The audience of Real Self should understand that devices evolve, and that a pulse light device from the early stages, from 1996 or 1997 is in no way the same as the new devices. We're up to the fourth or fifth generation. So you want to make sure that when you're seeing your dermatologist or aesthetic physician, that they have the latest equipment, because what happens with each generation is that they put in better cooling to make it safer. The parameters are more well-understood.

Many of the lasers have an interface on the screen, where you put in the patient's skin type, you put in the size of the vessels, and it gives you a starting setting. You also want to check out that not only is you doctor qualified in doing this, but do they also have the latest version of the equipment, as well, because that can make a huge difference. The same pulse light from 1998 is not the same pulse light in 2013.

What to Consider When Choosing a Doctor for Laser Treatment

Doctor Robert A. Weiss offers insights on what to consider when looking for a doctor for laser treatments.