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Whether metal, lingual, invisible, or ceramic, braces use a wire device fitted in the mouth to straighten teeth. They change the position of a person’s bite and work to improve overall dental health. LEARN MORE ›
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I wanted to get my bottom teeth straightened because as I have gotten older my once perfect teeth started to shift, almost as if they were turning towards each other. I have always had very tight teeth and when I got my wisdom teeth, they came in on their sides, it really crowded my lower teeth... READ MORE

I had a gap in my front teeth that bothered me my WHOLE life!. After Dr Akhavan treated my son, i was so happy with his smile, and her office that I asked her about my gap. My general dentist had quoted me about $4000 for invisalign but she said all I needed was a retainer! the treatment was... READ MORE

I started my treatment in November and had problem with cross bite and crowding in lower and upper jaw... I am 27 years old and my teeth are aligned in 2 months... and bite has been raised...cross bite has been corrected too..I have been wearing my plates very religiously...and it was very tough... READ MORE

I've had crooked teeth my entire teenage life but never wanted braces. I decided I'll just get them, but I'll get Ceramic. It was the decision ever! They hurt way lest than my metal ones, they don't really stain at all unless you don't brush you're teeth, & they look great in the mouth. I'm... READ MORE

I am 20 years old and I never really seriously thought about getting braces before. Simply because my flaws were really minor.. I have slight over crowding on my bottom row of teeth, which was caused by my wisdom teeth growing in (I have since removed all four of them), and I also have a very... READ MORE

I was looking at something else but decided to look into braces and found that there weren't a lot of comments on it, so I decided to write my story about my experience and my opinions. Hope you enjoy :D First of all, when I was a kid, I drank lots and lots of milk (like... 3 cups a day). My... READ MORE

Here I am age 47 with my braces off for six months now, and my mouth still feels unnatural. I just didn't know what I was in for with constant difficulties from the braces and retainer. My teeth were crooked but solid prior to braces. Now my teeth are straight but weaker than heck. Probably... READ MORE

Correction of the results of traditional orthodontics. He does functional orthodontics which means he takes the entire face into account not just the teeth. He will reverse the retraction that was done after extraction of teeth. Extraction of teeth for braces causes underdevelopment of the... READ MORE

I had braces before my senior year in high school in 2007. I had a gap between my teeth and very tiny gaps on each side of my two front teeth. End of 2008 I got the braces off and really liked my smile but sorta still missed my gap but I had very great results! I wore my retainer exactly how my... READ MORE

I recently got 6 month braces from Glenwood Smiles in Raleigh. I am an adult and this is my first time with braces. I didn't have them as a teen. They are a little tight right now, which I guess means they are working! I opted for the clear / tooth-colored wires which I feel makes them look... READ MORE

Braces, braces, braces.... every 12 year old i hear, hates them. But to me i truely loved them. Overall experience was fantastic! I had to problems, and during the orthodontic appointments, i felt like family. I was born with a cleft lip, and missing laterals. At first i was a little upset,... READ MORE

Hy my name is marius....i have braces from almost 2 years....i put braces 2 years ago brcause i had crowding on my front teeth ...i had wisdom teeth extracted because they 've been impacted....(my orto doesn"t extract premolars ) ...but after 4 mounths she said to put on lower braces to corect... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my smile, but my family was extremely poor growing up and dental hygiene/oral health was the lowest thing on my parents list. I am now 29 and married and have an amazing man who loves me the way I am. The problem is, I look in the mirror and cringe. I hate all... READ MORE

I've had braces for about a year and a half now, and my orthodontist is already thinking about taking them off. my teeth were never really bad to begin with, but let me tell you, with my 18 months of braces i have seen so many changes. my whole face looks much better, and so much more... READ MORE

Im 17 and I had gotten braces 2 1/12 weeks ago and i had the worst experience ever, my Ortho had chipped a tooth and denied it and now my teeth are super sensitive as well.. Not sure if I should get it fixed or take off my braces and end the treatment, what I wish I knew was how braces can make... READ MORE

Dr. Bowmn is clearly a brilliant and innovative orthodontist. He is very skilled and has pioneered the use of many of the appliances that he uses, including mini-screws, which he utilized on me, rather painfully. I was motivated to get braces due to a sever overbite, which led to physical... READ MORE

I had braces when I was 8-12 to correct seriously crooked teeth from thumb-sucking, but was told jaw surgery would be required to fix my open bite. Over the years, I just never got around to it. Once my youngest was out of braces, I had a conversation with her orthodontist and he persuaded me to... READ MORE

First, I really spent $7,500, the first $2,500 going to a dentist and an awful week of Invisalign, the rest going to a highly rated orthodontist for 10 months in braces and retainers at the end if treatment (those cost extra with Invisalgn!). Learn a lesson from me, folks. Before you pay for... READ MORE

I had braces before and I think the work is undone since there is a gap in between my upper teeth which is visible enough. I wore my braces religiously for the past 4 years and the gap is still there. I feel so frustrated and did a dental bridge a year ago since the dentist said my teeth are... READ MORE

I was like I got braces when all my baby teeth had fallen out. I was like 12 at that time. I had them on for a little less than 2 years. I had a monthly revision in which they would make them tighter. After each revision there was very little pain for the first day or two. The first 3 days after... READ MORE

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