Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Hey fellow bbl ladies I'm looking to enhance my shape I'm already kinda a curvaceous girl I just want more hips and butt my thighs I feel take most of the fat my measurements are 42-30-45 I'm hopping to enhance my waist to 25 atleast... I'm kinda young for this procedure but I feel if your in... READ MORE

I have always had a pretty flat booty I started becoming even more self conscious when I moved to the east coast and it was filled with beautiful body Dominican girls. So I started to wear the butt lifter garment and butt pads ugh total false advertisement. I started looking into doctors and... READ MORE

Okay ... as most of you I've been on this site for the last 2 yrs lurking till I have decided to finally do it. I am 5'1 and weight 140 (the fattest i have been)... i also gain a lot of fat in my arms i look like a boxer lol.My boyfriend finally is getting use to me wanting surgery and is going... READ MORE

My turn in the coming week. It was not my preference to have this in summer to avoid wearing these dreadful compression garments in the heat, but the doctor was already fully booked for my preferred dates in October. He is on holiday in August but he goes for a few days to operate and i am very... READ MORE

I been researching for bbl doctors and I have to say Salama is the one who I like the bbl's from. More projection and to fill indentations currently have, current weight is 177 and am 5.5 height my hip is 45 1/2 inches my waist is 32 1/2 I want my arms lipoed and so as my inner thighs, am also... READ MORE

Hello, Real Selfers! This is my 1st review. I have been stalking the site for awhile and thought that I would actually contribute. After doing my research and reading so many of these Real Self reviews I decided that Dr Duran and Angie's Recovery house are my choices! I am not going to complain... READ MORE

My coordinator at Cirumed told me about this forum, I had only been aware of Spanish forums before. I had consulted dr.aslani at Quiron malaga originally for a breast uplift about a year ago but somehow never went ahead. still I kept this in mind and surfing in their page I saw their before and... READ MORE

Dr Aslani did a brilliant job of removing unwanted fats/cellulite from all over my body and grafting them onto my buttock. He is very realistic, sincere, and as he says, he does his job with a lot of love. I am 2 days post-op now and the graft is healing very well. Do expect to be bruised and... READ MORE

I decided to write this reviews so that I could get feedbacks on thing i need help with post-op girls and maybe a help to those that are in their 'researching state' So I been wanting to do this surgery for years and years. It was only talk because I didn't have any money but now I could... READ MORE

Hello ladies,Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Millie and this is my first time on RealSelf. I figure I take a chance and post this message in hopes that one of you ladies can and will relate and as such would consider being my travel buddy. I've always been a happy and cheerful... READ MORE

After creeping on everyone's reviews for over 3 years I've decided that Dr. Yily can give me the body of my dreams! I'm 20 have one beautiful boy. Im 5'3 and weigh 150lbs. My measurements are 38 bust 30 waist 36 hips. It looks as funny as it sounds! I am very top heavy with G bust and broad... READ MORE

Im new to RS and I don't know where to begin so for right now I'll say I'm 5'7 240 pounds. I've been trying to lose weight for a very long time. When I do lose weight, I lose in it in my butt and that itself is depressing. So I decided months ago to have a bbl with Dr. Cortes. I heard he's the... READ MORE

Hey, guys! My name is Cupcake and I've been hardcore creeping this website for the past couple of days. I have never wanted to be skinny or thin. In fact I feel like the curvier the better. People always tell me how curvy and hot I look, but what they don't know is what is underneath all my... READ MORE

So I've been watching this site for almost 2yrs now, and I'm ready to start mapping out my new shape. I have one ps that I'm highly interested in (Dr Salama) but there's also a ps closer to me. At this point not sure what's realistic for my body type/structure. I have a natural" shelf" and I... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am 5 days away from getting a BBL with Dr. Mel Ortega. I am so nervous. I am flying into Florida on the 19th & my surgery is on the 21st. I cross my fingers I get what I want (Big Bubble Butt). I will be staying at the Recovery House w/Kayla. I'm really not too excited about... READ MORE

Here is a link to my Gastric Sleeve surgery experience: I am 5'9, 184lbs. I had a tummy tuck with lipo back in 2005. I was 160lbs at the time. Since then I gained a whopping 89lbs. The... READ MORE

Hello my lovely ladies, so I have been lurking this site for a few months now, and I decided to just make one so I can communicate with you lovelies. A little about me I just turned 22 last week, no kids weighing about 180 or less -_-(me and scales aren't the best of friends I go by... READ MORE

I am motivated to get a BBL in February of 2015 for my 25 birthday ! I spoke with the doctor and she was very informative in regards to a BBL and informed me that I need a tummy tuck with muscle repair, however I want to have more kids so I told her I wanted to wait on a Tummy Tuck - she's very... READ MORE

Hello there! Just joined RS and very glad. I want to have a BBL. With Dr Salama in July 2014 preferably. I have had TT and mastopexy already and looking to have a more stunning bod! Looking for someone who as a July date and wants to cancel plsssss. I am coming from out of the country and would... READ MORE

Okay so obvi I want a BBL & the fat transfer from my stomach and arms. I'm not really a big or anything. I weigh 137lbs & I'm 5'2. I want my procedure done in DR because it's affordable & I have family there. So I was hoping if some people can recommend me some good surgeons. I'm excited. I'm... READ MORE

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