Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello RS ladies! So I've finally decided to write a review! I wasn't going to at first, but I realized this helps tremendously and it's how I found my doctor! So I'm 10 days post op!! Super excited and nervous at the same time! Dr. Omulepu at Spectrum Aesthetics with be doing my BBL, and I'm... READ MORE

So excited to be doing this. I research 6 different doctors. I decided on Dr. Hasan $5000($4,500 if paid in full) but was told that Dr. Fisher $5,200(that's his special)will be the best for the look I'm going for....really huge butt with small waist. I've been talking, texting and emailing with... READ MORE

So I literally stalked Duran! I feel so bad. Lol! But I finally got a response! Super excited! She told me to send her the answers to the questions on her website so I just did. Hopefully she responds soon because I didn't want to spend extra money with Bella Vita. ** fingers crossed** !!! I... READ MORE

Hi This Site Is So Addictive Just Cant Stop Surfin .I Have Learnt So Much Here, And I Hope I Can Finally Achieve My Dream Body.I Am Not Overly Dissatisfied With My Bod But I Would Love To Be Much Curvier.Unfortunately I Have To Go Abroad To Get What I Want - After Long Research On Here And... READ MORE

Well, I'm starting my journey. Right now I'm looking at Robles ... She has openings in April.. Anyone else scheduled in April ? I'm ready to start this journey. I'm definetly not happy with my shape now. Even in my " prime" I have always had a " box" shape... I'm ready for curves curves curves.... READ MORE

Today reality sunk in.. I have planned for my BBL since January of this year, and up until this point it has felt like a dream. When I decided to count how many days I have left, I think I had a mini heart attack lol. 16 days!!!! Wow, I haven't even started preparing for my big day yet. I guess... READ MORE

Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking the site because that's a common thing to do in the rs world, lol. I'm going to keep it real short because I wrote an earlier post and somehow it got deleted which express my everything, yeah I don't have the energy lol. My price expectation is... READ MORE

On my journey, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. My date is fast approaching and I've heard good and bad news about the surgery thus far. I decided that I wanted to have the Lipo to my stomach cus I've gained some weight and I love it except for my stomach and I am not consistent in... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I'm undecided on the tummy tuck and bbl or just lipo and the bbl. I say this because I had a kid which left a few stretch marks and I know that the tummy tuck could get rid of a few of them and also tighten the skin. I also know this is much more expensive especially being paired... READ MORE

I have not had my surgery yet with Dr.Osak Omulepul.So far the staff has been great with getting back with me.I love Marget over at Vanity she is a 50 year old women full of life. I nerves and hope I get the body I want or looking for.If any one has pictures of theirs please share,I want to know... READ MORE

I want to get a BBL but not really interested in a TT. I know I'm going to be told I can use one. Has anyone ever done a Brazilian Butt Lift without a TT ? And what are the results? Is the lose skin really bad looking ?? Really need to know .., I need some advice so I can decide if it's doable... READ MORE

I've been a member on this site for a few years now. I finally decided to move forward with lipo and a BBL. This site has been very helpful with my research. I decided to go with Dr. Fisher at Vanity. I am getting lipo to my full stomach, full back, sides/flanks, and inner thighs as well as fat... READ MORE

I just booked my procedure with Dr Schulman for April. I was expecting to have to wait at least 6-8 months for a surgery date, but he had so many openings. I jumped on it and now I have only 8 weeks to get ready for this sx! I'm 5'4" and 180lbs, I need to lose another 10 before this surgery... READ MORE

This is my first post and I'm so glad I found this site I was originally just wanting Lipo and my husband reminded asked if I was getting my cute but back that I have lost after having kids and putting on weight. So bbl here I come I'm scheduled for 4-28 any pointer on supplies I need and can... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site since 2008. Before then I hadn't realised how inpoportionate my figure was but after working with women from African countries who were well endowed I became very aware and felt that I had to do something. But I HATE PAIN so I opted for but pads (I loved the ones I... READ MORE

Stats: 5’4” / 132-134 Lbs I started doing my research a year ago on BBL’s. I have a flat-pancake-narrow booty, should I even call it a booty? Lol Dr. Hughes was at the top of my list for surgeons to perform my BBL. The reasons I chose Dr. Hughes: 1. He is a Board Certified Plastic... READ MORE

I am a 28 year old married women with 3 kids ,my youngest is 6 months old. I been stalking reals elf for as long I can remember! I love seeing everyone results it motivate me a whole lot! I have low self esteem because of my current figure I have a big o stomach, flat ass and saggy boobs :( I... READ MORE

So I have already been in contact with vanity several times with different coordinators with all different quotes. I'm trying to wait until closer to the date I want the surgery bc the tactics at vanity are high pressure sales but I am willing to deal bc dr. Hasan ' results are on point. I am... READ MORE

I have my first consultation with Dr. Sacha Obaid on May 5. I want to schedule my surgery for November 1, so I want to make sure I have early contact with my surgeon to make sure I get the date I want, among other reasons. I am currently at a BMI of ~32 & I'm actively losing weight. I need to... READ MORE

Hello ladies , I'm Chantii a 22yo mother of a fabulous 5 year old little guy, which is why am here with you all today. Motherhood took a bit of a toll on my breast and abdomen . Although I'm still pretty young in age my body has definitely changed since my pregnancy. I began my BBL and Breast... READ MORE

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