Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I neeed bubble buttt READ MORE

Hello RS peoples! I'm so excited to start this diary! This is one of the most daring things I've done in a while... Ohhh I have so much in my mind... Where do I start? I opened my RS profile in April just out of curiosity because I was under the impression surgery was too expensive for me to... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So..I've secretly been on real self for about 3 yrs.. I know right. Im a 26 year old mom of 1 son. I work & plan to go back to school January. I've never had "a body" I mean I love my shape don't get me wrong..but even when I was my smallest, which was 135, I still had a lil tummy. I... READ MORE

I was thinking about going to Dr. Fisher but I see mix reviews. ... ugh I seen one doll that looks amazing after her BBL, but I keep hearing about the customer service poor... And I may be traveling alone my husband just got a new manager position and he will not be able to take the time... READ MORE

190 lbs. Big belly, For $4500 they are doing 12 areas (full abdomen 4, full back 4, Waist 2, flanks 2) I just called the office yesterday and I have to lose 20 lbs. before I have surgery. Lost 2 lbs. overnight (went to gym 3 times). Yay! 50 days to go. The price to have arms are 400 each... READ MORE

I have always been self-conscious about my butt. I do not know how I stumbled upon this site a year ago, but ever since, I have been addicted. One thing I don't like though is that a lot of the women that are in my weight range will post before pics but you never see the after shots. I promise... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I will be getting Lipo and Bbl with Cabral. My flight has already been bought and I have made my deposit for the RH I will be staying in Betty's Family recovery house. I started drinking my vitamins about a week ago (Folic Acid, B-Complex, Vitamin C and Iron). I would love to... READ MORE

Hello everyone!!! I have been stalking this page for years and I have always joked about getting this procedure done, but I never followed through with it. Right before my 29th birthday I decided that I wanted to have a big change in my life. I have never been able to wear a bikini so I... READ MORE

Well I put the down payment down yesterday for part one of my flat side journey......OMG my mind has been all over the place since I have made the payment. I would like to thank all the doctors and fellow sisters for your advice~ Please feel free to let me know what u know to make my dream... READ MORE

My surgery is on the 27.09.2015.The whole process so far was stressful since my family and my partner have been really difficult all the way. They are extremely negative about going abroad for surgery. Initially I was planning to go to DR but I was very pleased to read about Cirumed. Still, I... READ MORE

I will be going with Dr. Fisher for a BBL and Tummy Tuck. I'm working with Leo. They are offering $4,500 for the BBL and I would have to go back for a tummy tuck with in 6 months. Yea, I know I'm young but I have two kids which made me put on weight in my belly and Thighs(love my thighs tho). I... READ MORE

Hi fellow Real Selfer's! I've basically been stalking this website for month's now and I've decided to go under the knife. I have a 4 year old and before I had her I was 115lbs. I was very comfortable with my weight. I had a cute little bubble butt and I was more boobs than anything with 32DD... READ MORE

Ok ok. I hope I'm doing this right. Very new to this. Hi everyone! Ok I don't want to bore you women with details and such so let me get straight to the point. In God's will I will be seeing Dr.Hasan in a few months for my BBL and I'm excited (the first week of January) I have many questions but... READ MORE

Hello Ladies I'm very new to this site. I have been stalking this site to make the most valuable decision ever.. I started out wanting J curve i was so set on like crazii.. until i came on this site and done some research.. Hasan have me hands down. His work looks amazing. Ik ever one is... READ MORE

Well I'm new to real self. I know I sound like a newbie when I say I have been stalking this site for a while. And all you beautiful ladies have gave me that kick in my no bootay to get me a new bootay. You all look amazing. The Fisher Dolls, The Hasan Dolls you all gave me my inspiration. Hope... READ MORE

Hey ladies, I'm a 30 yr old mother of 3 from Toronto, Canada. Like most on the site I've been just looking and reading. Now that I have made up my mind and have been in contact with my Dr I'm ready to start this journey. I have been so indecisive about which doctor to choose and I even put... READ MORE

This may be posted in the wrong section but I'm having tumescent lipo and fat transfer. I having lipo on my flanks and back, and having the fat transferred to my hips. I'm hoping to have a small defined waist with the hips I've never had. Had a tummy tuck in 2009 with pleasing results and now... READ MORE

Hey everyone,thanks in advance for all feedback and support :) I have been dreaming of a BBL for over 10yrs and now the time has come! I've always been on the more petite side standing at 5'3 usually between 127-135lbs (gained weight for procedure) with huge DDD breast and NO bottom. So I'm sure... READ MORE

I want to fix my body dont like it so excited cant believe I'm getting a a little scared but hopefully its worth it because I. So scared..I just called today to make another deposit with my coordinator but she was busy everyti.e I called she was busy so I... READ MORE

Not happy with the shape and size of my hips and butt, I will be sure to keep you all updated on my road to a happier me! I dont have any kids and no matter how hard I workout I can not lose this gut. I hope Dr. Larsen can give me exactly what I'm looking for I've been looking in to this for... READ MORE

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