Acne is a very complicated disease. It involves hormones, external factors, things that we apply to the skin, stress. All these things can play into acne. And so we have to attack it in multiple ways.

There's also dietary factors when it comes to acne. I tell patients who do not want to take medications to lower their carbohydrates to a non-carb diet. That's a natural approach to acne. I also have them eliminate milk from their diet, because even three 8-ounce skim glasses of milk per week statistically increases your acne dramatically. So milk elimination, low-carb diets are natural approaches to acne.

Stress reduction, very difficult to do, but once you attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, where they express their stress through free expression and also through exercise, these things can help mitigate the acne in a more natural way.

There are also treatments with different type of medications that can be optimized to really enhance and give a very reliable approach to acne.

How to Prevent Acne

Dr. Vic J. Khanna discusses how to prevent acne.