Dr. C. Bob Basu: Abdominal contouring is really making the tummy area where the flanks or the love handles look better. More and more men and coming in for cosmetic surgery procedures including abdominal contouring. The two categories of men that I see for abdominal contouring are men that are fit but they have trouble spots such as the love handles or the flanks. Liposuction usually is the main stay treatment for these patients. The other category of men that I see are men that have lost a significant amount of weight either on their own or through fat weight lose surgery, bariatric surgery such as a gastric sleeve or a lap band, where they've lost 5000 up to 200 pounds or more of weight. And they have a lot of loose skin. We're seeing more and more men coming in for body contouring or abdominal contouring after massive weight loss. In which case they would need to consider procedures such as a tummy tuck, an extended tummy tuck or a circumferential body lift to remove that excess skin and restore their waistline contour.

What is Abdominal Contouring and What Should Men Know About the Procedure?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses contouring procedures for the male abdomen.