A good candidate for Rhinoplasty is really anybody that's unhappy with the shape or the look their nose as well as patients that are having difficulty of breathing through their nose. The rhinoplasties we perform aren’t always only for cosmetic reasons, often there where we call functional rhinoplasty to improve the airway, help at snoring to help alleviate the symptoms of sinus disorders and things like that. The recovery period from a rhinoplasty will really depend on what was done from the surgery. It's a term that encompasses a wide range of procedures. Simple adjustments to the tip of the nose and to the internal portions of the nose.

Patients will usually feel well in just a few days and be able to return to activities in about a week. More extensive surgeries that involve remodeling of the bone or the cartilages in the nose, there'll be some bruising and swelling in closer to two weeks in those procedures. Because we are manipulating the bones and the cartilages in rhinoplasty surgery, the bruising and swelling that patients will experience usually they will occur obviously in the area of the nose and underneath the eyes. The more extensive work we do to the bones the more extensive that swelling and bruising will be.

Who Is a Good Candidate For a Nose Job?

Dr. Jason Altman discusses who makes a good candidate for a nose job and what to expect during recovery.