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  • What Can I Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery?
Dr. C. Bob Basu: The recovery from breast augmentation is actually pretty benign. It's pretty quick. Most of my patients experience a little bit of soreness for maybe two to four days that can be managed with a pain pill here and there. Most, and when I say most, 80-90% of my patients are off of any pain pills in a matter of days after surgery. I had to transition Tylenol or nothing at all. After surgery, you will have some swelling in the upper pole of your breast that generally take about two to four weeks to go away. So in terms of the recovery, you'll feel pretty good in a matter of days after the surgery. Most of my patients that they have surgery on a Thursday, they're back to work at a desk job activity by Monday. But there are some more limitations. After surgery, we recommend no heavy lifting or extraneous activities for about three to four weeks. Which means no going to the gym, no lifting about 15 to 20 pounds, and you need to be very careful with intimate activity. You gotta give time for your incisions to heal externally as well as internally. So although the recovery is pretty quick, there is a little bit of time that you gotta just take it easy to allow yourself to heal.

What Can I Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Dr. Bob Basu describes the recovery process after breast augmentation and how quickly you can return to work.