Dr. C. Bob Basu: More commonly, patients are opting for combined procedures such as body lifts, mommy makeovers. These are lengthy procedures that can be quite costly. Some patients save up and pay for their procedure through their own funds. But in reality, sometimes these can be quite challenging. So financing your cosmetic surgery procedures has actually become quite popular. There are several financing entities out there including a company called CareCredit. But I caution patients about financing. Because just like with credit cards, not all financing are the same. There are some financing options that are very onerous for the patients where they're paying high interest rates. And it's really not a good idea to opt for them. So it's important to review your options. Your surgeon's office should be able to guide you with some financing options that they advocate for. Look at your options. Look at the interest rates. Look at the payment terms just like you will with any car financing or any credit card plan and see if that's a viable option for you to achieve your goals with your cosmetic surgery procedures.

Are There Financing Options For Plastic Surgery?

Dr. C. Bob Basu discusses options for financing plastic surgery.