For women who have more hollowness in their undereye area which is really bridging from the periorbital region to the midface, there’s a lot of great filler options, I think. I prefer to use restylane in that area, which is excellent. We call that area the tear trough when it can extend from the inner part of the eye to the outside of the eye as well. With fillers, we can plump that area up and that area tends to lose volume. We can see that during aging and so it’s what highlights the junction between the eyelid and the cheek. We like to soften that with fillers so restylane is an excellent option for many patients in that regard. And Belotero can be a good option as well, which works well in that tear trough area. Surgically, actually, one thing that can be done is to take some of the orbital fat, so some of the fat in the lower eyelid and you can actually redrape that over the orbital rim to soften that area as well. Some surgeons like to also inject fact into that area. My preference is for fillers.

I think restylane gives a very natural long lasting result that actually lasts much longer in that area than it does in many other areas in the face.

Treatment Tips for Hollow or Tired Looking Eyes

Dr. Ryan Greene discusses how treatments like Restylane help diminish the appearance of hollow or tired looking eyes.