Probably the number one complaint we have from patients is that they're embarrassed at social functions because they come into a room, if it's a little bit warm their cheeks will start to get red. People will wonder oh, has this you know, have I been drinking. I also have pilots who have it and it can be really significant for them because imagine you walk on the plane with a very red face and it's because you just had hot coffee and the passengers boarding the plane think that you've been drinking. Not a good thing. Not a good thing for your career. And certainly some of the male pilots develop over time, big purple blood vessels on their nose, and that really doesn't ever disappear unless it's treated by laser. And that also can give the appearance that you've been drinking alcohol when in fact it's just a genetic predisposition and nothing that you've done to cause it.

Common Issues With Rosacea

Doctor Robert A. Weiss shares some issues with Rosacea A common, yet commonly overlooked, condition.