Voluma has created a serious buzz among people who are looking for
rejuvenative therapies. Voluma is a thicker form of Hyaluronic Acid. It's
made by Allergan and it improves on Juvederm. It lasts anywhere from a year
to two years. I always counsel patients to have a bit of reasonable
expectation with that. When a company says up to two years, that's the
outside of the bell curve. We want to stay in the middle, so we're looking
at a year to a year and a half of longevity. It's a very good material.

Voluma is placed underneath the skin, within the fat and against the bone.
So, it's giving you volume, it doesn't move, and once it has settled it's
not going to feel lumpy or bumpy. When I evaluate someone's face, and I
want to use Voluma in it, which is what we call a Voluma lift, I'm looking
at shadows, I'm looking at accents above the eyebrows, I'm looking at a
little bit of fill around the eyes, I'm looking at rounding the cheeks,
slight filling in the folds around the mouth, but also paying attention to
the jawline, where we get that pre-jowl starting to form as we hit and
exceed the age of 50.

What is Voluma and How Does it Work?

Dr. Barry Resnik discusses what Voluma is and how it works.