So many things have changed in the implant technology market over the past decade, saline versus silicone. The old silicone gel implants were a liquid type device and now the cohesive gel implants have allowed them to make shapes so we have a variety of shapes and sizes as well as variety of materials within. Most physicians today are using gel implants that are cohesive and the saline implants are used in general now in special circumstances. Patients take a long time to decide what size is right for them and what we do is work with the patient using sizers and a 3D imager so that they get a good idea of what they might look like after surgery. So when they ask me that question I tell them, "Let's work together to figure out the answer." Between the sizing and the 3D imaging, we try to achieve the patient's expectation pre-operatively so that we know afterwards they will be satisfied. I would say it takes, uh, a few weeks for all the swelling to settle after breast augmentation, but I tell patients even up to six months they're gonna continue to see changes in the breast because the skin has to stretch and evolve in order to have a final result.

What Breast Implant Options Are Available?

Dr. Allen Rosen discusses everything from breast implant types, shapes, and sizes to when patients should see their final result.