Volume seems to be the biggest area of growth. We're looking at the face in
a very different way. We used to look at lines and say, "All right, we're
going to fix those lines around your mouth" or "We're going to correct
those elevens between your eyes." And now we're looking at the face in a
much more holistic manner.

When people begin to mature, they start to lose fat in their faces, and
that loss of fat, that loss of volume translates into gravity's pull. So
everything moves in a downward direction, and that's not where we want to

So using volume fillers, like natural fat harvested after liposuction, or
using silicone microdroplet, we want to replace volume. We want to make you
have the roundness that you had when you were 22, when you're in your
wedding picture with your wife or husband. We want you to have a more
youthful look. We don't want to change your appearance. We want to make you

What Trends do You See in Your Clinic?

Dr. Barry Resnik shares the trends he is seeing in his practice and why more and more people are concerned with volume loss of the face.