Body lift is essentially a procedure called a circumferential body lift. It is also known as a belt lipectomy and essentially these procedures are three procedures in one.

It really treats the excess skin, fat, and any stretch marks through the entire lower waist area. So a body lift is designed to transform your entire waist area and it's three procedures in one. It's a extended tummy tuck which really treats and transforms the abdominal wall.

It's also a waist lift which also includes the lateral thigh lift to really tighten up the excess skin and fat in the waist and to help tighten up your lateral thigh.

And it also includes a third portion which is a buttock lift which is basically lifting up the excess skin from all the sagging in the buttock and the inferior lateral portion of your thigh. Now an option with a body lift is to also perform auto augmentation of your buttocks which is basically taking the excess skin and fat that would normally be thrown away, and using that excess skin and fat to help augment and restore the volume that you've lost in your buttocks after massive weight loss.

So circumferential body lift in summary is essentially three procedures in one. A tummy tuck, a waist and lateral thigh lift, and a butt lift.

What is Body Lift Surgery?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses the Body Lift.