Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (otherwise known as a BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment the butt. The plastic surgeon performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs) and transfers it to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,675

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Hello ladies I'm a 27 year old mother of two beautiful boys! I'm not having anymore kids. I've been thinking about getting a Brazilian butt lift for the past two years I don't know if i need a mini tummy tuck or bbl but stefani from dr fishers office told me i don't need one.... bbl would be... READ MORE

So after having my daughter almost 5 years ago, and wanting to do a tummy tuck and then brazilian butt lift but not actually thinking that I would do it, I have FINALLY got a date and its official. I will be getting BBL w/lipo to flanks, back, abdomen, inner thighs and arms with Dr. Salama on... READ MORE

Hello, everyone I've been reading reviews for about 4 days straight.. Lol this is addicting and very informational!! I'm glad I got to read so much juicy info before I decide to get mines done. I went to a consultation yesterday at Athenix in Pasadena, the receptionist was ok not too friendly.... READ MORE

Hello RS! I'm new and I'm ready to be set free I'm 5'8 186 6 yrs gastric bypass post op Mother of 1 beautiful little girl I need a bbl, lipo my whole body including face, circumferential tummy tuck, arm tuck, and bl I've been dealing with my appearance ever since puberty. While all the girls... READ MORE

Going to Yily June 2 to get my waist snatch and big ol bootie. Anybody else going around that time? Previous Yily dolls where did you stay? I am 39 yrs young with two kids. I am done with having kids so I am ready for my mommy make over. My husband is supporting my surgery. I am so excited and... READ MORE

My phone consult with Dr J and his staff exceeded my expectations. After a recent divorce and total new lease on life, I've decided to "do me". I'm a LUPUS survivor of 10 years and I want to celebrate it. Once I get medical clearance, I will be reserving my date.The thought of elective surgery... READ MORE

Hi I've finally set my date for my bbl. I've decided to go with Dr.James E. Hardy of Jacksonville, Fl. I felt very good about the procedure, until me and my hubby talked about it today. I still want it, but I have a feeling he really doesn't want me to have it. He much older than me and you... READ MORE

I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I guess it's just the thought of having surgery, I am confident that dr. schulman will give me the look that I want. after doing my research on him he is a board certified plastic surgeon and his work... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for Nov 3, 2014. I'm a little nervous but at the same time hopeful and anticipating. Soooo, I'm finally brave enough to post before pics after lurking on RS for about 4 years. So here we go! I will continue to update everyone on my journey due to the... READ MORE

I am 29yrs old 1 child 5'6 167 lbs I have in interested in the BBL since about 4 or 5 years ago. I have a family member who went to an island off Venezuela to have implants and I was interested but never liked the idea of implants or butt shots so I started doing my own research. Originally... READ MORE

I am scheduled for my Bbl November 20th.. I've decided to go with DR salzhauer because from reviews and from speaking with him I just knew he was the one .. During my consultation he was very sweet and such a professional .. He assured me that my change will be drastic and that I will love the... READ MORE

Okay looking forward to getting this procedure done but im not too sure who to go with....I made a down payment with Vanity in july looking forward to getting a Bbl by I finsing out from the pc Anna that she put me down for Dr. Hasan and not Fisher....not only that but... READ MORE

After all the trauma caused to my body by childbearing, I want to get a bbl, full tt and lipo on inner thighs. I want the bbl because I have the dreaded hip dip, and a tt because of all the lose skin from the pregnancies... I'm scheduled to go to Costa Rica, to Dr. Cohen in 1 month. Totally... READ MORE

Hello Ladies and Gents (if any are in this forum). I have always been fascinated by a woman with curves. I WANT MY OWN!!!!. I have always been a stickler about having someone "cut up" on me if I didn't need to have surgery. I have never had a broken bone in my body (knock on wood). I am new... READ MORE

I am hoping this is how I begin my journaling. I am a Puerto Rican and Black, and looking to get my curves back.I work out hard and want everything to be right,tight and looking good. I have been on Realself for two years researching,reading and decided to make a profile . I want to get the... READ MORE

Hi there, I have been wanting to get this procedure done for some time now and have been researching like crazy. My main concern is that I will not have enough body fat to get the results I want for this procedure. I am 5'10 & 140 pounds at the moment but the only thing that is giving me hope is... READ MORE

HEY LOVELYS, I am 22 from Toronto, I think I am finally going to have the BBL done THIS YEAR :) I been wanting it done for the longest time, I finally got the hubby on board, sooo now its looking for a Dr that will give me my dream body, and also I got extra money to spend so why not get er done... READ MORE

I've been reading through a lot of reviews on RS for the past few weeks and I am so grateful to everyone for their reviews of their surgery experience. It's so easy to get obsessed with this site, especially when you see people with the results you want! Anyway, I am 25, 5,7", 170 lbs with slim... READ MORE

I have been researching and trying to figure out if this was safe enough for the past 5 years. But after all the look arounds and questions, I am finally decided to proceed with the procedure. People talk sh*t when they find out that you are doing it but i do not care. Hopefully can get some... READ MORE

Hi beautiful people my name is BBJ, well at least I think that's my name lol (not there yet). I want to start off by saying never have I every been so obsessed with a booty until this many wonderful reviews. I am 23 years old one baby girl (2years) and a boyfriend. I am starting my... READ MORE

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