Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Nice heart shape booty I have been reading reviews for three months now and am very excited there are so many outstanding before and after of beautiful women i soon we be a bbl sister thus far my experience has been very positive i will be staying at the Vanity recovery house my experience with... READ MORE

Hey Ladies! So I've decided to Finally post!! (wheeww) I feel like this is my 2nd job! I have been stalking this site for several months now, day, night middle of the night! (lol) Well I'm here ready to...shall I say get this NEW BOOTY. Yes, its been a Long Time Coming :) I'm 42yrs old 145... READ MORE

My interaction with Dr. Pantoja's office thus far has been fantastic. So far so good. Nadia is so patient (I've sent at least a million emails) within the last year as my SX date had to change from November 2014 to April 2015! I'm especially appreciative of all the RS ladies and their openness... READ MORE

Cute in the fave thin waist and big booty...I have always wanted that hour look figure and feel, I pray that the bbl and fat transfer can fulfill my dreams. I'm counting down the days, April 10 couldn't come soon enough, in nervous yet excited for this procedure. I have been stalking every bbl... READ MORE

{first 4 pics of me now (pre-op) & the rest are wish pics and things I lifted from the site for what to buy prior, etc} I have researched this site for a year and have decided that I like Yily's work the very best. I got a quote recently for $3500 but then they just made a totally inclusive... READ MORE

I have been following real self for over a year, I finally got the nerve up to tell my husband I wanted surgery but I knew I couldn't tell him what I really wanted. So after 5 kids I decided on mini tuck and bbl. I chose dr schulman in NYC. I'm 5' and weighed 140 by procedure date. 15 higher... READ MORE

So like many of you I've been on this site, on the down low for a good 2 years, scared to create a profile or write due to privacy purposes but you girls are AWESOME despite the bad apples here and there. First I need to thank every single one of you for sharing your knowledge and genuine... READ MORE

Hello Realself family this is my first post but not my first wxperience with real self. I have been on this site reading reviews and researching Doctors. I was original plan was to get my Bbl. in NY but days before my surgery the office let me meet the surgeon who was not pleasant and I did not... READ MORE

My whole story deleted, I'll rewrite later. :( I plan to get the tiny waste I've dreamed of and hourglass figure sooner than one day. I'm so excited!!! I used to be very active, but I was never able to get the tiny waste that I wanted. I obsess with the hourglass figure and can't wait for my... READ MORE

I googled for surgeons doing bbl and found cirumed clinic and dr.aslani. I loved the results of his work I have seen. My research encouraged me that dr.a would give me the kind of curves I am looking for. I found his results just amazing! What I want primarily is shape No doubt this is great... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, Iv been lurking for a while :) I have seen ALOT of women with up and coming appointments with Dr.Fisher @ Vanity! I have also chosen him, and I have been in contact and have been quoted $7000, this price included the $2000 for the 7 day stay at the recovery centre. I would like to... READ MORE

Hey dolls! I'm currently 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child but I'm determined to get a bbl by the end of the year. So that would give my body atleast 6 of rest. I have 2 doctors in mind which are Dr Duran or Dr Fisher. I haven't got a hold of nether yet but I'm wondering if I can put a deposit... READ MORE

I have been doing my research and looking into various PS to do my BBL. When I thought I found the perfect one I later came across Dr. Dan Del Vecchio. I changed to this PS because I was able to see his work and gain insight on his experience in this procedure. I contacted him and had a virtual... READ MORE

I am so excited...we opted into doing the plan tickets with delta...I found it cheaper for me to split up the going and returning was $198 to go there as a one way option. I have not packed much, But i have been paying attention to what the other girls have posted...Getting in... READ MORE

After a long awaited process, I finally have my date set. My date came a lot sooner than I had initiallly anticipated, but I'm excited either way. I initially wanted my sx to be mid-April. Then, I decided I would go middle of March, then beginning of April and now finally my date is in 6... READ MORE

I have a body that I have been hating for years. And i have finally saved enough money to purchase a new body. i am so excited and so nervous all in one. But i am ready. and have i said that I HATE MY BODY. lol i am very excited that i have made up my mind. i think dr schulman is the best doc 4... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old 5'2 , 190 pound female. I am a college student, I'm from Long Island. I have decided to have this surgery as I finally received a great portion to cover the cost and I would finance the rest. This is my opportunity. I don't even really care about the size of the butt/size of... READ MORE

Just starting on my BBL journey!!! Ive had 3 consultations here in MI, and am not happy with both the prices they charge or how 2 of the 3 said I would need a tummy tuck too. Im 5'5 and 155lbs and I have no loose or hanging skin. Just outta nowhere I gained 35 lbs and they made it out like I was... READ MORE

We'll were do I start this has been a roller coaster so overwhelming. I been on realself for about 9 months day and night! BTW thank you ladies for your reviews you all have been a great help I have learned so much from realself. I have been wanting a TT and BBL for Years!! I have never been... READ MORE

So, I receiced 3 quoted. The 2 quotes from Yily & Diaz said they can perform a BBL/TT/BL during one surgery. I ask receiced a quote from Robles that said she couldn't do all 3 for safety reasons and suggested splitting it into 2 visits. Anyone else have this issue before? I definitely don't want... READ MORE

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