Patients come in for, you know, what they call their pooch in their lower abdomen or lower tummy. That maybe after having kids or it's just maybe with age. And it depends. We want to look at the whole thing. And so, is it the skin? Is it the fat? Is it the muscle? Do we need to do something with all of them? If we need to do something with excess skin or stretchmarks, excess fat, loose abdominal wall and muscle after having kids, well, many of those patients will benefit from having an abdominoplasty, which I usually combine with liposuction to really give a very nice contour to the abdomen.

Other patients may come in and they just have a little extra fatty tissue but have very good skin tone and good elasticity. In those patients, we can do liposuction on them and they'll get wonderful results or result, nice and smooth and tight. Now, if somebody has looser skin, that's where we got to be careful to do liposuction on them because it's not going to be as tight. Still, many patients are very happy with doing that because they just want to look or feel better in clothes.

Tummy Pooch Procedure Varies From Patient To Patient

Every patient with a stubborn tummy pooch is different, so it is very important to discuss each body's options in order to settle on a treatment or procedure (or series of procedures!) that will provide the best results.