Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,625

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I would like to finally have the curves in all the right places and body I've always dreamed about . Does any one who's had this done by Dra Duran have any tips or advice on what to bring or expect ? I've heard a lot of good things as to why I've made my choice, but let's not bull ish ....a girl... READ MORE

I'm doing a whole lot of research and I'm for sure I want to go to DR to have my procedures done. I want to get a tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift and a breast lift. I've contacted a few doctors already. I have quotes pending. I can't wait....I see that everyone is going to Dominican Republic to... READ MORE

Hello BBL sisters! I'm new to this so bare with me.....where do I start with my story umm lets see.... I'm 23 yrs old currently in college I study pre-med and surgical technology. Yes I hope to be a surgeon one day! Anyways I've been dreaming of this surgery for 2 plus years now and I've made... READ MORE

Waiting for the big day a bit scared but I guess it's normal I can't wait to get it over with. post before pics later. Well am 26 years old two kids not planning on having more I feel like my ass is not the rigth shape plus I want a smaller waits . Am going to see Dr Fisher. to see if he can... READ MORE

I am currently residing in ga, definitely won't be getting the procedure done here since Atlanta is the"fake ass" capitol and all the prices are jacked up. I am at my dr research stage and I'll probably get my procedure done in Florida. I just got approved for a care credit card last night with... READ MORE

I have never had butt . So after 38 years I decided to do bbl. I was on realself for over year and i choose dr. Schulman. He does amazing work . Pain wasn't so bad as I thought . But have to say I had some allergic reaction to glue on my back , after removing that foam . I'm 3 month post-op and... READ MORE

It's so surreal typing this right now because have researched on this forum since 2010!! I have put it off for years but I am now ready to do this for me. I remember when I first joined this site--under a different user name--Dr. Markmann, Dr. Santos, Dr. Salama and Salzhauer were the most... READ MORE

So like many of you I've been on this site, on the down low for a good 2 years, scared to create a profile or write due to privacy purposes but you girls are AWESOME despite the bad apples here and there. First I need to thank every single one of you for sharing your knowledge and genuine... READ MORE

Hi bbl ladies , I'm on a mission and that's to make my outer appearance as beautiful as my inside I had my girls really young and never got a chance to wear a bikini or really show off my shape the way I would like. After research I'm leaning towards Dr.m Ortega I just love the results u just... READ MORE

Hey huni dips!! I have wanted more curvy hips since I can remember. I am 5'7, 135, measurements 36.5, 28, 39... blah blah. I need projection but my first goal is to gain weight. I have over 3 months.. so this is just the start stage for me. I am going with Dr. Fisher @ Vanity. Thanks ladies... READ MORE

Hey dolls! i have been on RS since November last year. I decided to make my first post, now that I have put money down for my sx. I'm looking to have the BBL with fat transfer to the glutes. I have been wanting this done for years, now I'm ready to put my best foot forward. Follow me on my... READ MORE

Okay, so I have been waiting this surgery for about 3 years and I'm ready to go. I am 5"6 and 187lbs currently but I intend to get down to 170 by the time I have my procedure. I live in Atlanta. I want to lock in my date in the next few days. I'm trying to decide which doctor... Dr. Hughes-... READ MORE

Hi, everyone. Although I have replied to several people's reviews, I've yet to post my own. I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm a mom of several children (more than 6) and you probably know that my bod is jacked! Thought about doing this several years ago, but it was out of my reach,... READ MORE

Hello, I have been looking at this site all week & must say you ladies look amazing!???? I too want to look good! But do not know what doctor can do a good job of getting rid of all this fat! Any suggestions! I love Dr. Hassan's work but don't know if that's where I really want to be! Please... READ MORE

Barbies!!! I got a hold of the ladies in doctor Durans office. I emailed and sent body pics. Duran Dolls please email her and then call the office. Direct contact will get you better results as far as communication goes. I am soo excited I can not believe this is happening so soon. I will upload... READ MORE

I've been researching a lot on BBL with many different doctors. I am currently residing in Houston, & it would be nice to not have to travel for good results, but in this case, I don't ind traveling for the best doctor. Let me start by saying Dr.Cortes in Houston is a great doctor & has many... READ MORE

To give me some time to accumulate money to pay for this reconstruction and lose weight, I wanted to do the surgery in November 2015. With PTO's and Holidays for the month of November, I should have a full month to recover before I go back to work. In reference to weightloss, I wanted to go down... READ MORE

Here i go starting a new journey! I just sent my email and pictures to angie to get a date to go in the office to get a Quote I was told its much cheaper in person. I plan on bbl tt and ba! Believe me I NEED IT! But its a waiting game now, lets see how long it takes. Hope not too long im so... READ MORE

It has been a month since i been looking over this site and getting all my info ready for my procedure. I am 5 8 and i weigh 135 pounds! Since i found out about bbl i started eating and i am 140 now! I am still unedited about my doctor ! It is so hard because main reason i am doing this... READ MORE

Ok, I been lurking on this site constantly for the past 6 months... All I think about other than graduating is this procedure. I DECLARE and DECREE I will get this surgery! Deposit Paid. I'm going with Fisher because i love, love his work. I need hips...not just a donk! I have lost over 30... READ MORE

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