The things that I talk to my patients about when they coming interested in breast augmentation first is what their goals for the surgery are. Tend to see two different types of patients, primarily those that are looking to enhance the size of their breasts, something that they've been wanting to do their whole life and those tend to be some of the younger patients. And there's slightly older patients that are coming either post pregnancy or after their body changes that I've undergone, they are looking to sort of rejuvenate or go back to the look they had earlier on. Based on their desires in terms of the shape, size, feel, and look of the breast that they want, we'll be able to help them pick the right implant whether that's saline, silicone, whether it's a round or shaped in line.

Things to Consider When Picking Breast Implants

Dr. Jason Altman discusses different details to consider when picking breast implants.