The good news is that we have many options for reconstruction after breast
cancer. We get some phenomenal results with all the modalities. There's no
one perfect reconstruction that's out there for everybody. It's what's
right for you and your goals.

Some basic principles in terms of breast construction. First,
reconstruction is a process, and I know everybody wants to get their
reconstruction done as quickly as possible with just one step. The
reality is reconstruction generally involves approximately three steps to
get you the best possible results.

The first step usually involves recreating the breast mound at the time of
the mastectomy or after mastectomy. The second step usually is a balancing
procedure. In other words, to get you the best possible symmetry and to fine-
tune your result. The third step generally involves a smaller procedure
for nipple reconstruction should you opt for that. The fourth step is
really a nonsurgical procedure for areolar tattooing.

The second principle for breast reconstruction is good news. It's all
covered by your insurance. Breast reconstruction is part of your cancer
treatment plan and is covered by your insurance thanks to a 1998 federal
law that mandates reconstructive services to be covered by your insurance

Options for Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Doctor Bob Basu discusses Breast Reconstruction options after Breast Cancer.