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  • What is an Upper Body Lift or Trunk Lift?
An upper body lift essentially involves also three procedures in one, and really focuses on the upper trunk, which is basically the arms, the sides, and the breasts.

In an upper body lift, I generally would perform some form of an arm lift, or arm contouring.

The second portion would be focusing on the excess skin on the sides. Because of all the weight loss, there's a lot of excess skin hanging underneath the armpit and lateral to the breast, so we do a side or trunk lift.

The third portion of the procedure is to address the breasts. This can involve a breast lift. I could involve a breast lift and an augmentation, or it can involve just an augmentation, depending on your anatomy and what your goals are.

What is an Upper Body Lift or Trunk Lift?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses an upper Body Lift, also known as a Trunk Lift.