So when we discuss body contouring a common question that I get asked is what is the difference between a mini, a modified, and a full tummy tuck, and which one do I need? And it really comes down to the examination of the patient. It's a very hard question for my patient coordinators to answer over the phone. What happens with childbirth, aging, and weight loss is that we lose support of the muscle wall and we have stretching and laxity to the skin. But in a nutshell, a mini tummy tuck is just addressing what's below the belly button. So if you're happy with the appearance of your belly button and you're happy with the skin and the shape of your tummy above the belly button, then you might very well be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck. But if your belly button is sort of a frowny face and there's loose skin that's around the belly button and above the belly button, then we need to do a larger, more excisional surgery such as a modified or a full tummy tuck.

Considering a Tummy Tuck? Here's What to Look For In the Mirror

Dr. Brian Reedy briefly explains the difference between a mini, full, and modified tummy tuck and offers a few signs that may suggest that you might need an extensive procedure.