Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Just uploading a few wish pics so far! I'm very particular & realistic! I adore yaris Sanchez, Kyra Chaos, Ciera Rogers, & Irene the Dream's body shape! I know from researching that Dr. Duran is very honest & blunt and will tell you she cannot give you certain results b/c your frame doesn't... READ MORE

Hello all, I am 29 turning 30 before the end of the year and I want to start off my new decade looking damn near perfect. I have never had hips but had a decent butt during my teenage and college years. Then the worlds perception of a nice ass changed, I became less active and noticed with... READ MORE

I currently live in CT and will be moving to Miami, FL come January 2015. I'm way too excited about the move and can't wait to start my life! I am currently a 21 year old student and will be going to school there as well to fulfill my degree in Dentistry; in addition to pursuing in DJing/hosting... READ MORE

Hey my RealSelf friends, I first want to start off by saying you guys are awesome what a great social network and supportive community where women can share a wealth of information. I have been stalking literally stalking this website. I have a little info on myself I'm 5'9 I child. I had a... READ MORE

Since I was a teenager my older sisters had a nice big butt all I grew was breasts lol so I decided through out the years I decided to get my buttocks done. Of course, before dr.cortes, I consulted with many different Doctors and what's funny Dr.cortes was the last dr I had a consultation with.... READ MORE

Hello ladies!!God I am so happyyyyy I have you to discuss these things with!I am not sure where to begin really,it has always bn there,I always knew I will get bigger boobies at some point especially after my two pregnancies.Things changed a few months ego when looking in the mirror my arms had... READ MORE

I've been researching for about 3 years now. Met with several of the best Doctors in So Cal and saw patients from each of the Doctors. I wanted to go to Miami and get it done from Dr. Mendieta originally, but I don't want to make the trip back while I'm healing. I suck at healing. I'm a big fat... READ MORE

Hello Realself! I am a 27 year old female with 1 child and I will be having surgery with Dr Duran on October 15, 2014. I plan on having a tummy tuck and BBL with lipo to back, stomach, arms and inner thighs. I am fairly new to this website so if anyone has any helpful information and/or advice... READ MORE

So I'm new to RealSelf. Hey ladies... I'm 25, and I've been thinking about the BBL for 2 years now. I too researched Dr. Jimmerson & Dr. Cortez, but I think I'm going to go with Dr. Salama. BigBootyTinyWaist thank you you've inspired my decision, and you're my wish pic because your body is... READ MORE

Hello I came across realself when I was online looking at cosmetic procedures, I really didn't know what I wanted to have done and still not sure but I know is time for a change, having 2 kids that are all growing up beautifully and a hubby that gives us and him anything we can afford and... READ MORE

I have scheduled a much desired tumescent Brazilian butt lift with a Harvard Med School Grad/Residency Doctor in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been a doctor for 30 years, and yelp reviews are about 5 star average. . He did Lipo on my mom and results are as expected (she was very large, so the... READ MORE

Hello after being on here for several months I've desired to finally write a review to share my story. I've been considering this procedure for a while. I finally got my date and I've almost paid everything in full. I'll be posting up my pre op pics soon! I don't think it's hit me yet! I can't... READ MORE

Ok, ladies I have finally put my mind to losing weight. Today is August 03, 2014 I have started taking Lipozene the weight lose pills. My current weight is 210. Speaking with Ms. Lucy she stated that I need to lose spme pounds before sx. I'm thinking of having the sx next year in March 2015.... READ MORE

Hi there ladies, I am totally new to the whole Brazilian butt lift and I am just getting started! I was actually referred by a friend so I'll be going with Dr. Hasan for sure. Have made contact and now just awaiting more information. I can't wait to get this going and finished so I can enjoy my... READ MORE

I am planning on having BBL in December at Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery. I do not know if I want to do my BBL with Dr. Freiman or Dr. Ortega. Dr. Freiman does not have any reviews for BBL; Dr. Ortega I think exaggerates on the amount of fat he injects and I do not want it to look fake. Does... READ MORE

I'm a 37 year old mother of two teenagers. Always struggled with my body shape and weight. Lost about 40lbs within a few months last year after changing my eating habits and exercising. Always considered very pretty but lacked in the body department. Self conscious, constantly worried about how... READ MORE

On our way to tj, with my sis and cousin. Exited tomorrow me and my cousin are getting surgery. I booked it a little over a month. I did it through email. They were quick and helpful. I actually had been looking into it for a year already. My sister will have her surgery on Tuesday 3rd time... READ MORE

Here is a link to my Gastric Sleeve surgery experience: I am 5'9, 184lbs. I had a tummy tuck with lipo back in 2005. I was 160lbs at the time. Since then I gained a whopping 89lbs. The... READ MORE

Like so many others, I've been stalking real self for quite some time. lol I've been considering a lil' nip and/or tuck for quite some time and finally decided after almost 20 years of doing for everyone else, it's time to do something for ME! I'm emailing back and forth with Dr. Cortes now to... READ MORE

My journey began last year but due to poor eating habits, I went from weighing 175 to 210 pounds. How so ever, i'm now back on track and more determined than ever. I am looking into a surgery date of February 9, 2015. This date will give me enough time to save up and prepare myself both... READ MORE

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