Each person has a different quality to their skin envelope. Some are loose. Some are very tight. And some get placed under the muscle which has to stretch as well. And again some of that is loose and some of that is very firm. There are times where it just takes a while for the tissue to stretch just like with pregnancy, where the abdomen stretches to a certain size. There is also a condition called Capsular Contracture. That's where the breast forms scar tissue around the implant and makes the implant feel like it's firm, and then it never drops. That's a complication that occurs probably in about 5% of patients, and it's treatable relatively easily with a procedure where we release the scar internally like you would the hem of a dress. When it doesn't drop we have to access whether or not there is a contracture and if not we just give it time to let nature take its course.

My Breasts Haven't Dropped--Should I Be Concerned?

Dr. Allen Rosen explains what it means when your breast implants "drop" and how to tell if there is an issue, such as capsular contracture, preventing them from settling normally.