Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (otherwise known as a BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment the butt. The plastic surgeon performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs) and transfers it to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,700

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Hi ladies, I am getting operated in exactly 9 days!!! Me muero! lol I am so not prepared for this surgery. Less than 4 weeks ago the date became available so I took it! I feel like need to buy so many things! Thank God for Amazon! I am also pretty new to RealSelf! I am bit nervous because I... READ MORE

Hello ladies! Monday was the first time I started sitting on the bobby pillow and driving, beside the time when the nurse from Dr. Salzhauer came to check on me the day after the surgery. At 6 weeks I feel much better. Occasionally my body itches and my lower back, lower stomach, and sides are... READ MORE

Hello RS, I've been browsing this site for about two years and decided to write a post. I was born with Noazzitall because it was inherited from my mothers side (white side) of the family. I've always wanted a butt like my dads side but now I'm going to buy me one. I have no children,35/ 5'6/235... READ MORE

After all the time that i have spent stalking everyone else post and transfermations i have finally reached out to Dr yily de los santos and i have my date nov 24 2015 i know that its a whole year away but it feels like its right around the corner lol i hope that one of my other bbl sister... READ MORE

Hello RS! I'm new and I'm ready to be set free I'm 5'8 186 6 yrs gastric bypass post op Mother of 1 beautiful little girl I need a bbl, lipo my whole body including face, circumferential tummy tuck, arm tuck, and bl I've been dealing with my appearance ever since puberty. While all the girls... READ MORE

Tt, lipo and bbl. I have been looking for doctors for a while. I looked into Duran, Yily, Robles, and Straxx rejuvenation in Florida. I'm really confused right now as to who I will go with. I have gotten some great information using this site. I want to have a very natural look. I do not wanna... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I'm 5'4" 106 lbs. Carry most of my fat in my abdomen. I have a set date of April 19th with Dr. Salama and I'm wondering if going through this procedure is worth it. I'm about to pay off my credit card debt and financially I'm wondering shoud I take on this new expense. you know... READ MORE

#1 post So not quite a real friend yet but no longer just sum creep stalking you ladies ;) Dra Duran VS Dra Robles ... Duran is whos work I fell in Luv with from day 1 but should always research & be as knowledgeable as possible. So then came Robles & she does a big girl good lol .... READ MORE

So after careful consideration, research and friends that have received great results from this doctor I have decided to go with Dr Diaz!!! He is very responsive and answered all my questions! I put down my deposit and I am ready for next February ???????? I'm super excited! Wish I could go... READ MORE

I've been researching a lot on BBL with many different doctors. I am currently residing in Houston, & it would be nice to not have to travel for good results, but in this case, I don't ind traveling for the best doctor. Let me start by saying Dr.Cortes in Houston is a great doctor & has many... READ MORE

Hayyy ladies! Like many others it was time for me to have my own review. Im 22, 5 foot 7.. 175 lbs ( had a baby 5 weeks ago and 2 BEEyouTiFul kids!.. The first one TOE me UP! stretchmarks Galore.. Oh well.. It is what it is. I still don't want a tummy tuck... I will be going for Duran..BBL W/... READ MORE

Hey ladies, so I carefully reviewed doctors and went to multiple consultations and even when I thought I found the right Doctor, I ended up losing $2000 and joining the Dr Salama team! Have not had the procedure yet I am scheduled for jan 30 2014 so excited, I am going to document the pre and... READ MORE

I am 26 years old and I have wanted a bbl even before I learned about it. Every time I spoke with my friends/family I would always say how much I wish I could remove my fat from my waist and transfer it to my butt. Everyone will laugh and say how crazy I was. "Ohhh girl you look fine, just work... READ MORE

I am planning on having BBL in December at Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery. I do not know if I want to do my BBL with Dr. Freiman or Dr. Ortega. Dr. Freiman does not have any reviews for BBL; Dr. Ortega I think exaggerates on the amount of fat he injects and I do not want it to look fake. Does... READ MORE

I been reading a lot of dolls reviews, and this website is addictive. I spend day and night, "jhezz it's like I don't have a life" i do girls, but cuz I'm on maternity leave for 1 year I feel like I got all the time in the world to be here, (I still look after my son 2) lol.... I been searching... READ MORE

I'm going for a round firm booty!... Yessss...ive been on Rs for quite a while now. ive been going thru DR YILY's & DR DURAN barbies journeys & pics n experience Im very impress with DR DURAN WORK!...cant wait for Feb!!!.. I had a relative take the deposit personally to DR DURANS OFFICE! Date... READ MORE

Well, the time has come for my BBL procedure with Dr Salama. I am very nervousand at the same time ccautiously optimistic. I stated out at 122lbs and mow I am 130 lbs. I had to gain some fat so that I have enough to transfer. I am hoping to have 1300ccs in e as ch cheek. If there isn't enough... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I have been stocking this site for about 3 months and I have been thinking about getting a BBL for almost 2 years now. I am in a toss up of doctors Dr. Cortes, Salama and Hasan. I have been reading a lot of ladies reviews about their experiences and outcomes. Dr. Hasan and Salama... READ MORE

So ladies, I never thought I would be here at this very moment, not only writing this review, but awaiting a BBL procedure. To give some background, I am 36, married with 3 kids. I am an RN, I work in the ICU at a local hospital in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH (I hate my job btw, but that is... READ MORE

Good evening Ladies! As you know, I originally looked into having a BBL in DR, but after careful review and tons of research, I have decided to go with Dr.Fisher!! For those of you that dk anything about me, I am 25 years old, NO kids, I am 5'1 & 175lb. I have decided that it would be best to... READ MORE

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