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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi ladies, im 25 5'3 and weight 128 currently. Although im usually 125 and dont go lower or more than 128. Last november i had a breast lift with saline augmentation. And i waaant a matching booty. I want to have curves! Im thinking doctor hasan from vanity, or going to new lofe with llorente... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site since 2014, reading reviews and seeing before and after pics trying to decide on the right procedures, the right doctor to give me my desired outcome, in search of the best of the best without too far of a travel. My initial plan was to see Dr. Yily, Duran, or Baez... READ MORE

Just like a lot of you ladies on here I have been reading and following many of your stories. I wanted to go with Dr.Miami but 1 he is booked until God knows when & 2 he is waaaay out of my price range. So Dr. Fisher it is ! I've heard his bed side manner with his patients are great and that he... READ MORE

Started my journey was a 3 year stalking research and Imore going to do it... I've did my deposit and hope everything runs smoothly, with my labs and the recovery house, Karla seems nice. I wish I had more support from the 2 most important people but of course I dont, but this is something I... READ MORE

Hey ladies I'm super excited and scared just put my $1000 down payment to have my BBL done with Dr Salzhauer in miami, I'm from the new York area and been researching this procedure for a while. Didn't want to go to DR although I'm dominican, it scares me to leave the country. Im 32, have a 2... READ MORE

I'm 29, soon to be 30 next month. My BBL is scheduled for less than 3 months! I wish I was getting it done sooner, but I choose that date, so I can use Christmas break to recover. I already used up my vacation days. I’m scheduled for 12/16/15, but hoping to reschedule to 12/18/15 if the date... READ MORE

Hi im fortune and im 21 recently moved to liverpool and have been looking for ages now for a good surgeon that could do the BBL in the Uk but after the pictures and reviews ive seen i figurer it was a better idea to do it somewhere else lol i really want to have it done next year. and since i... READ MORE

Finally getting started on becoming the person I've always wanted to be. This is hopefully going to be the first step in being comfortable with myself in my own skin :) I have the basic expectations (flat stomach, tiny waist,big butt, minimal "rolls") hopefully everything goes well :) All that's... READ MORE

I have been researching the procedure for over two years: I have been torn between different doctors, my first choice was dr.aslani in Marbella but I was not totally convinced then looked into,and I also considered mexico. On every single surgeon I researched I found good and bad... READ MORE

Is 1300 ccs to much for bbl? I'm ready and excited! anyone going doing this time please let me know. Elite plastic surgery check them out they the best in Miami. I live in mobile ala, 41 years old having a bbl for my birthday gift to myself. I will post before and after pic and keep y'all posted... READ MORE

Been planning this for 3 years & I'm finally ready. Making my deposit Monday. Super excited. I'm 29 gonna be 30 when the actual surgery happens. I planned 3 weeks off of work. I've put in my days just waiting on approval. Taking it regardless tho. My pud from work is doing it with me. My butt... READ MORE

My title sounds like a dating add but I am 29 and have been single for 7 years. After my daughter's father passed away I have just been focus on being there for the kids (13 boy and 7 girl) and in all of that I kinda let myself go. I gained 40lbs so now I'm 185, 5ft 6inches. I love my babies but... READ MORE

A little about me. I'm currently deployed and my obsession with booties has taken over my mind. Most days I'm just looking up buttlifts in my down time. At first I was allllllllllllllll ready to book Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta. I was quoted $12,000. I sent in pics and had a phone consult with a... READ MORE

Someone on RS said that women take of everything and everyone but their temple "our body" 2015 was a resilient year, may 2016 be marked with lots of new things starting with my body. All the best to me and all my sis out there making changes in their lives. We just need to get used to the art. ... READ MORE

I will be going with Dr. Fisher for a BBL and Tummy Tuck. I'm working with Leo. They are offering $4,500 for the BBL and I would have to go back for a tummy tuck with in 6 months. Yea, I know I'm young but I have two kids which made me put on weight in my belly and Thighs(love my thighs tho). I... READ MORE

Hello I'm 26!! I have 1 daughter and have been thinking about this BBL surgery for months now!! I have narrowed the doctor down to Dr. O in Miami or Dr. Boutte in GA!! No I haven't put down a deposit or thought about a date yet!! My mother and BF is behind me 100% I'm just nervous about getting... READ MORE

Hi fellow Real Selfer's! I've basically been stalking this website for month's now and I've decided to go under the knife. I have a 4 year old and before I had her I was 115lbs. I was very comfortable with my weight. I had a cute little bubble butt and I was more boobs than anything with 32DD... READ MORE

Hey ladies so I have been on this website for sometime now but never had the balls to put a post up well I am from the Midwest Chicago I have been wanting a bbl for a little over 6years I had a nice big butt but after my little one it went all down hill .Now that she is older I feel like it's... READ MORE

So I'm only about 120 pounds right now, i worked out 6 days a week for over a year and lost about 35 lbs but still my body isn't what i want it to be. So i stopped exercising completely and have been trying like hell to gain some weight back for this surgery, but i can't seem to do it! (Go... READ MORE

I have been the one with thick thighs but no rear end in the back for 29 years... 3 kids no plans to expand anymore. So before I hit my Dirty Thirty it's time I get a bigger butt to be Flirty Flirty. I'm scheduled to have my procedure January 19th with Dr. Llorente at NLC. Excited and nervous... READ MORE

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