A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a very powerful procedure to restore your abdominal wall after weight loss or having kids.
The basic principle applies with any tummy tuck surgery that we must accept some degree of scar to achieve that much better form. But the great news is we place that scar as low as possible so that scar is immediately hidden by your bikini line or your undergarment line. And we understand that jeans are cut lower and bathing suits are cut lower and bikinis are cut lower, so our goal is to get that scar as low as possible so it’s hidden by your two-piece bathing suit line.
Now with that incision in your waistline and also a small incision inside your belly button, we can remove all the excess skin, any stretch marks, and any excess fat from around the belly button level area down to your waist. So anything that you can grab in your lower belly, all of that excess is thrown away and removed. And the excess that’s in your upper belly is essentially window shaded down nice and flat.
But the procedure’s a lot more than just removing excess skin and fat. It’s about tightening up your abdominal wall muscles. After having kids or after having any weight changes, those muscles have stretched out, and you may lose that baby weight or the weight, but those muscles still stick out here. And no amount of diet and exercise unfortunately can help tighten up those muscles.
So part of the tummy tuck procedure is to really tighten up those muscles to bringing back to the mid-line, and that’s really the internal power of a tummy tuck procedure. That’s what really helps to give you that flat washboard belly, gives you the look that you’re doing 100 crunches a day.
Now on occasion, there may be those pesky love handles at your waist. And we don’t want to give you a flat washboard belly and you still have that muffin top appearance on the sides, so we may recommend—it’s very common for us to do some liposuction of the waist because we really want to give you that nice hourglass, tight little waist with your tummy tuck result.
A tummy tuck’s a very, very powerful procedure to restore your abdominal wall after weight loss or after having kids.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses the Tummy Tuck procedure.