5 156lbs . Used to having a flat stomach, perky breast, but all of that has disappeared. lol i look... READ MORE

I had been planning this for a long time and in the end all went so fast. Brazil and butt lift is not done too much in my country, so I had arrange myself with the idea of travel ling abroad. I had set my eye on some clinics in miami, many here go to DR but that was never really an option for... READ MORE

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