Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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So I had a Tummy Tuck 2 years ago. I am very happy with my stomach. Now I am scheduled to have a bbl and lipo done on June 4, 2015. Deposit is paid and I am just ready to get this over with. I am very happy with my doctor Schulman. He kept it real with me. I use to weight 245 after the... READ MORE

I googled for surgeons doing bbl and found cirumed clinic and dr.aslani. I loved the results of his work I have seen. My research encouraged me that dr.a would give me the kind of curves I am looking for. I found his results just amazing! What I want primarily is shape No doubt this is great... READ MORE

Hello RS babydolls! I have been on this site for about 2 years now and I have finally made the move and decided on a doctor. I am going with Dr. Hasan as he not only fits my budget but I have been going through all of his reviews and I am in love with everyone's result. Ana from Vanity is my... READ MORE

I've been looking onReal Self for a few yeas and have decided to finally get the shape I want this Summer. I will be getting a BBL with Dra. Yily. I was supposed to get it done last Sept, but chickened out:) I will be getting lipo of the arms, flanks, stomach, inner thighs and back, and bra... READ MORE

Can some please help me.. I need to make an deposit and get a date with Duran in Dominican Republic. I love in Cali. My birthday in June.. That's my treat to myeelf. HELP!! I needs Doll Mentor I didn't say my sentences correctly. But can someone please help and direct me to get my date with... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am just learning how to navigate this hopefully I get this right. Im 42, 5ft3 and 140~lbs. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 2+ years now (about 100lbs) Candidly, I had never even heard of the BBL..a good friend told me about it as she is traveling to Mexico... READ MORE

I wasn't originally going to document my liposuction/bbl journey on RealSelf- I had intentions of keeping it private. Adam (The office manager for Dr. Hughes even asked if I was going to document here. I looked at him and rolled my eyes "No way!".) However, I recently learned the invaluable... READ MORE

Hi surgery sisters ok sooooo after stalking realself for years literally since I was about 18 I finally decided to go ahead and put my deposit down for the bbl and lipo. I decided to do with doctor Omulepu in Miami florida k originally wanted to go to doctor fisher at vanity but after... READ MORE

I interrupt your private time to make an IMPORTANT announcement ........ I'm scheduled for my BBL with Dr. JCurves 5/20......I'm confident he will do an outstanding job. I've wished for this and researched his work for quite sometime and now the time has come. Countdown......14 days til my... READ MORE

I have been researching bbl's for about a yr. i live in Washington state and i was wondering if anyone knows any good places in the state of Washington? Attatched are photos of how i want to look... I really need some good and honest feedback about pro's and con's to this thing. I want to know... READ MORE

Hi I'm just joining. Been wanting a bbl since 2008. Finally getting financially stable enough to afford it and I'm ready but I also have patience. Will be 30 next December(2015). So I'm planning for my bbl to be at the end of July or early August 2015. I have chosen Dr. Salama in Fl. His... READ MORE

Soo my friends think I'm crazy, but I have wanted this for about three years. I have two beautiful children I'm 26 will be 27 in may so i figured I have the money why not do it for a bday present to myself. I'm so excited I paid my deposit and haven't even been in yet for a consultation, (just... READ MORE

I just began my search for a Dr. & I think I am going to Go with Dr. Fisher In Miami (Vanity) & stay at the recovery house. I called and spoke with Anna she is now my coordinator. She was very nice and helpful. Some time next week I will put my down deposit of 1000$ & The price she gave me was... READ MORE

I have selected Dr.Manuel Diaz. I've emailed him about 50 times!! AND he has responded to every one of them in a timely manner!! I've also called him a few times and he has been very thorough and patient with me!! I feel comfortable with him already!!! My surgery date is June 3, 2015 and I can't... READ MORE

I don't want to look as if I had surgery done. I don't want to come in being realistic I just want a push to start my journey off right ! I allowed myself to gain to much weight and lose my ass. I'm depressed everyday so April 25th 2015 will start my new journey to hopefully regain some of my... READ MORE

Hi Big Booty Team (lmao)! I'm 35 with a square body shape now that I gained 40 pounds since having my 10 pounder via c section (almost 4 years ago). It's very hard to get my previous body back and even when I was a size 2, I had no butt or hips. All I had was some nice size boobs. Anyway, my... READ MORE

Hi realself!!!! ive been reaching this procedure for sometime now... I wanna say about 8 years!!! and im FINALLY going to do it while I have time!!! so AUGUST 2015 I will be getting my bbl!!!!!! ive done a lot of research on DR HASAN and I hear and see nothing but good results!!! I need a... READ MORE

So far my back in forth emails with Dr . Pantoja's staff are good. They are so nice and quick to answer any questions i have. I just deposited for May 8 2015 but i feel like i still have so much to do! It's a month away but I'm already so nervous and still have many questions! ! Joined the site... READ MORE

Just ready to sit down already and go shopping. I didn't like the anesthesiologist he had working with him attitude, he was very arrogant and unpleasant. I now have nerve damage in both my hands since the surgery. I think he did something to me personally?? Dr.D did a good job overall, although... READ MORE

I'm excited and nervous at the same time it's almost time I'm one week away from my surgery date. I just hope I get the desired results that I'm hoping for. I've already went for my two week pre op , filled my prescription need to get a couple more things. Should be ready with everything in a... READ MORE

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