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  • What is a Dual-Plane Breast Implant?
Dr. C. Bob Basu: There are several different implant placement techniques, and every surgeon has their preferred technique. In my hands, I strongly prefer and advocate for the dual-plane technique in most of my patients. In the dual-plane technique, the upper two-thirds of the implant are under the muscle, whereas the lower third of the implant is actually above the muscle. In my hands, I feel that it helps to create a very natural teardrop shape result in a lot of different patient body types. I also feel that it also helps to lift up the breasts a little bit more, for those patients that have very, very mild sagging. So in my hands, the dual-plane technique helps me to achieve very natural results in a lot of different body types.

What is a Dual-Plane Breast Implant?

Dr. C. Bob Basu discusses his preference for using the dual-plane technique when inserting breast implants.