After a tummy tuck, 100% of my patients to date are able to walk a few hours after surgery. Now, after a tummy tuck, you're going to be walking in that skier’s position, flexed at your waist. Each day, you'll be able to straighten up more and more, and it takes, on average, between five to 10 days for my patients to walk straight. I tell my patients it will take about seven days for you to straighten out.

Why do we have you walking flexed at your waist? Well, because we want you to rest your tummy incision. Remember, tension or any pulling forces is really bad for your healing, and we want to rest that incision so it heals well, so you get down the pathway of good cosmetic healing. After about seven days, you should be able to walk straight.

Now, the common question is, "When can I get back to work?" Well, if you have a desk job, generally my patients are able to comfortably get back to a desk job capacity in about 10 to 14 days after surgery. However, after tummy tuck surgery, you really have to give time for all your incisions to heal. We will tell our patients no heavy lifting or strenuous activity, which means no working out, no running, no lifting anything above 15 to 20 pounds for a good five weeks after surgery. After five weeks, you should be clear to resume activity as tolerated.

What is Recovery Like After Tummy Tuck?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses what to expect during recovery after Tummy Tuck surgery.