Dr. C. Bob Basu: When considering revisional breast implant surgery, it's critical that you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Except [inaudible 00:00:15], revisional surgery by its nature is a little bit more complicated than just a primary first-time breast augmentation. So pick a surgeon who's properly certified and has a great amount of experience with revisional or reconstructive breast surgery.

Number 2, you want to think about what your goals are and what concerns you, and communicate those very clearly to your surgeons. It's very important to have a dialogue so that your surgeon understands what bothers you and where do you want to be, and if that's even achievable. It's very, very important to have a comprehensive physical exam of the breast area, because a correct diagnosis is key here. For instance, I'll give you an example, I had a patient that I treated 2 weeks ago that saw several different other providers, and she was told that she had a bottomed-out deformity. On my examination, I diagnosed her that she was not bottomed-out. In fact, her inframammary fold was completely intact, but she had loose skin that was draping off of her implant. What she really needed, after having kids, was a larger implant to fill the envelope, and she needed a breast lift to tighten that loose skin. So she did not need a more involved surgery to correct bottoming out. So the correct diagnosis is really, really important.

You want to think about your size goals - do you want to be bigger, smaller, the same size - and allow your surgeon to address your skin envelope too. With revisional surgery, sometimes a breast lift is needed. Whenever we're talking about a breast lift, it's required to either correct the nipple position, correct asymmetries, or control some challenges perhaps with loose skin or sagging. So it's very important to have an involved discussion with a board-certified surgeon, so you can understand what's achievable with any revisional surgery.

Considerations Before Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Given the complicated nature of breast augmentation revision surgery, Dr. C. Bob Basu recommends each patient think carefully about their goals going in and to choose a board certified plastic surgeon for this procedure.