A lot of people ask what does IPL feel like. I tell them it feels like a rubber band snap. But with the IPL technology that we use in our office, it's very quick. So usually, patients can handle 20, 30 minutes of it. But in 10 minutes, we can often affect the entire face. And so I tell them it feels like a rubber band snapping and I describe it as zap, zap, zap. And we're covering a lot of territory very quickly.

The results are virtually instantaneous. You'll notice dramatic reduction in redness with IPL treatment in a matter of a couple of days. Usually, there is some redness from the treatment itself. And so that takes a day or two to fade out. But patients will often notice even a difference the next morning.

What Does an IPL Treatment Feel Like and When Can You See Results?

Doctor Vic J. Khanna explains what the IPL Laser Treatment feels like and how soon you'll see results.