Yag Laser Videos

Laser Treatment of a Venous Lake of the Lip

Venous lakes are found most commonly on the lower lip of men. In the past, invasive surgery was required to remove them. The ND:YAG laser is a better choice. Frequently, only a single treatment is needed for complete resolution of the lesion. VIEW NOW

Facial Vein Treatment Options and Results

This patient had a large facial vein treated with the ND:YAG laser. Only a single treatment was needed for complete resolution of the vein. VIEW NOW

Vampire Facelift Treatment Areas and Results

New York Vampire Facelift memeber Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's question about the Vampire Facelift avoiding the skin above her lips, explaining how the Vampire Facelift works, and how other non-surgical facelift treatments differ. VIEW NOW

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Sclerotherapy Demonstration

See a sclerotherapy procedure to get rid of spider veins. Typically once a vein is closed, it does not reopen. VIEW NOW

Laser Treatments for Broken Capillaries, or Rosacea

What are the IPL photofacial devices to treat redness from broken capillaries, or rosacea? New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD explains that IPL is not the only or best treatment; there are many other laser or heat devices. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options to Restore Lip Volume

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's question of using lasers for lip augmentation from concerns of embolism and necrosis from fillers, explaining how these complications are rare and how to avoid them, and limits of lasers VIEW NOW

Laser Tattoo Removal Demonstration and Results

Watch a laser tattoo removal on this patient's foot! VIEW NOW

Carbon Laser Peel Potential Results

Spectra Carbon Laser Peel on the Face removes the damaged outer layer of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen in lower layers to give a smoother, better look. VIEW NOW

Why Anesthetic Laser Treatments Depend on Treatment Type, Area, and Device

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a concern about resistance to topical anesthetic in facial laser treatment, explaining some treatments need patient feedback about heat, while others use cooling for the skin, or local anesthetic VIEW NOW

How to Determine Which Laser is Right for Your Treatment

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a question about what separates different lasers, explaining how different lasers best treat different issues at different depths and extent, from wrinkles, resurfacing, peels, and tattoo removal VIEW NOW

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Spider Vein Treatment with ND:Yag Laser

The Elite+ uses 1064 ND:YAG laser energy to reach spider veins. Leg veins will gradually fade away. Laser leg vein removal is a non-invasive procedure, is safe for most skin types, and can deliver lasting results. VIEW NOW

Microneedling is Not the Right Treatment for Sagging Skin and Age Spots

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a question about microneedling for sagging skin and age spots, explaining microneedling generates collagen, but not to lift skin or help age spots, and the right treatments for these issues. VIEW NOW

Correcting Loose Skin Without Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's concern about rejuvenating her neck without a surgical neck lift. He explains why surgery provides the best results, but a limited neck lift can be done without an extensive surgery. VIEW NOW

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Causes of Jowls and Non-Surgical Options to Treat Them

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's question about her treatment of jowls still visible after Voluma, explaining how the filler adds volume at the mandibular notch, and using a laser to tighten loose skin of jowls. VIEW NOW

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Will Laser Treatments Get Rid of My Dark Circles?

Dr. Amiya Prasad answers a woman's question regarding whether or not a laser treatment can treat the dark circles under her eyes. VIEW NOW