Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm excited about my upcoming bbl! I put the deposit down 3 weeks ago for Hasan. My coordinator Shari was great when she wanted my money but after she had it she went MIA. Hate her but her IG is full of pics of her posting about her commission. All the other staff at vanity has been NOTHING but... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I am flying to Miami tomorrow and staying in the Recovery Center at Vanity Cosmetics. My surgery date for BBL is August 6, 2015 and my pre op is August 5, 2015. I caught a special where the bbl was 4k but with the recovery center I'm spending close to 6k. Stats: 116 lbs (gained... READ MORE

Helloooo! For starters I am 139, and 5'7! I have enjoyed Real self very much!! Mainly because it is my little support group and place for advice.. My surgery is a huge secret therefore when I have questions and doubts who can I turn to, you know? So after a few months of scoping this site out... READ MORE

Hello, all my beautiful dolls! I've been a member of RS for a few months or so, but I was shy about posting my story or pics of myself because I am very private and very modest when it comes to my body. It took a lot for me to come forth out of the background. I'm a single mom of two girls and I... READ MORE

Hi (: I'm 20 and been considering this procedure for about a year on and off I really want more curves a small waist and nice big booty lol and bigger hips (like yaris Sanchez) I just started researching and if anyone can give me tips or tell me what to expect that has done this procedure it... READ MORE

Hi real self ladies. I'm new to this but im looking to get my somewhat close to what it was before mother nature took over. I was petite for such along time. I weight a perfect 98 lbs. til I was 34 years old. I'm 47 and now i'm 136 and 5'2. I have been trying to contact several doctors on here... READ MORE

Looking for a travel buddy out of Boston, CT, or NYC for May. I have not chosen a Dr. Yet still waiting on Dra. Duran and Baez quotes. But I am determined to get it done in May. Any ladies thinking about a May date? I would like to get a buddy to travel with I am talking about going through this... READ MORE

I have never had a flat stomach, even at my lightest weight of 125lbs in my early 20's my stomach protruded and had rolls. Fast forward 10 years, I was married with 2 kids and 260 lbs. my husband has never been bothered by my weight...but I sure was. So I went down to Tijuana August 1, 2014... READ MORE

Prior to purposeful weight gain for a BBL my body was beautiful. Now, almost 4 weeks post op, the weight I had put on in my stomach and waist is gone thanks to the lipo, but there is barely any difference in the size of my butt. My butt looks as it did before (with the extra weight I'd put on)... READ MORE

So I've been stalking like everyone else for about a year. I'm 36, have 3 girls they are 5 and 4 year old twins. The twins were definitely a surprise and the back to back pregnancies did a number on my body. I worked out and lost 20 pounds and realized my body will never snap back without help.... READ MORE

Hey dolls ! I was wondering if anyone has gotten work done by DR. Johemy Maldonado? I've seen a review on here and the work that he did was horrible, but I've seen 3 women in person + some of his pics online and his work looks great ! I have previously gotten lipo..I got it done last year in... READ MORE

I have my surgery date for 11/10/15 im so nervous.. Is my first time ever getting anything done.. Dr. Fuentes said hes going to inject 600cc in my buttocks. Im just scared that wont be enough.. Since I dont have any butt at all. Is 600cc enough for a nice volume. Please help with my question... READ MORE

Hello fellow dolls I have finally bit the bullet and scheduled my bbl with Dr. O for August 5th as soon as I booked it I got nervous and anxious all at the same time lol.. A little background I have been wanting to do this since I was about 18 yrs old but the timing has never been right. I am so... READ MORE

Hi so I have finally got my surgery....I had to reschedule three times due to family and job issues. I was not interested in get this done in august since i had my surgery in spain and it is very hot but otherwise i would have had to wait until december. Dr.Aslani was, at first, a bit... READ MORE

I think I've made a great decision by picking Dr. Baez. I research her and looked at her work. I'm also following some of her patients that had physical contact with her. They have nothing but great things to say about her. What really draw me towards her is that she only do one surgery a day.... READ MORE

Hello ladies, Im going to the Dominican Republic and getting a Brazilian Butt lift from Dr. Duran. Im planning on staying at a recovery house, but Im looking for a travel buddy, Im putting the $250 deposit down today, and Getting a surgery date tomorrow. If anyone is going the end of September... READ MORE

I had another profile but It's a mess lol I was new to the site so I made this new one cuz my OCD kicked in !! I'm 21Yrs old , mother of a 4yr old little boy. I recently started the gym about a week ago and have lost 5lbs. I been going every day including Saturday and Sunday because last... READ MORE

I had my consult with Dr. Delvecchio ! I'm 5'3 132lbs . He would like me to gain 6 lbs . I've always had a nice booty from about age 13 til 35 , however after the birth of my last 2 beautiful boys at 36 & 38 I lost A lot of volume . I eat clean workout 4-5 times a week . HIIT TRX BOOTCAMP... READ MORE

Soo I am 21 years old and have been struggling with my weight as long as I could remember I am tired of feeling uncomfortable with my body and in my clothes it is very depressing . I have always been bigger than my family and friensd I have never wanted to participate in anything or be apart of... READ MORE

Hello my name is Andrea and for the past several years I've been trying to have the surgery done. I do have another real self profile but I do not want to try to revise that one so I made another one which you this I am beyond determined to have the surgery done in February 2016 I will not need... READ MORE

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