Dr. Deason Dunagan: One of the things that we're asked as plastic surgeons is a question such as, "Dr. Dunagan, when should I have my first face lift?" And that question varies from individual to individual. So, in some patients, we might choose age 50, in others, we might choose age 40.

For example, if you're 40 years old, but you've had lots of scar formation from acne, then you get premature aging of the appearance of your skin, so in other words, you get premature loss of elasticity, secondary to the acne scar formation that you had when you were younger. So, in that individual, we would choose an earlier age to do the initial facelift, and in another person who might be 50, but with an appearance that was youthful, we might wait a few more years, perhaps five or ten.

So there's a real variation in when to do the first surgical procedure or the first facelift. Also, in patients, we might choose to do eyelid surgery as a single, standalone procedure before we decide to do a facelift. Really, as plastic surgeons, we try to customize the operation for each individual person.

When To Have a Facelift?

Doctor Deason Dunagan discusses at what point you should look into getting a facelift.