It's always interesting to try to figure out for a patient whether they need a surgical or non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation. And today, we have so many new techniques and technologies, that it is hard to say for any given patient what we need. In fact, most of the time we're using both; sometimes non-invasive procedures, sometimes surgery followed by non-invasive procedures, and sometimes simultaneously with the both. Most of the time now, when patients have an excess of skin and a deficiency of fat, we need to do lifting techniques; remove excess skin around the eyes, excess skin around the jowls and the neck. But in the early 30s and 40s when people are just starting to find fine line, wrinkles, and deep folds at the beginning, those we can treat with fillers and topical devices.

Most of the time when we try to establish expectations with face lift, we do it manually by hand and we also use the 3D Imager. Once again, I find the can-filled 3D Imager an amazing tool to discuss with patients what we're trying to do, 'cause they can see their own image in three-dimensions rotated around 180 degrees. And that gives someone a better feeling about any expectation.

Facial Rejuventation: When Is it Time To Consider Surgery?

Dr. Allen Rosen explains how surgeons may combine procedures or treatments when treating anything from light wrinkles to heavy sagging.