Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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I am looking to get a BBL, Lipo and tummy tuck. I am new to real self. I am a 55 years old divorce mother of one. Been admiring Dr. Duran work and have read a lot of her Dolls reviews but all are younger ladies. Would like to see reviews and work on womens of my age group. This is very new to... READ MORE

To read about my whole journey, please first read my BBL part 1 and BBL part 2 pages. Since the BBL part 1 and 2 pages were getting so full and unusable, all updates will now be on this page. Please leave a comment on this page to ensure you're notified each time I update. At the mere... READ MORE

Hi Girls!, Im here looking all your journeys and happy endings so excited and very hopeful to be a Doll too! In my search of the best options but time is running and I want to set up everything and recover enough for my trip; I want to surprise my husband which is out of country coming back to... READ MORE

So I've been thinking about doing this for over 2 years now... I was never really a hundred percent sure about getting fat sucked out and put into my butt... but now it seems like the most successful away to have a natural looking butt.lots of girls I work with told me to get silicone injections... READ MORE

Looking for a travel buddy! 29 Years old...Dr. Duran...getting bbl...scheduled for March 3, 2015...leaving from JFK on March 2, 2015...staying at Real Recovery House Anyone going around the same ?                          ... READ MORE

Hello , I am actually looking at two doctors right now Dr Yily or Dr Baez I am leaning towards Dr Baez I am 5'2 160 and so unhappy with my body I am definitely going this year and I am also looking for a travel buddy? Anyone interested pls leave a comment or message me . Is there anything I'm... READ MORE

Hello I'm writing you guys to,let u know that I will b getting the Brazilian butt lift in march 2015, this is much needed and well deserves! I've been wanting.g this procedure for so long now. I'm super picky though! Almost to the point where it's annoying and I can't be satisfied. I hop that... READ MORE

Well I'm new on the block. I wrote a review and now I can't find it... true newbie right lol. Well moral of the story is I'm looking for someone to buddy up with in December in the Dominican Republic. I am having surgery 12/20/2013 most likely with Dr. Yily. I have found a couple places for... READ MORE

So my coordinator at Vanity sounds like today was here first day at work, and while she is sweet she barely speaks english, she talks to me half english half spanish. She could not understand the word thighs and kept asking me to repeat it.. I dont want to ask for a different coordinator... READ MORE

So it's so hard to find reviews on this doctor w BBL but I'll give you my before and after. I'm 200 lbs, 5"7, and he gave me exactly what I was going for. He was great. He told me how many liters he was aiming to take out and how many ccs he intended to inject in. He's very straight to the point... READ MORE

Don't see to many males on this site but hey more reason to leave a review. So I am very familiar with Santo Domingo. I Travel there from NY about 6 times a year. 2 sisters, cousins, and a handful of friends later, (All touched by the hands of Dr Cabral) I decided to take a little trip this... READ MORE

Just starting on my BBL journey!!! Ive had 3 consultations here in MI, and am not happy with both the prices they charge or how 2 of the 3 said I would need a tummy tuck too. Im 5'5 and 155lbs and I have no loose or hanging skin. Just outta nowhere I gained 35 lbs and they made it out like I was... READ MORE

I have been looking and doing research for months about getting a BBL. I really wanted a liposuction because I cant stand my midsection anymore, so my boyfriend told me that I might as well add a little something something in my booty. I have been trying so many diets, pills, workout to get rid... READ MORE

I am 50 and have wanted a butt all my life. I have been working out and trying to gain weight to build a booty.....gained 8 lbs I see a itty bitty change but if its not in your genes to have a booty your jeans will not have it either. I have been so despite before I went to Dirt Cheap Store... READ MORE

Had another profile on here but wanted to start afresh since so much has changed. Still seeking a good doctor for my BBL and hope I receive the results I need without any recovery issues. SOOOOOO... I am still a flatty. I initially wanted to go with Cortes (still wish I could) but unfortunately... READ MORE

So here's where I'll start my story. This is my third try on the quest to improve my body. (1 year later and 21 days before I once again plan to take my journey.) I'm 5'6/190lbs and a mother of 3. I've always been considered thick, but not in one particular space!;-) I'm 44 and just before my... READ MORE

Ok so I have been stalking the website for a few months now and I think I'm ready for my own transformation. I am hoping to get an appointment in May, if not, then the only other time I can go is in December. I want a BBL and lipo in my inner thighs. Does anyone know of a doctor they can... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews on RS and I am scheduled to have bbl June 9th. My goals is to have a smaller waist, reduced flanks and back fat with a round butt. I am nervous yet anxious to have. Bbl procedure completed by Dr. fisher. After reading lots of RS post, I hoping that I have a good... READ MORE

Paid my deposit. was supposed to have my preop on feb 6 but changed it to jan 6 because i have alot more questions for the doctor. No doubt i've picked a great doctor but i'm worried that i won't be happy after lipo on my stomach without a tummy tuck. keep you posted. Dr.Schullman is VERY... READ MORE

Finally after lurking through this site for over a year, I've decided to start my review. I finally made half the payment and my procedure is scheduled for the 6th of March . I have always hated my belly and of course as a slim girl trying to lose weight can be tricky , because we tend to lose... READ MORE

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