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Braces, whether metal, plastic, or ceramic, can straighten even the most stubbornly crooked teeth. This orthodontic staple can also be used to reconstruct the face. LEARN MORE ›
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Hy my name is marius....i have braces from almost 2 years....i put braces 2 years ago brcause i had crowding on my front teeth ...i had wisdom teeth extracted because they 've been impacted....(my orto doesn"t extract premolars ) ...but after 4 mounths she said to put on lower braces to corect... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my smile, but my family was extremely poor growing up and dental hygiene/oral health was the lowest thing on my parents list. I am now 29 and married and have an amazing man who loves me the way I am. The problem is, I look in the mirror and cringe. I hate all... READ MORE

I've had braces for about a year and a half now, and my orthodontist is already thinking about taking them off. my teeth were never really bad to begin with, but let me tell you, with my 18 months of braces i have seen so many changes. my whole face looks much better, and so much more... READ MORE

Im 17 and I had gotten braces 2 1/12 weeks ago and i had the worst experience ever, my Ortho had chipped a tooth and denied it and now my teeth are super sensitive as well.. Not sure if I should get it fixed or take off my braces and end the treatment, what I wish I knew was how braces can make... READ MORE

Dr. Bowmn is clearly a brilliant and innovative orthodontist. He is very skilled and has pioneered the use of many of the appliances that he uses, including mini-screws, which he utilized on me, rather painfully. I was motivated to get braces due to a sever overbite, which led to physical... READ MORE

I had braces when I was 8-12 to correct seriously crooked teeth from thumb-sucking, but was told jaw surgery would be required to fix my open bite. Over the years, I just never got around to it. Once my youngest was out of braces, I had a conversation with her orthodontist and he persuaded me to... READ MORE

First, I really spent $7,500, the first $2,500 going to a dentist and an awful week of Invisalign, the rest going to a highly rated orthodontist for 10 months in braces and retainers at the end if treatment (those cost extra with Invisalgn!). Learn a lesson from me, folks. Before you pay for... READ MORE

I had braces before and I think the work is undone since there is a gap in between my upper teeth which is visible enough. I wore my braces religiously for the past 4 years and the gap is still there. I feel so frustrated and did a dental bridge a year ago since the dentist said my teeth are... READ MORE

I was like I got braces when all my baby teeth had fallen out. I was like 12 at that time. I had them on for a little less than 2 years. I had a monthly revision in which they would make them tighter. After each revision there was very little pain for the first day or two. The first 3 days after... READ MORE

I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my jaw was fine, and it was more of a cosmetic issue than anything. Just because every single person from my junior high got braces, I went along with the crowd and my parents paid $3000 for braces. The orthodontist insisted on pulling out three of... READ MORE

My teeth are too far apart and my bite was off. My friends said it was painful or they didn't really like their doctor, but it hasn't been bad for me (the pain part), just a little sore for a day after my appointment and I like my doctor. He always asks about my school and soccer and how... READ MORE

Constant headaches, sometimes migraines. As an adult, the possibility of wearing braces wasn't a pleasant idea, but I needed them to correct a malalignment in my jaw that caused my constant headaches. READ MORE

Gaps in teeth, big one at the bottom and even spaces at the top. I want to smile with confidence. I think the price is high, but who knows, I'm ready to better myself. READ MORE

I am 35 years old. I always wanted to have Braces but lacked the courage to make the commitment. Like most people my age you think after a certain age "Whats the point?" Although I am only 2 months into this experience I can already see and feel my teeth moving. I was very... READ MORE

I was a 59 year old female when I got my braces. I did it because I was grinding my teeth away. Braces moved my teeth apart so that this doesn't happen anymore. My experience with the braces on way mixed. There were lots of times when my mouth got cut up from wires and thing. Dining was... READ MORE

After my children had their teeth straightened out by Dr. Povolny and his expert staff, I decided it was time for me to finally have braces as an adult for health reasons - to straighten out a bad cross bite and crooked teeth. My children had a very positive experience with outstanding... READ MORE

As an adult I needed braces to correct some back shifting molars. Luckily my front teeth looked just fine, and I didn't need them for cosmetic reasons. Unfortunately, the braces still had to be on my front teeth where people could see them. Yes, I know, life isn't fair. It's not... READ MORE

I had braces as a kid, from the time I was 13 to 15, and it wasn't a big deal at all, I barely remember having them. After about six years, I started slacking off on wearing my retainer, which made it fit less and less well, until I stopped wearing it altogether. I should have trekked back... READ MORE

I am excited..I get my braces on this coming Wed March 30, 2011. I currently hate my teeth, i am missing the ones that grow next to the front teeth between the front/canines, and i look like i grew vampire teeth. My mouth is small and the teeth are angled in. My bottom is crowded and a bit... READ MORE

I never thought my teeth were horrible, but I did have a slight overjet and crowding. I wasn't insecure about them, but they certainly could have been improved upon. Then one day I found out that one of my baby teeth (there was no adult replacement) had a huge cavity and would need an... READ MORE

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