Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hey girls! So I decided to start making this little post. Lately ive been gwtting a little depressed. I had a child young and it really messed my body up. Im scheduled for surgery this august 4th. I really want to finally do something for myself and not let anyone s opinion effect my decision... READ MORE

Ladies, I decided to do the BBL a few weeks ago. I paid my deposit and am scheduled for 7/23/2015 with Dr. O. I received a call that Dr. O will be on vacation the day of my surgery and I could either change surgeons to Dr. McAdoo or schedule one week before or one week after my original date.... READ MORE

Ok Ladies! So I've had the TT, the BA and lipo and I'm ready to complete my transformation! Just to recap, I've lost close to 150 pounds over the course of the last two years and I was left with very loose saggy skin. In May of 2013, I had a TT and BA and absolutely loved my results. You can see... READ MORE

I'm a college junior/working part time who has been extremely self conscientious about my bum for most of my teenage years to now. I am SO excited that I finally have the opportunity to get this procedure done! I've posted a couple "before" pics :) As of right now I've paid off $3,500 of my... READ MORE

Hey dolls ! I was wondering if anyone has gotten work done by DR. Johemy Maldonado? I've seen a review on here and the work that he did was horrible, but I've seen 3 women in person + some of his pics online and his work looks great ! I have previously gotten lipo..I got it done last year in... READ MORE

Hello everyone.. After 15 months of research I've decided that I will definitely go to Dr. Duran for bbl.. Inner thigh, arms, full back, full tummy and flanks lipo.. And possibly revision on boob job.. I'm hoping for a Nov. date but now need to contact Dr Duran.. Can someone send me her email... READ MORE

I am 5'3 180 ibs and have been researching BBL for a while now ???? ive viewed doctors and finally chose Dr Ortega i havent had the surgery yet but i am so ready August 17 is my set date i paid my deposit and ive booked my date today! I have to start shopping for supplies and also hotels because... READ MORE

Went for consultation with Dr. Shifrin that went well. He listened to every detail of what I want to be achieved and made his suggestions on what was needed and what I could do without. In college I worked out religiously and had the body to show for it. After kids and marriage I lost that drive... READ MORE

I'm new to this...but I been wanting a butt for so long. I was born and blessed with a chest, hips and thighs but when it comes to the donk ain't nothing to look back at, just a flat board .I'm doing this for me ,nobody else and I have no support from others ,they think I'm insecure which is not... READ MORE

I have not had BBL done yet, but so looking forward to it with the great results i see. Wow!! so happy for all of "US" knowing that we can do this. I have to also say that my man has been behind me ,no pun intended Just keeping it 100. I am so hooked on on this site because i look forward... READ MORE

Hi Big Booty Team (lmao)! I'm 35 with a square body shape now that I gained 40 pounds since having my 10 pounder via c section (almost 4 years ago). It's very hard to get my previous body back and even when I was a size 2, I had no butt or hips. All I had was some nice size boobs. Anyway, my... READ MORE

Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and recommendations from anyone who had bbl surgery with cirumed and Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I have to travel for my surgery so I need to organize my stay. I am not keen to have surgery abroad but the lack of serious butt surgeons in UK leaves no... READ MORE

I am now starting my journey of looking at doctors for the bbl. Is there anyone who has had a bbl from Dr. Fisher in Miami?? I have a consultation with Dr Jimerson in ATL March 13th but he is more expensive then other doctors. I only want to do this one time. No time for revisions :) The office... READ MORE

I'm 33, 5'7 with 4 kids and 183lbs. I have been researching this procedure every since I ran across the site. I have been doing fish oil rubs and lunges. I was in the process of looking for Brazillan Butt Lift videos when I found you all. You ladies rock!!!! There is a lot of information and... READ MORE

I'm so excited! I'm having my BBL done in about a week! But I'm also nervous that I won't get what I'm looking for :| It's an expensive procedure and after researching it seems like you don't really know how it will end up. It's like if you add a bunch of fat in the right places and hope for the... READ MORE

I am scheduled for Brazillian Butt Lift surgery on Tues 7/21/15. My post op is the day before. I am so excited, yet nervous at the same time. Seeing everyone's journey on here with Dr. Hazani gives me reassurance that I found the right doctor. As far as stats: I am 5'3, 156 lbs. I have a lot of... READ MORE

I was planning on waiting until I had after pics to post but I can't sleep (too anxious). Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm so excited!! I've been so busy this last week I've hardly had time to get excited but now that work is taken care of and family is taken care of it's starting to hit me that my... READ MORE

I am schedule to have my BBL in July with Dr. Salama, woottt woot!!! I'm so excited. My ass is flat as a pancake LOL (I wish i'm kidding about this) and what made it look worst is that I have wide hips. I've always want a bigger butt since High School so that I look nice in jeans and tight... READ MORE

Hello ladies!! Ive been lurking on here for a while now. I want a BBL!!!! Im obsessed with this! Im seriously going to pay for this instead of student loans. Lol! Anyway, so I have a few questions. What is 'shelf' exactly? Can any one post pics in a comment? I had more but forgot! Im sure Ill be... READ MORE

Hey my name is Holly it's exactly 6:07 am and I can't sleep I'm tossing an turning cause I can't stop think ok what will this experience be like I spoke with jess from vanity in Miami and she assured me I would be a good candidate after showing Hassan my before pics I'm sooooooo freaking... READ MORE

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