Dr. Deason Dunagan: When we did face lifting procedures we do get good longevity with the operation, but one of the things that we sometimes do to add in as an adjunct with our procedures is to do good skin care and maybe do some Botox and fillers as time goes by. So we've done that with you, Judy, and we've done some fillers and a little Botox over time, and you've done good skin care to maintain that. So those things are important as far as maintaining the nice appearance we're able to obtain initially.

So the other question that comes up is, how long does your facelift last? Well, it actually lasts forever, but time goes by and so we're always aging. So somebody like that, they like savings analogy. We set the clock back but then time goes along. But in your experience yourself, what have you found to be most beneficial after your post-op "maintenance" let's call it.

Judy: Well, two things. One is the skin care. It's not just the procedures, the peels, and whatever. And the products, they are outstanding. And I had as part of the procedure, the pre-op procedure, I had skin care here and I didn't even know that that existed, and it made my face look so good. So I knew the importance of it, so after the process, after the peeling and all that, I continued to come, and I come about every six weeks, I guess.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Yeah.

Judy: And the products are outstanding. The lady knows what she's doing. Any problems I had, she takes care of. But then of course as aging happens, and I got these little creases as time went by and needed a filler. It just made a really big difference.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Right, right.

Judy: It looks very nice. It was easy, immediate results. I love it.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Great, good, thanks. So good skin care and things such as Botox and fillers are very important for the maintenance of the improvement that we get with our face and face lifts. And I think that for you as we've done some Botox and fillers over time, have you found that to be beneficial too?

Female Voice: Yes, I have. It just-- You said you're talking about a face lift. You age with it. You're still 15, 20 years ahead of the game.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Right, yeah. Yeah and I think the typical face lift will frequently set appearance back approximately ten years. So, if you're 50, then you may look 40 or if you're 60, you may look 50. But then, if you're 50 and you look 40, when you're 60, you look 50 too. So, that's the other side of it.

Female Voice: Yeah, that's me.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: That's why it's good maintenance and good skin care--

Female Voice: Yes, absolutely.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: --and products, and Botox, and fillers are important for our patients when they maintain their look over time.

Female Voice: And you want to do that. You are automatically to have the urge to want to do that because--

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Right.

Female Voice: --you want to keep looking like you are right now and it just comes.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: Yeah, that gets into the personal self-esteem--

Female Voice: Exactly.

Dr. Deason Dunagan: --and the positive outcomes or positive effects, I guess, would be a better way to say it that plastic surgery has on.

Post Facelift Maintenance

Doctor Deason Dunagan discusses post Facelift maintenance.