Hi, I'm Dr. Reedy from Berks Plastic Surgery here in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. And a question that you see often on the Internet and we get calls about is what is a mommy makeover? Mommy makeover has become a very popular term but it's really quite broad. What it means is essentially addressing all the things that have happened with child birth. That often involves body contouring surgery and including breast surgery. A mommy makeover is often done in one setting where we may augment the breasts, lift the breasts, address the tummy, both repairing the muscle that has been stretched out after child birth, removing extra skin, and often combining that with liposuction.

Each patient is completely different and the operative plan is often different patient to patient. But what my job to do is to assess what your concerns are and to offer you a plan that we can put together in a safe manner and complete in one surgery. Often the surgeries can last as long as four hours and most patients after a mommy makeover will take anywhere from one to two weeks off work. Surprisingly, even with all the surgery, most of my patients are back to driving a car and running errands, going to the grocery store, taking children to school within four to five days but you are not able to go back to the gym for three weeks. If you have any more questions, please peruse the web site. We have a lot of information there regarding mommy makeover with both pre and postoperative photographs and my patient coordinators will be happy to help with you additional information to address your individual concerns.

Want Your Breasts and Tummy Done? There's One Procedure For That!

Dr. Brian Reedy briefly explains the Mommy Makeover and what areas of the body are targeted in this single procedure to rejuvenate a woman's body.