There are multitude of options for facial rejuvenation when we look at surgery and there aren’t true definitions of any of these terms. The operation is really something that's determined with the surgeon and with the patient. Facelifts in general refer to any procedures to rejuvenate the skin and muscles of the neck up to the face and the cheeks. Many facelifts usually mean you're doing a little bit less extensive of an operation, there are more appropriate for younger patients with less sag into the skin. Usually patients in their 40's are great candidates for many facelifts, same thing with isolated neck lifts if the problem is limited to the area of the jaw and below, an isolated neck lift is a great operation for those patients.

If people aged is the sagging of the skin gets more severe, you need to address that with a higher levels of surgery, more invasive procedures, extended facelifts and there are multitude of ways to address the deeper tissues of the face by tightening those deep structures in the muscles as well as the skin to avoid pulling on the skin and getting [inaudible 00:01:02], they call that pulled look or that Winton look.

Facelifts Explained — Learn Who Makes a Good Candidate For Each Type of Procedure

Dr. Jason Altman compares the different facelift options available to rejuvenate the neck and face. Which would fit you best?