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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Can't wait to begin this journey. I plan to have two separate procedures, a BA && BBL, as well as a follow up Butt Implants in 2017. Posting mii dream shots && selfies ASAP. Mii dream is to feel as good on the outside as I feel I deserve on the inside. Call it vain, absurd, whatever. It's mii... READ MORE

Hey all you bootiful dolls out there!My name is KC I am 26 years old and my big booty dreams are about to come true. Like you all I have been Stalking this site for a minute! I've been on a weight roller coaster all my life it seems. I was always a little chunky through my adolescence and... READ MORE

Well first off hello ladies and gents I have been stalking this site for some time now all day everyday lol. I have been looking at a few doctor's in the DR and thanks to a lot of you ladies reviews I have considered dra.baez. I must be honest when I first found real self my heart was big on... READ MORE

Hey ladies!!!!!! im trying to get this ball rolling, and i want a few options before i make my final decision. on May 12, 2014 i seen Dr William Adams for a consult. He is so nice and his staff which made me feel extremely comfortably ( fyi IT IS VERRRRRRYYY IMPORTANT TO ME WHEN IT COMES TO... READ MORE

So I have been struggling with weight for years ranging from 157 to 220(after pregnancy) and even after losing weight not so thrilled with my dimensions. So I am looking into the bbl. from experience how was the pain, recovery, your results, tips, etc. From my pics will I be a good candidate or... READ MORE

I had to change Dr.'s love Dr. Yily work but decided I need to stay in the states...Thanks to my sisters at real self I found a good Dr. His work is nice too so I'm going to be a Fisher Doll.. Yes.. My time is coming cant wait. This has been a up and down journey for from fears to happiness its... READ MORE

I need to take off the fat of the back and abdomen to place it on my buttocks, then a Brazilian butt lift i did i feel better and beautiful and comfortable with myself... he is an amazing Doctor with a bless hands, he is patient , he likes to take hes time and talk with you and try to be friend... READ MORE

Hi guys! I have been stalking real self for weeks and finally am so confident and excited about my decision to have a BBL. I know it's going to be amazing, I have to be positive and pray for the best results. Initially I was so convinced on Dr. Cortes because he is closest to be but after a... READ MORE

I'm so excited and happy that I found this site!!!! It's everything!! So I'm having a BBL done next year August! (Ugh I know) with Dr. Miami! I booked in May 2015. His wait list is ridiculous! But I wouldn't go to any other dr. I Love his work. Being that I'm a Nigerian plastic sx is HEAVILY... READ MORE

It always seems like somebody is on RS LOOKING,READING,WRITING,FANTASYING, IMAGINING, just plain going crazy!! Hi my name is Nikki and I'm a reaselfaolic shiiiit I've been stalking this site for yrs(lmao) Ladies most if our stories are the same we forgot about ourselves over the yrs raising... READ MORE

I would like to start off by saying that I love who I am, inside and out. However, I am always striving to be a better version of myself. Which is why I am very excited to finally get a BBL with Dr. Hasan! I have paid my deposit and secured my date on Dec 16th! I'll be posting my before pics... READ MORE

Hey everyone, Like most people here, I've been stalking this site for about 10 months now. I was torn between getting just the BBL or get a tummy tuck plus the BBL. My current height is 5'2 and my current weight is 185 lb. I'm in the process of trying lose about 20 lbs before my sx hoping to... READ MORE

I googled for surgeons doing bbl and found cirumed clinic and dr.aslani. I loved the results of his work I have seen. My research encouraged me that dr.a would give me the kind of curves I am looking for. I found his results just amazing! What I want primarily is shape No doubt this is great... READ MORE

I've been fighting to lose weight since the 6th grade! I am now a junior in college! I started a weight loss journey and have back tracked a little and was talking to my mom one day about my progress. I lost 40 pounds and only saw an inch and a half come off my waist! She told me this is just... READ MORE

Hello to all. I just wanted to write a short review. I am 5'8, 191 lbs, work out 4 to 5 times a week (can run 2 miles in 23 minutes)..i have thought about this surgery for years and now i am acting upon it. I am going to have lipo and bbl. I have always had a flat ass and now i want a juicy... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! I'm new to this site and as like the rest of the newbies i have literally been stalking this site reading reviews and looking at pictures. I actually want to get 3 things done but i need to start with the BBL first because the second procedure is to do a breast revision and a TT.... READ MORE

Ok ladies.... I actually been lurking on this site for about 2years, it was always in the bck of mine how I wanted a nice body well a butt because my body was nice without a butt up until maybe January this year... I was in a very bad relationship for about 11years the typical good woman who... READ MORE

Said I wasn't going to do this until after surgery but what the heck. Lol I'm constantly stalking and don't need people thinking I'm crazy. I've always been athletic built with a little booty but after having my child, I've gained 40 lbs. My currently height and weight is 5'5 180, I would like... READ MORE

As days goes by I am questioning myself. I know I need a TT, but I am not sure about the BBL. I am still waiting to secure a date. I received a quote. Now I play the waiting game....its hard when you are a impatient person as I am. Lol Again, I want to express my gratitude...I appreciate all... READ MORE

A little about me... or better yet more about me. 32 years old mother of two teens. I am not new to surgery when I first had surgery I was able to find my great surgeon with the help of this site in which I was able to have both my tummy tuck and breast reduction with Dr. Daniel Careaga Double... READ MORE

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